Meri dil ko doka-episode 1

hi so this is my first episode thanks for all those lovely comentors out there so about swasan or rraglak i haven’t decided yet so pls comment on wich pair you want and majority will win the pairs are as follows-
swasan and raglak
swalak and ragsan
swansh and raglak
swasan and ragansh
swarahul and ragansh
swasan and ragansh
swarahul and ragansh
the link to my intro is www.tellyupdates/swaragini/dil-ki-doka
lets get started-
————————————————————————————————————————————–SWARA’S POV
He betrayed me he left me and went off. With that Kavita I don’t know why he chose our marriage day. To insult me or what? I am pretty sure he has gotten married and has two or three children its been an year now my sister’s getting engaged my small ragini has become so big she even fell in love!but….
But what was that wonderful man’s name ???
Is he good enough for her ?
Well , though she is getting engaged tomorrow there is still a year left for the marriage. My thoughts were disturbed by my mom’s scream.
She walked infront of me and stopped she looked at me and saw me smiling broadly .she thought I was mad but then realisation knocked her head.
“ are you in love ?” she asked.
My smile faded as soon as I heard that word.
I got up from my bed and started walking towards her and started my lecture……….
“Ma love is the most painful feeling in the world no one would know it better than me I was the only one in the world who was dumped a minute before I was declared married ! Do you know what thoughts I had in store for mine and sanskaar’s future ? I was wellof before Kavita broke out of jail and lured my ex-fiance back.
I don’t think I will be able to get over it I will just marry the one you choose for me.” I said and turned to the entrance and saw a numb Ragini.
“you lied to me swara. you told me you dumped him as you didn’t like him. You told me that married life is complicated. You , the one whom I trust the most lied it won’t be long before that happens to me “she said .
She left the room crying .
Swara how could you lie to me I trusted you the most .
How could she do that I thought sanskaar was dumped but rather it was she .
It was because of him my dad died . I wonder how many lies they have still kept away from me? Why me good why me?
————————————————————————————————————————————–Precap- Ragini finds out the true reason for her father’s death .swara is shocked to see the groom of the wedding .A determined swara sets out to stop the wedding before anything can happen.
So how was the first chapter of Dil ki doka? I am quite excited to read the poll of voting so pls all of you vote even silent readers . as the more commenters the more encouragement I get .
In my ff swara’s journey of life is going to be quite a tough one so I hope I will have your support throughout my ff . thanks yours only single and available fan fic writer Asmitha Sharma.

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