Meri dosth ki dulhan se pyaar?? 2 shots…(vol 3) shot 2 first half

Let’s begin….

Ragini looks at him shocked….
At the time someone calls arhaan he goes
Rag who was crying gets up and held his collar
Rag:so it was you… Why did you do this…
San nods in no:no…. U r taking me wrong..
Rag:now why r u lieing..
San:yes arhaan is my friend bt i dont know that u r.. His….
Rag:she falls in her knees….. Plzz plzz leave me….
San held her from shoulders:look ragini… I dont know abt the fact
Rag folds her hand:plz.. Plz.. Save me from here… Plzzz…
San cups her face:see.. Dont worry… I will do something
He listens to the foot steps
San gets up immediately

Arhaan enters
Arhaan gets irritated
Arhaan:sanky.. Make her understand
San:wat kind of understanding sanskar… Tell me.. I vl explain her
Arhaan:u r talking against me
San:no i m making you understand…
Arhaan:leave that… Come let’s go…
He drags him…

San was frustrated…
Bt he can’t do anything
San:arhaan… How did u meet ragini
Arh:she came to our school…

Ragini comes to the school for an interview of teacher.. Bcs of her frnds manvi’s insistence to work there
Rag got selected for teacher job…
She was returning from the school after a hectic day…
Rag sees an accident.. She immediately ran there…
She saw a person in the car
She with the help of some people she helped the person who was none other than arhaan…
She and manvi took him to the hospital
He was saved..
They meets him
Arhaan was lost in ragini..
From then he was back of her… He forced her to marry.. So she runaway… From there and he found her in railway station
Fb ends

Sanskar was angry as he want to beat him off..

Arhaan:now u tell me… How do you know her???
San gets an idea
San makes a sad face:no.. No nthng like…
Arh:tell me the truth
San:wat vl u do if i tell
San goes from there smirking…
Arh:wat is he hiding…

San locks the door
San:arhaan tu soch soch ke paagal ho jayega

Here arhaan was thinking abt sanskar’s words

Next morng
San was waiting….
His door knocks… He smiles
San opens the door making sad face.. As expected it was arhaan
Arh:did u get sleep
San:if i didn’t slept to wat vl hpn…. (the most innocent face)
Arh:why r u speaking like this..? Come lets go
San sadly nods
Arh irritate :aisi shaqal kyun bana raha
San himself:itne saal ka jo tumhaara asar hai… ??tho itni acting tho banta hai mera dosth…
San:woh kuch nahi..

Arh:ok.. Come
They goes
Arh:i want to tell u one thing…
Arh:if there is something betwn u and ragini then forget abt it bcs… Now shez your babhi…
San himself:mujhe pata tha… Ragini plzzz forgive me for wat i m going to do.. Arhaan now tell your dialogue i m waiting for it…
Arh:hv breakfast
San nods sadly
San himself :why till he didn’t say his dialogue… Wat if he didn’t..
Arhan from behind:sunn…
San smirks
Arhaan:remember jo tera hai woh mera hai…. Jo mera hai woh tera
San turns in one go:jo tera hai woh mera hai na…
San again in one go:ragini jo meri ragini thi… Now she is yours and bcs she was mine before now she is yours and again now shez mine.. She was yours and now shez mine bcs jo tera hai woh mera hai.. Hai na
Arh:wat r u saying…
San:i m trying to say… Ragini jo meri thi ab teri hai… Ryte
Arh confused:ryte
San:so now she is yours
San:so watever yours is mine
San pats his shoulder:i can understand… Ragini was mine before.. Now she is yours… Watever yours is mine… Jo tera hai woh mera hai…
Arh:i m not understanding
San:socho… jo tera hai woh mera hai…. Jo mera hai woh tera… ragini jo meri ragini thi… Now she is yours and bcs she was mine before now she is yours and again now shez mine.. She was yours and now shez mine bcs jo tera hai woh mera she is mine…. Bcs the reason is jo tera hai woh mera hai…. Jo mera hai woh tera.. Now she is yours and bcs she was mine before… Ryte.. Yes i m ryte.. She is yours ryte
Arh:yes.. Shez mine
San:so whom should she belong to
Arh gets thinking
San:socho socho jo tera hai woh mera… (Lil loudly) JO TERI HAI WOH MERIIII
he runs away becore arhaan comes out of his thoughts
Arh:jo ragini teri thi.. Ab meri hai.. Bcs she is mine whom should she belong to??
He finds none…
San smiles hiding…

Precap:Ragsan escape

So frnds.. Jo tera hai woh mera mein.. Ragini kiski hai?? ??

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