Meri dulhan: crazy hai par meri hai… (ragsan ) OS by Shrilatha..

Hello everyone..Shrilatha is back…. first of all dear stupid bashers..I mean swa_____________san fans…I saw that there r many fans of mine there..calling me mental crazy,obsessed with ragsan or teja..let me tell u all ur bashings look like compliments to me..yes I am crazy, mad and obsessed for ragsan kya karoon..they r so adorable…and thanks for dedicating whole epi on my name…ragsan fans … do read my question at the end..okay guys …lets start….
A beautifully decorated house is shown..everything was grand and rich..lets go to brides room…
Here sits our princess..our ragu in a beautiful blue coloured lehenga.with .jewelery looking like a tough competition to any angel..sure angels would cry looking at her..
But something was missing …her smile….it was evident she was not happy..someone enters the old lady as soon as ragini sees her she hugs her..
Ragini: dadi this is not marriage without my consent ..not done dadi…
Dadi: I know ladoo..but ur dad wont listen to anyone..he is so stubborn….jab se swara eloped he is insecure about u..and u know prestige matters to him the most..
Ragini: but dadi swara di is not wrong she loved laksh jiju..and u know she is really happy..
Dadi: but ur dad wont understand..
Ragini: I didn’t even see him.I don’t even know his name..come on..its marriage not a game..
Dadi: ladoo his name is..
Ragu cuts her…
Ragini: I am not interested..dadi leave me alone for sometime..
Dadi places her hand on her head and leaves….
Ragini closes her door and leans against the door…
Ragini thinks for sometime and stands up determined ..
Ragini: swara di is right..marriage without love is like jail..and I won’t spoil my life..
She takes a saree and ties it to the balcony and gets down with its help..
Ragini: uff good old life and new life I am coming..

Here on the road a guy is seen with his bag on his shoulders..pacing across the road..he keeps on kicking every rock that comes his way..his face look frustrated ..he is none other than our ragini ka sanskar…
He looks at the far distance looking for someone to offer hi lift in this dark night.. suddenly he sees a girl in coming towards him in bridal attire..
Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam
Music plays in background..
It was our ragini running in a romantic way..
Only sanskar was able to hear the song…it was like a goddess was running to him..sanskar looks around to see if he was coming for someone else butt when he noticed no one around a huge grin came on his lipshe spread his hands in sharukh style…ragini comes towards him in confusion..and pushes his hands away and continues running..
Sanskar deeply disappointed runs behind her..she hides behind an old building..
Some people come there while sanskar was confused..
A person shows ragu’s pic..
Person: did u see this girl anywhere..
Sanskar looks at ragini from corner of his eye..ragini was biting her naild till they reached the nailbed and was praying to god..
Sanskar :yeah..
The person becomes excited..while ragini is hell nervous..she evn picks up a nearby brick so as to hit the person who comes to her…
Sanskar shows opposite side of ragini and says she went there…
Ragini closed her eyes in fear..
Sanskar comes close to her ..and is lost in her face with was completely filled with fear..he was so lost in her angelic face that he was about kiss her lips which were chanting hanuman chalisa…
Ragini opened her eyes and found sanskar so close she was also lost in that moment…suddenly the brick in her hand dropped and fell on sanskar’s feet…..he shouts in pain bringing both in to senses….
Sanskar: what the hell was that..aagh..
Sanskar was Sprinting on one feet
Ragini:sorry ..wait why did u try to kiss me…
Sanskar: even u were interested…
Ragini: shut up..
Sanskar: oye say thank u instead of that u r scolding me..
Ragini: thank u ???why should I say thanks..if u would have not saved..I would have saved my self..
Sanskar: wait I will call them and u save ur self..
Ragini gets scared..
Ragini: don’t call them.ok thanks..
Sanskar: good….ok tell me why didu run from ur wedding..
Ragini shrugs..
Ragini: I didn’t run..
Sanskar looks at her from top to bottom..
Sanskar: then what is this fancy dress competition.???
Ragini nods her head in no…
Sanskar: tell me..
Ragini: okay but first give me something to drink…
Sanskar takes her to nearby dhaba..
Sanskar was drinking water ..
Sanskar: so why did u u love someone else…
Ragini nods in no..sanskar relaxes…
Ragini: my father wanted me to get married to an 60 years old man…
Sanskar spits out all the water and coughs badly..
Ragini: haa and u know he has two wives and three children…
Sanskar: what??
Ragini: I could not marry him..that’s why I had to run..
Sanskar: u r not lying na…
Ragini pinches her neck with her fingers..indicating a promise..
Sanskar gives her impossible look..

