Meri dil ko doka-episode 5

So guys I am aditi asmitha’s elder sister yesterday actually she and our mom fought over electronics as Asmitha had spent the previous day for you guys writing a episode she forgot about her test. So my mom confisicated her electronics she got angry and went out of the house in her bike she didn’t return for long time then we all got to know through her friend that she got an accident. So yep I will be typing for you till she gets well.

Let’s start
Guy- why do you have any relation with her? I thought you’re here to attend your brother’s engagement?
Laksh- no I didn’t have any relation with her till today but now I take her up as my responsibility.
Everyone gasps.

Laksh’s mother comes infront- do you know what you are saying?
Laksh- yes .( goes towards swara’s family) please forgive me I took this decision without asking swara and you all. but I promise I will always keep your daughter happy. He takes out a small ring box from his packet.
Laksh- I promised that you will always be happy , I will never do anything that upsets you I know that this is theplace where our siblings are supposed to be but the circumstances have forced me to this. I always carry this around to give it to the person who I love and want to mae my life partner . therefore, will you accompany me in this journey of life, will you agree to all my rules and conditions, will you accept that red rose and not kept on the side desk every morning ? Most importantly will you agree to be MRS LAKSH MAHESHWARI?

Swara- after such a beautiful proposal I would never ever in my life say no.I know this is a co-incidence but yes I will as long as you to agree to my rules and conditions, please never break my heart my heart is to tender ro break again( she says this looking towards Sanskaar.)

I hope you will understand when we are close enough to each other and when I am ready to accept this fact then we will share all our secrets. So yes I agree to be MRS LAKSH MAHESHWARI.

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  1. Awesome
    Wanna know sanskar reaction
    Get well soon dr

  2. awesome…but it so small….write bit lengthy….update soon

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