Meri dil ko doka-episode 7

Hi guys am back asmitha has gone to. Coma Don’t know how long she will be like that anyways I am asmitha ‘s mother updating for you guys.

Recap.- Swara going to talk with sanskaar.

Sanskaar.- Swara I need to tell you one shocking truth.
Swara – what? I give you give minutes time.
Sanskaar – Swara that day I didn’t marry Latvia.
Swara – how many lies are you gonna tell. Enough is enough I will go in now and tell everybody the truth.
Sanskaar – you gave me five mins na so listen. That day I didn’t marry Kavita but Arivind Did.
Swara – what? But how?

On the day of swasan marriage.
Arivind comes to sanskaar’s room.
Arivind – Bhai! Today let me replace you in the shaadi mandap.
Sanskaar – what are you crazy! Yaar Swara loves me and vice versa. Why are you coming like kebab me haddi?
Arivind – buddu Swara is always a bhabi to me got it. Today Kavita and me decides to get married but Kavita told she will take Swara’s place pls can’t you do this for me?
Sanskaar – no I am sorry I can’t live without Swara pls.
Arivind gets angry and the food and beats his head then wears sanskaar’s clothes and comes to mandap.
In swara’s side
A girl comes in gives her sleeping pills mixed medicine and looks her inside the room and gets ready goes down and gets married.
After marriage Swara comes down she doesn’t know the truth and thinks it is the real sanskaar and goes off.

Swara is shocked but then asks – them how are you so happy today with your family?
Sanskaar.- I told them and your sister the truth.
Swara – on. But I will Marry Laksh you should Marry my sister.
Episode ends on Sanskaar’s shocked face.

Precap- elders decide to keep the marriage earlier and Sangeet festival.

Thanks for all your prayers probably I am not a good mother that is why my daughter is on her deathbed she is in for operation not totally in coma yet pls pray.

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  1. May she gets well soon?

  2. its intersting make it a bit longer

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  4. Awesome, I hope your daughter gets well soon

  5. Ur daughter will soon fine….dont worry god bless ur daughter

  6. Thanks to your prayers she’s back but can’t speak she has been discharged.

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