Meri Dastaan (RagSan) Mahaepisode (Episode 9 +10) Kya Ragini aur Sanskaar Ho payenge ek?


Episode 9 + 10:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani Ka naya pannah… (Meri Dastaan)
Maha Episode…Kya huwa that 10 Saal Pehle? Aur Kya hoga aage?
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima with another boring episode, I hope you all like this boring and weird story and I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint all of you.

Sorry for any mistakes. Sorry for the earliness.
The episode starts with 5 YEARS LATER:

A man is shown standing in a dark room and looking at a picture, the picture and the man is yet to be revealed.
Man: Why did you do that?
Then what happened with Kavita and Ragini flashes.

Then it shifts in the hall of MM, a man is holding the balloons. Children are going around him.
Man: Achcha Bacho, shh… Who’s birthday is it?
The MM is getting decorated, just then two more men walk down, they are revealed to be Darshan and Vikas.
Vikas: Adi beta, it’s not birthdays but wedding anniversary.
The man removes the balloons from his face and he is revealed to be Adi (played by Anshuman Malhotra)
Adi: Appa, then why are the children’s clinging on me?

“That’s because you brought balloons instead of candles.” A new voice is heard.
All look there.

Scene shifts back to the dark room. The man heads out and locks the door.
“Papa!” A voice is heard.
The man looks there and sees a 12 year old boy standing in front of them.

The man is revealed to be Sanskaar, he has grown a beard and wears glasses and is now wearing a black suit.
Sanskaar: Aarav?
The 7 year old boy is revealed to be Aarav. (Played by Ayaan Rehmani.)
Aarav: Papa, the preparations are going on and have you seen Sanskriti?
Sanskaar: No, isn’t she with…
Aarav: No, she isn’t with Vividha either.
Sanskaar: Okay, Tum Chalo, I’m coming.
Aarav nods and leaves, Sanskaar locks the door and starts moving.

Then a pond is shown, it’s night and a girl is siting in front of the pond on a white polished bench. She is wearing a cream frock. Then another girl comes wearing a pink frock.
Pink frock: Vividha… What happened?
The girl in the White frock is Vividha,
Vividha: Nothing Sanskriti, I’m thinking about something.
The girl in a pink frock is Sanskriti.
Sanskriti: What are you thinking about?
Vividha: That room.
Sanskriti: What room?
Vividha: That room that Papa always goes in.

Then both of their faces are revealed and they are identical twins (both played by Harshali Malhotra)

Sanskriti: Hmm, the dark room Na?
Vividha nods yes,
Sanskriti: Even I want to find out but whenever we ask Papa that questions he avoids us.
Vividha: What about Mamma?
Sanskriti nods no.
Vividha then stands up and walks towards the pond and sits on the edge.
Vividha: Secrets are also like water, they have to spill one day.
Sanskriti: Correct, and like you can’t hold water that’s how secrets can’t be held for much longer.

Scene shifts to the hall, it’s a woman in a red saree,
Woman: Haa Adi, we asked for candles, not balloon.
Adi: Sorry, I guess I heard wrong but it’s not my fault, Vividha and Sanskriti were teasing me and Adi was arguing with them so I didn’t get to hear properly.
Vikas, Darshan and the woman laugh.

Just then Sanskaar comes down with Aarav.
Sanskaar: Have you all seen Sanskriti and Vividha?
Woman: Why what happened?
Aarav: I can’t find them.
Adi: I know where they might be.
Sanskaar: Where?
Woman: Where they usually are, where they find silence and peace.

The family reach there and see Vividha and Sanskriti sitting near the pond. The starts are reflecting in the pond.
Vikas: Hai vo uski betiyan but they are my Ragini’s values.
Woman: Vividha, Sanskriti…?
Vividha and Sanskriti look there.
Both: Patti!
Both Vividha and Sanskriti run there, they hug the woman and the woman is revealed to be Radhika (Amma), Ragini and Adi’s Amma and Vikas’s wife.
Radhika: My princesses, so shall we go inside?
Vividha: Patti, where is our Mamma coming back?
Radhkia: Speaking of Mamma, where is she?

Just then a woman in a baby pink and cream length comes out.
“What are you all doing here?” A voice is heard.
All turn around and see her, she is revealed to be Ragini.
Ragini: Wow, party is happening without me?
Vikas: Nahi beta…
Vividha and Sanskriti run there and hug Ragini.
Ragini: My angels, are you ready?
Vividha and Sanskriti: Yes Mamma.
Ragini looks at the others and they nod yes.

A smile appears on Sanskaars face, others smile at her too.

When Ragini got stabbed, Sanskaar went up to her and picked her up in his arms, Vividha was caught by Radhika and Kavita fell an died, after the operation, the Dr came out and told them that the operation is successful. Ragini gets back to normal and they plan to get Ragini and Sanskaar married.

After a month RagSan get married, Ragini then accepts Sanskriti and Vividha.

5 years later Ragini was pregnant, she was walking and slipped and hit her head on the floor hard. Then they rushed her to the hospital, the baby survived but Ragini also survived. She had regained conscious.

End of flashback.

Radhika: It’s good to see happiness my daughter.
Vikas nods and all head in.
Ragini: The guests already arrived.
Vividha: Happy anniversary Mamma Papa.
Sanskaar: Thanks beta.
Ragini: Thanks Vividha.
Sanskriti: Happy anniversary Mamma Papa.
Sanskaar: Thank you
Ragini: Thanks Sanskriti.

Ragini and Sanskaar cut the cake, Ragini smiles at Sanskaar while cutting the cake and so does Sanskaar, both share an eye-lock.
They feed everyone and then Aarav, Adi, Vividha and Sanskriti force them to dance.

