Meri dil ko doka-episode 13

Hi guys am so sorry I seriously was busy and started forgetting about the ff. Anyways am back now.

Recap – swaragini become pregnent.

Police -so Pari should be behind this… Search her room properly not a corner should be left.
C1-sir! We found a packet of drugs in her room.
Inspector-thought so. Arrest her. (goes towards pari) mam you are under arrest for attempt to murder!

8 months later….
Swaragini are working on computer and then swara goes upstairs to get something (no one in the house)
Swara is coming down while she slips and falls on Ragini and both to rolling down stairs. Just then sanlak enter and find both their wives lying in a pool of blood and then bring them to hospital.
Outside OT 1(swara ‘s OT)
Sanskaar is waiting the doctor comes out.
Doc : i am sorry but you can only save either mother or child who do you want to save?
Sanskaar :save the mother. (doc goes in) he breaks down and starts crying. Same happens outside OT 2(ragini’ s)

Precap:7 years leap….

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  1. Fairy

    nyc update dear…feelng reallly sad for raglak n swasan 🙁 🙁 🙁 …post nxt part soon..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 🙂

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  4. Mind blowing

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