Meri dil ko doka-episode 4

Hi guys I am Asmitha .please have some patience .first few episodes will be Swalak and ragsan after that it will become swasan raglak. How that you will only see.
————————————————————————————————————————————–episode 3

Recap- swara seeing the groom Swalak nokh-jhok.
Swara is twirling and sees the groom’s face she is shocked even the groom is equally shocked to her.swara drops the plate down as Lakh’s ring falls down he bends to pick it and the plate falls on his head.
Swara-s.s.s.s….sa…ns…ka…ar (whispers)
Sanskaar- swara! What is she doing here she will ruin my engagement. (In his mind)
He goes towards Ragini and asks who swara to her.
Ragini- your Bhabhi and my sister! Didn’t you guys meet? My sister is always like that so forgetful.
While Ragini was speaking sanskaar’s mind was on what would have been Swara’s reaction on seeing him oh god this is just bad what if she still remembers that day? What the world knew was the totally different fact. Infact the moment swara would get to know her life and their so called broken relation would be fixed.
Laksh meanwhile, gets up and starts scolding swara.

Laksh- don’t you have eyes. I mean I know our first meeting is dam horrible but we can make it right please tell what you’re thinking of. (He notices swara is staring at Sanskaar.) Hey do you know that they man your staring it is you’re to be jiju.i actually truly, horribly, mean it.
Swara’s heart stops beating when she hears the words YOU’RE TO BE JIJU. The words are just ringing in her ears.
Laksh by then notices that all the young boys are looking at her as her pallu is slightly out of place.He gets angry and says to the boys.
Laksh- What are you looking at? She’s already taken.

He shouts out so loud that they entire hall hears it. Later, they hear few murmurs.
Laksh having no choice .knowing nothing about her was going to tell that he was going to marry her. He had literally no choice to accept the unknown alliance.

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  1. Thanks for pairs..

  2. I am sorry asmitha I have been quite rude to u in past episodes…nyways nice and thanxx for revealing the pairs

  3. Nice but too short plz make it lengthy

  4. awesome………………..thanx for making it swasan and raglak..I really loved that pair…..update soon

  5. yar swalak are good together

  6. pls don’t agrue over swasan and swalak that is why i hqve divided it into half-half
    i am grounded thus i willbe getting my eletronics only in june so pls handle short unexpected entries i do during school hours.

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