Suji: sanskar she is so good marry her na..
Sanskar : no mumma..I know she is damn beautiful but I don’t want to marry now..I want to marry the girl who rings bell in my heart…
Suji: u have to marry her that’s it..
On the day of marriage..
Sanskar: sorry ragini I cant marry u…
He changes to casuals and then run from wedding…
Fb ends…
Sanskar(in mind): me 60 years old man,two wives and three children..what a story ragini..u know I am ur runaway groom.u r my runaway bride..I didn’t want to marry u..when I saw ur photo..I liked u but it was not love..but when I saw u running towards me..I felt like the moon was actually coming to me..that moment I cursed myself for running..but its okay now I will make my love story here only..and shadi to karke mu crazy dulhan here comes ur charming dulha
He smiles to himself..
Ragini and sanskar sit down to have some food..ragini keeps on staring him..
Ragini(in mind): oh God how can government let people so handsome roam on road like that..they should be fined..he is so handsome…but ragu..u don’t know him…I had to lie what if he takes me back so I had to promise.. but its okay it was left hand promise..she smirks to herself..
Sanskar ask ragini to eat but ragini refuses as it is not courtesy to eat like that..but sanskar takes a morsel and feeds her..
Ragini: di my honewala husband should know my hunger and feed me even If I say that I am not hungry..
Swara: bhukad..
Sanskar: acha ragini ..I LOVE YOU..will u be my happily ever after..
Ragini coughs and spits the food…
Sanskar taps her head slightly and makes her drink water..

Ragini: and di when I cough while eating he should take care of me like a father takes care of his child..he should pamper me..
Swara: drama queen
Sanskar: I asked something..
Ragini: all of a sudden..dont u have manners..
Sanskar: ragu..u girls r very mean..If I say now..u say so early ur proposing no manners and all..if I say after somedays..u say I was hiding this from u and taken advantage blah blah blah…so meaningless na…
Ragini laughs..sanskar smiles..
Sanskar: so accepted..
Ragini: what I didn’t say yes..
Sanskar: u didn’t say no neither…
Ragini : I have a test for u..
Sanskar: what test..
Ragini: u should not move from here no matter what…
Sanskar stands rooted to his place confused..
Ragini keeps on walking..
Ragini: I want to know how much u value me…and my words..
Sanskar doesn’t move..
Ragini stands up on a bench (it is a scene from telugu movie )
She turns around and falls back but sanskar immediately runs to her and holds her..
Sanskar: r u mad?
Ragini: u moved from ur place..
Sanskar realizes what he did ..
Ragini smiles..
Ragini: so u.
Sanskar: I lost I know but I couldn’t let u fall..
Ragini:no u save me u went against me..this shows how much u love me..I love u too..sanskar’s face gloes like thousand watts bulb..he hugs her and lifts her in sir and twirls her..he immediately grabs her and plants a passionate kiss on her lips…she too reciprocates..both share it with quite a passion..they actually made the cold night completely adorable they were..sanskar breaks the kiss due to lack of oxygen..
Sanskar: ragu a doubt..u fell for me in first sight na..
Ragini bites her tongue ..
She immediately pinches her neck with left hand again..
Sanskar nods his head and holds out her right hand..
Ragini blushes while sanskar looks at her lovingly…
Sanskar bends down on knees..
Sanskar: ragini will u marry me..
Ragini: yes I do…but u should marry me right itself..
Sanskar understood her thet got married in the temple..
They walk hand in hand..
Sanskar: I have to take u somewhere..will u come..
Ragini: even If u take me to hell I will come happily..
Sanskar: too cheesy .but loved it when u say that
Ragini blushes..

