Meri dil ko doka-episode 9


So guys am back thanks for all your lovely comments. I have to give you one more good news that I got my college results i passed with 98.7% in law and now am a criminal lawyer. so lets continue
Recap-swara gets to know the truth of hers and sanskaar’s marriage Sangeet.
After the sangeet everyone leaves.
Sumi- My children are grown up now so fast in two days they will no longer be Gadodias.
AP-Ha ji! our children espically swara and LAksh don’t know each other well so let the couples go out somewhere.
sumi- Yeah i agree.
Meanwhile …

Laksh and Swara are standing near the pond in the garden.
Laksh- Swara if i ask you something will you feel bad?
Swara- noway you are fiance you have right to know about what you wanna ask.
Laksh- have you ever been loved?
swara- Yes.but that love has also betrayed me.
Laksh- oh!i am sosorry i shouldn’t have asked.
Swara- no you have the right to ask but i am going to tell the biggest secret of my life after that even if you want to break this marriage i can understand.
Laksh- what is that secret?
Swara- you know the man who i loved more than myself ready to give up anything for him was none other than your elder brother, Ragini’s fiance , My to be jiju and ex- lover SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI!
LAksh was horrified he never kneew the lady he had started loving had a man of her own. His heart was broken not into two but millions of pieces.
Swara- iknow your are shocked but i had no option we both were betrayed by our best friends on the day of our marriage.
LAksh- i know the rest of the story iam so sorry i can do my best to unite you both.
Swara immediatly screamed- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! you will not do such a stupid thing i can’t dawn my sister’s life in danger and as a matter of fact i have moved on and now am yours . yours only.
Swaragini- haan ma!

two days later……..
On the day of marriage
Swara looks stunning she is wearing a red and green bridal lehenga with a bun and decked up with jewlleries.
on the other side Ragini is wearing the same lehenga as Swara.
Sanlak are wearing a similar cream and red shrewani.
They couples go and sit in the mandap .
Crowd- Yaar which is swara and which is Ragini Becharis can’tsee thier husbands till sugharat.what if the brides change?
AP-go and wash your mouth shubh shubh bol.
MArriage happens SWALAK take pheras goddess idol is shown LAksh places Maglastutra and fills her hairline with sindoor (OH MY GOD HE DIDN’T SEE THE BRIDES FACE!!!)??????????????????
Same thing happens in Ragsan Side.
PAndit- Shaadi sampan hogaya hai ab aap aapki biwiyon ki chehra ko deksakthe hai.
AP- NAhi panditji jabthak sughraat nahi hoti ab tak pati patiniyon ki chera konahi dekh sakthi.
Pandit- thik hai.

laksh lifts the shawl and is shocked.
Sanskaar lifts the shawl and starts screaming.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————so how was the story what happened why did sanskaar scream?
Please comment silent readers i have repiled last epi comments personally.

Credit to: Asmitha

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  1. I think he married Swara

  2. First congrats …. 98% great yaar….
    And di dont say that swasan amd raglak are married…. it will break our hearts di.. let it be swalak and ragsan only… rest is ur wish… i cant do anything else except giving my suggestion…..
    Plz let it be swalak….
    Again congrats di

  3. Nice episode I think bride is exchange waiting for next episode

  4. sanskar married swara & laksh Married ragini

  5. wow bride change I hope………

  6. Thank you manu but I am sorry yaar agar udko shedding national hua to kaise swalak see swasan asacti ma’am karaoke much par pls support Karen thanks. Yes there has been bride exchange.

  7. nice dear.. hope it is swasan

  8. Nice dear

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