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Hello everyone, it’s me Halima again with my boring plot. Anyways I will write this one after I finish writing Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RagLak) do read it if you have time… This one will be a Ragsan FF… It would be called ‘Meri Dastaan (RagSan)’


A dark street is shown, lamps are flickering and making sounds, all of a sudden a girl is seen running, she is wearing a red Salwar with no drape,
“Find her!” Shouts a man. All of them go in different direction. The girl is crying and running through the woods, she then slips from the rock and falls in the lake and bangs her head on a big rock. The girl floats away but the blood that was dripping from her head remains there.

A guy is sitting in the temple dressed in a wedding attire, “Where is she?” The pandit says, the guy continues looking at the entrance and gets disappointed.

Then outside the temple a girl is shown smirking, “No one can stop me…” The girl says and walks up.

Then after a while a guy and the girl are shown getting married. The girl smiles while the guy puts Sindoor on her…

Images of the street, girl and rock with blood flash and finally freeze at the rock.

Kaun hai yeh ladki? (Who is this girl?)
Why was she running? And who from? Who was that guy and the girl getting married? What had happened?

To find out more, do read ‘Meri Dastaan (RagSan)’


So I will upload this on the 20th June or the 1st of July, it depends on when the RagLak ones going to finish. Till then smile, take care and enjoy… Do comment.
Love you all?

Thank you??

Credit to: Halima

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