Meri dil ko doka-episode 12

Recap- swaragini faint doctor comes out and states there is a good news and bad news.

Doctor- congratulations Mr.Sanskaar and Laksh both your wives are pregnant but …..
Sanlak- but what doctor?
Doctor- some one has tried killing them by adding poision to their food. This becomes a police case.
Sanskaar- what? Is there any complications?
Doc- Luckily?they consumed only little poison so there is no threat to their life

I advise you to send their food intake for the next week for scanning I believe there is poisoning through food.
Sanlak- yes doctor.
Police come into the house.
Inspector- So maheshwari family I hope you will co-opreate with us we need to search all the rooms because we brlive only those who have been to your house recently can be behind this.Also all family members must stay tact together till then. Mr.Laksh and Mr.Sanskaar we need to interrogate your family members one by RoomhI hope you will ..
Sanlak- sure we have no problem . Pari Bhabhi (Pari gets scared) pls go inside first we will get interrogated layer.
Pari- Yes sure why not.(in her mind) when I am telling the inspector I should make sure that the truth doesn’t come out of my mouth.
Pari goes inside.
Raglak Room-

Meanwhile Ragini wakes up .
Ragini- How did I come here I was down serving breakfast.(She sees Swara sleeping next to her.) Did I and Laksh fight? How did Swara come here?
That time Swara’s eyes flutter open.
Swara- Ragini what happened why are we sleeping together did I fight with Sanskaar?
Ragini- I don’t know come let us go down and check.
In the hall.
Sanlak- ( they see their wives coming down rush to them and hold them) slowly no hurry come down.
swaragini- aree ! But what happened to us tell me na Laksh/Sanskaar!
Sanlak- you are going to become a mother Swara/Ragini.
Swaragini- what! I am so happy! They hug each other.( they notice everybody sitting in a line outside the store room.) What happened? Hi by are everybody sitting like this?
Sanlak tell them everything.
Swara- what how is this possible ?
A constable comes to Swaragini- Mams did anyone give you any food or juice to you before breakfast.
Swara- yeah me and Ragini were in the garden then Pari Bhabhi came and gave us juice and Uttra gave us Chvval .

Precap- Rattle your brain for a day every time I give hints.

So friends how was this epi I am typing this during a court hearing and even got sent out of the court so please comment .silent readers even you guys thanks.

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