At mandap everyone was amused I mean the most of the weddings either bride runs away or the groom runs away but her both ran away elders were tensed…
Here comes our awesome garlands..
Ragini was tensed..
Ragini: sanskar I am scared ..
Sanskar: no one will dare say a thing against my wife.
everyone was shocked to see them then everyone burst out ragini was tensed but now she was totally confused..
she looks at the wedding baner..where one side it was sanskar’s photo and on other side it was ragini’s photo..
she looks at him angrily and as well as shocked..
sanskar: sorry jaan..but trust me I love u..I am not 60..I haven’t been married even once and I don’t have any me..
ragini glares him but he holds his ears so she can she stay angry on HER sanskar…
family members also smile and get them married again..
after marriage..ragini whispers..
ragini: don’t be happy..what if I run again..
sanskar: its difficult..because we r married twice,,two ghatbandhans ..very difficult to brea this bond..sorry but u r stuck for fourteen births with chance to escape..
ragini looks at him lovingly…he winks at her..

the end..

A/N: so guys a big wala sorry for not replying and commenting yesterday many new ragsan ff are started..and especially lahari akka ..and dharani akka I am fine that u so much..I could update anything yesterday because I had some tests to be was stuck up in the hospital for whole day..
So dear ragsan readers my question..why do we love ragsan many people ask me this they r not even existent couple..
So my answer is I LOVE RAGSAN..they r so the whole show..whenever ragsan share an eyelock..even for fraction of feels like they r making thousands of promises to each has that magic which makes me go awww.and u know what guys..u call me crazy but ragsan’s one eyelock creates that magic which inspite of having a screen share..and a intense romance I couldn’t find that in swa¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ why do u like ragsan..not compulsory..but atleast say ragsan r adorable and hot if u love them…because I want to know if am I the only person who finds them cute..and I do know that many of u r also with me..

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  1. Lovely7

    Love to read ragsan Stories dear

    Amazing os

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks lovely

  2. Follybraverl

    Awesome shri love it
    Ofcourse that are adorable…
    Now he is doing another serial with another actress like everyone has their loved couple no-one could point their favourite……Ragsan is cute couple as per my view I like their pairing..

    1. Shrilatha

      thank u folly..the thing is everyone has their own liking..and we should respect that trying to rub ur favouritism on others is not fair right..even in savitridevi..they r asking to replace her with helly ..varun is not intrested to work with helly but still they r doing this..also even I didnt like that girl..but forcing my choice is not good na..thank u so much folly

      1. Follybraverl

        Yeah true our forcing too hurt the actors because Helly is happy with her own role and Varun is happy with his how can the fans impose our wishes on them that is bad… Anyways our cutiepie is back na just waiting….

    2. Shrilatha

      Trust me … me too waiting for our princess….once ppk comes…I would daily comment on its page

      1. Follybraverl

        Me too darling??

  3. Awesome os…. Basically iam teja fan (ragini) then i became raglak and ragsan fan for there offscreen friendship than onscreen story since we dont get actually what we want to see in SR.
    While watching serial i can able to connect to ragini charecter more bcoz it normally her role is portrayed as human begin than any Mahan or sacrificing devi just as any other serial in any language till now her role is more realistic than any fictional story.
    During sanskar entry in serial how ragini take care of him it affected me more and there onscreen and offscreen freindship make fall for them.
    I love to read there stories

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks khushi..u r right ..teja is a perfect actress ..I mean people do really compare her with someone who just does one shade really its like comparing some small pond with ocean..i dont know when they will open thier eyes..and yeah during sanskar’s entry every scene made me fall in love with them

  4. Richa19

    When two adorable, cute, beautiful / handsome, lovely and sweet people come together even in a picture it becomes MAGICAL!!! N for me that adorable, cute, beautiful / hands, lovely and sweet people are TEJASSWI AND VARUN!!!! N thats the reason I LOVE RAGSAN!

    I totally agree with u shri di that ragsan were never a pair on screen but their friendship won our hearts along with their off screen bond!!!!


    RAGSAN ROCKS!!!!! ??????

    N awesome os shri di!!! ? ? ?

    1. Shrilatha

      oh richa thank u so much…totally agreed with u..I wanted to mention this as well u know I am so proud of u guys for not interfering …actually I always say that we ragini fans never start a fight we dont poke our nose in their ff and comment their creating a fandom war …but they always do it..J factor ke brand ambassadors hai

  5. Fabulous dr how r u feeling now?

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks mk..i am fine now..thank u so much dear

  6. Awesome
    ragsan are adorable

    1. Shrilatha

      thank u aleeza..yes they r rocking couple

  7. Dharani

    awesome shri… glad that u are fine take care dear

    1. Shrilatha

      thank u akka ..yeah I will take care..thank u so much akka

  8. Ragsan are so adorable.I am with u Akka.they are lovely couple.even they are not exist.but they gain many fans.if they are on screen couple no one can beat them.ragsan????

    1. Shrilatha

      thank u smiley..u r right.if they were couple on screen in SR.then the show would be going till now with highest trp

  9. Silent_writer

    Its amazingggggg Shriiiii lovedd it soo much yrrr and yeah right no matter what i can’t stop loving ragsan i am crazy ragsaniam cuz they are sooo adorable i can’t stop myself from loving their bond.. Even words are less to describe kappu and teju bond they are just perfect so what they r not couple in television but for me they are couple in real life TeVar they are????? and i love themmm sooo sooo sooo much

    1. Shrilatha

      awww thank u so much…love?? I dont love them yaar I more than love them..actually kappu and teju,tevar,ragsan sangini…they r just so cute..I am not worried about those stupid mantras….love u so much..In fact I said it in ur ff thanks for ragveer pair no matter if they r veer or diya now..they r always my tevar only

      1. Silent_writer

        Exactly they will remain our TeVar??? love u tooooooooo sista ?

  10. superrrrrr .i love the way u love ragsan.
    happy to c a girl in love with teja same iam teja crazy fan .
    love u dr.i want u to write many ragsan and ragini ff
    it was awesome i thing that Telugu movie is Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam .i think so
    take care dr

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank niki..yeah u r right about movie…and thank u so much

  11. Amul


    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks amul

  12. Awesome am totally agree with u whenever they are coming 2gether that scenes was so awesome their ivs also adorable

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks aditi but Kya karen..some people r blind not to see that

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks keerthi

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks vani

  13. Lahari

    Awesome shri..
    First i thought im only mad about them..but anothr mad girl with me?..ha ha.. U knw how much i love them…
    Proud to be a ragsan fan..
    Love u sooooooo much..
    Ignore bashers

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka…we r not mad akka…it’s a complete mesmerisation…ragsan r so adorable..and bashers already uninvited guest ek shameless person aa chuki hai

  14. AMkideewani

    Mindblowing, superb, I’m speachless I don’t kbow how to tell you that I love it. About RagSan their chemistry is on ?And they are more an couple than Swa____San, Swa____San doesn’t stand a chance against RagSan. I’m a crazy fan of RagSan for me their are like Ram and Sita, Radha and Krishna

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Sam..I already said that in u r ff that my ragsan r my radha krishna

  15. truly amazing os loved it.i am also a crazy ragsanian like you.i loved ragsan more and more

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks ammy..I know u yaar..u love them a lot

  16. I love ragsan …..just crazy for them

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks dear …me too super crazy for them

  17. Asw

    Nice yaar they are adorable keep going

  18. Sreevijayan

    Awww….such an adorable os dear……

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

  19. A12345

    Awesome… Loved it… Ragsan haaye everything in them i love it ??
    I newbie written any ff on my any fav couple bt i dont know why i wow these many ragsan ff.. I think that is called madness ??

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Aliya..

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks nive

  20. Sis u remember those scenes na when Sanskaar’s kept knife on Rago’s neck?Then they shared eyelock that eyelock was MAGICAL which won my heart instantly.Then Sanku gripped Rago’s dupatta to resist her from going that time they created a FAIRYTALE land for us.Those cute eyelocks those adorable scenes forced me to watch that BIASED show!I fell in love with TEVAR & RAGSAN.& thanks to god that i could never like Swa____San coz there was ARTIFICIAL CHEMISTRY between Varun & her & RagSan chemistry is NATURAL & EXTREMELY CUTE :-*
    Proud to be a RagSanian proud to be a RagLakian proud to be a Raginian & more proud to be TeVarian.TeVar r real defination FRIENDSHIP & adorable chemistry

  21. RagSan & TeVar r indeed the most special pair.Cvs didnt gave them close scenes still they earned sooooo many crazy fans toh agar wo oncreen pair hotey agar cvs unko romantic scene deta they would have put the SCREEN ON FIRE i can bet on that!

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Anisha..that’s what I am saying …ragsan hora ton swaragini.aaj bhi chalta that too with high trp…u imagine the fire they would have created…anisha why don’t u register ur self here..

  22. Hey superb os.luved swaragini first cv’s show swalak faceoff and ragini’s feelings towards laksh.nd a proper ragsan faceoff and dat moment i fell in luv wid dem.and especially sanskaar’s dialogue “meri dupattawali dosth” I almost died haha.and cvs showed many ragsan blissful I thought swalak & ragsan r couples. Just bcoz cvs don’t make as couple, just bcoz ragini become sil for sanskaar,just bcoz ragini married to sanskaar’s brother, just bcoz ragini once called sanskaar as her brother,just bcoz just bcoz etc..,I can’t luv dem I can’t admire way why should I can’t luv dem.why should writers can’t write ragsan stories.why should ragsan lovers should not think ragsan as couple. Till now I never get answers for dis why??BT now I don’t need also.simple I luv dem and will luv dem.and ha shri in tellyupdates I find many mature teju & ragsan fans.if I luv anything I concentrate on dat only if don’t like anything I just IGNORED it.arey we hardly have 24 hrs per day I don’t have dat much time to spend on my unlike anything. I think we can luv anybody nd of course we can also hate anybody. BT we don’t have any right to say u can’t like dem,how can u luv each nd everyone r INDIVIDUAL .dey have their own thoughts,likes nd dislikes.everyone should respect others opinion if can’t just IGNORE it year dat’s so simple.don’t even try to disrespect others choice nd thoughts bcoz u don’t have dat rights. OK little bit i expressed my thoughts I think so.nd ya it’s one nd only my thoughts i will never expect dis should be everyones thoughts bcoz dat’s WRONG.sorry shri if i bored u.once again I luved dis os sooo much.take care of urself. Bye

    1. Shrilatha

      Hey kalai..thanks yaar .no u didn’t bore me

  23. Naz_Temish

    It’s one personal opinion to like a pair….No one can do anything on it…Like you can love Swara and Sanskar…they can love Ragini and sanskar…What’s big deal in it…Shri yaar this is nothing but the frustration of increasing support and ffs on ragsan fandom…..You just ignore and continue with ur works dear???????

  24. Ummm, if you all reread her beginning in which she mentioned “Dear Bashers aka SwaSan Fans” what does that indicate? Huh? She wrote to us SwaSanians so it’s a little obvious they would reply but I recommend some to not even bother, it’s useless.

    Dear SwaSan fans,

    Leave it, forget it, we know our SwaSan and we know their love, we don’t need to prove it to anyone, don’t waste your time by commenting here please. Just enjoy our SwaSan moments and the real onscreen SwaSan scenes that happened and are shining on Swaragini. Our proof of SwaSan is on Swaragini ☺️.

    From a RagLakian and SwaSanian ?

    Love you all and Shri, I have no problem with who you right on, but please do tell what the term ‘Dear Bashers ‘ mean and what you were indicating.

    Thank you ?

    1. My mistake, *write

  25. Jaan


  26. _Selfie_

    Dude, relax.
    Take a deep breath.
    And deal with the fact SwaSan were, is and will always be the ORIGINAL couple of Swaragini, which is the most famous, unlike your Brother and sister who aren’t even a Jodi. ?

    1. But still RagSan has many diehard fans.They had an awesome chemistry.its our wish to love any couple and write ff.Sanskar is not ur private property ??☺☺There are so many SwaLak ff also but u have no problem with that ?Jo RagSan se jale wo thoda side se chale ?

      1. We don’t have a problem with SwaLak bcz at least they were once a Jodi, not non existent and bro sis ? Sanky is not ours but Swara’s property ? he is her hubbyyyyy that’s a fact! So sad for u ?

  27. Awesome ????? I love every bit of this story ❤❤❤❤ I love RagSan sooo much.i hink sanskar had better chemistry with ragini than swara ?? They both will surely make an Amazing Couple ??? i hope TeVar will be casted in a show together as a couple ❤? Thank u soo much to all the writers for RagSan Fanfictions ?????RagSan Rockzzz ?????TeVar Friendship Forever and Ever ??????All the Haters plz keep calm and apply Burnol ??

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks hafsana

  28. Bela

    Haaye this OS was so cute????

  29. P112111

    Ragsan are cute…… Lovers in crime…….. Awesome update….. What if he not run……. if there some goons come……. If he stands at that point where there is cliff………. Then what Ginu do???? Pyaar mei to sb hilta hai….. Woh b hil gya

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks dear

  30. As a silent reader of TU ffs i hv alwys ntce most of d ragsan fan hve prblm wid swasan fans and vice versa. I nvr undstnd y al fndm bash each othr n as a reader it put bad imge of d writer towards d reader. N i also wtched swargini and as a viewer i alwys love positive character which is obvious as evry1 lykd positive character more.. I lyk ragini character wen c plyd positive character more n those who thinks swara character as a Mahan, dats true her character ws bynd d truth as nwdys nobody secrifices der hppnss for their own families n even their parents jst lyk wt ragini did n here i m speaking abt d reel characters only not abt der real lyf character… N i truelly agree swara is mahan!!!?? n i alwys wish i hv a sister jst lyk swara who cn do anythng for her sister n families happiness??? truelly love her character? and do love both helly n tejaswi as both r beautiful n talented actresses????

  31. Awesome dear, they look so adorable together

  32. wese ye btana rag—————-san ka eyelock kb hua tha. agar swasan ke bich chemistry nhi hoti to wo itna amous na hote. aur rahi bat taking helly in savitri devi it was jyst fans wish wo apni wish express kr rhe h the kisi pr thop nhii rhe the. n what do u think what varun’s mrs. kapoor did , helly will be interested to work with him again. NOO NEVER!!!

  33. raglak are love

    hi shri,u all guys love rag____san only..?got to know that and i felt bad for my raglak…no one loved raglak…but just used laksh character how u want…u guys indirectly agreed raglak is nothing infront of rag___san…got it now that no one is raglak fan…but only ragini and rag_____san fan…sorry dear for this comment.. tried so hard to stop myself…but it hurted me so much as raglak fan…sorry once again…

    1. Shrilatha

      hey dear shri is not there but u know what ..look at ur self..u r loving raglak..many people r there who loves raglak..dont feel bad..u know there r many people who r diehard fans of raglak…trust me raglak is not a small is just a war between ragsan and swasan thats why ..we r fighting…but this never means that no one love raglak…..just read raglak ff..u will know how many of them love raglak..chill baby no need for sorry..I know u feel bad about this…

  34. Hemalattha

    Awesome dear

  35. A.xx

    Amazing and love Ragsan as they just look good together xx

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