The song starts playing,

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

RagSan dance

Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu
Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye

Amma and Appa join as well.

Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye
Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu

Sanskaar picks Ragini up and twirls her.

Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye

The rest of the couples join.

Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta

Sanskaar twirls her.

Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Tu Humsafar Hai, Phir Kya Fikar Hai
Jeene Ki Wajah Hi Yahi Marna Issi Ke Liye

Adi also joins with a girl who is wearing a yellow ball gown. (Played by Shivangi Joshi)

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

Sa Ni Pa Di Na Sa…

Meharbaani Jaate Jaate Mujh Pe Kar Gaya

Sanskaar picks her and twirls her.

Guzarta Sa Lamha Ek Daaman Bhar Gaya
Tere Nazara Mila, Roshan Sitaara Mila
Takdeer Ki Kashtiyon Ko, Kinara Mila

Sadiyon Se Tarse Hai Jaisi Zindagi Ke Liye

Ragini cups Sanskaars face and then twirls, they change partners, Amma is with Sanskaar, Ragini is with Arjun and the other girl is with Appa.

Teri Sauhbat Mein Duaayein Hain Ussi Ke Liye

The kids are enjoying and clapping.

Tere Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara
Maanu Mujhko Banaya Tere Hi Jaise Kisi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

They change back to their pairs.

Tere Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara
Maanu Mujhko Banaya Tere Hi Jaise Kisi Ke Liye

Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta

Adi is lost in the girls beauty and twists her.

Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta

They do slow moves.

Tu Humsafar Hai, Phir Kya Fikar Hai
Jeene Ki Wajah Hi Yahi Hai Marna Issi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye

All pick their pairs up from the back and twirl them.

Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

Song ends, the kids and everyone clap. Ragini and Sanskaar hug.
Sanskaar: Without you I felt empty Ragini. I love you.
Ragini: I love you two.

Then the dark room is shown, the picture on the wall is also shown and its Kavitas.

Sanskriti: Viv, leave the dark room, all matters is Mamma Papas happiness.
Vividha: You’re right Sanskriti, happiness matter than that room.
Aarav hears then and gets confused.
Aarav: What room?
Vividha: Nothing Bhai.
Sanskriti: Haa, I was just saying that we might as well decorate Mamma Papas room.
Aarav: Not a bad idea but I don’t have the money to do it.

Adi talks to that girl,
Adi: Hi, I’m Aditya Balachandran. You can call me Adi.
Girl: I’m Arohi, Arohi Sengupta.
Adi and Arohi become friends.

Ragini looks around and sees a smile on everyone’s face, Sanskaar stands besides her.
Ragini: I wish this smile remains on their faces.
Sanskaar: Haa, I don’t want to face trouble again.
Darshan gets shocked after a phone call, RagSan notice him.
Sanskaar: What happened?
Darshan: Vo…a…Antara g…gave birth to a boy.
RagSan are shocked and a smile appear in their faces.
Ragini: Congrats, you’ve become a dad.
Darshan also smiles, then after the party, they family visit the hospital to see Antara, Darshan and their son. Antara and Darshan got married 5 years ago, it was a love marriage. Vikas, Adi and Radhika take the children in.

Ragini was about to go when Sanskaar holds her hand and pulls her closer to him.
Ragini: Sanskaar… Someone will see…
Sanskaar: So?
Sanskaar pulls Ragini closer, Ragini and him share an eye-lock.
Sanskaar then pecks Raginis forehead and hugs her, she hugs him back.

Sanskaar then gets a call and answers it, he is shocked and drops his phone. Ragini breaks the hug and looks at him.
Ragini: What happened Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Yug… Yug… Is missing.
Ragini: What?! (Shocked.)
Sanskaar: He, is, kidnapped.
Ragini: What? Y…Yug is kidnapped? How? Why? When?
Sanskaar: Calm down…
Ragini: How can I?

Tears star flowing out of Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini: What enmity did they have with Yug?
Ragini breaks down and Sanskaar hugs her.

Yug is RagSan’s 3 year old child.

Sanskaar: Don’t worry Ragini, I promise I’ll bring Yug back.
Just then Sanskaar gets another call, he puts it on speaker.

Caller: If you want your child then give me 1 crore rupees! Varna you would see your child’s dead body.
Ragini: No… Don’t do anything to Yug, please.
The caller disconnects the call while Ragini cries on Sanskaars chest and Sanskaar gets teary eyed.

Sanskaar then goes to the bank and gets the money, Ragini fakes a smile and doesn’t tell anyone what happened to Yug, she didn’t want to trouble them.

The caller calls again and he warns Sanskaar to come alone and not even think about calling the police. Sanskaar says okay. He goes to that place.

Sanskaar is at a cliff, he sees a black van approaching him, the van stops and a mans comes out wearing a black mask, he pulls Yug out and Yug cries, Sanskaar gets teary eyed seeing Yug.

Kidnapper: Did you ing the money?!
Sanskaar: Haa, just leave my Son!

Adi, Aarav, Sanskriti, Vividha, Radhika, Ragini and Vikas go back to MM. Ragini is worried.

Sanskaar walks forward to give the money, the kidnapper walks forward with Yug. Sanskaar slides the bag while the kidnapper pushes Yug, Sanskaar manages to hold him and hug him.

Just and all of a sudden a police force come out and surround them, both the Kidnapper and Sanskaar is shocked. The kidnapper then takes his gun out, he was about to shoot Yug when Sanskaar hides Yug behind him and Sanskaar gets shocked. The police men then hit the kidnapper and take the gun off him. They arrest the whole kidnapping gang and take them to the police station while rush Sanskaar to the hospital along with Yug.

Ragini is worried and gets a call, she is shocked and drops her phone.

Radhika: What happened?
Ragini: Amma, Sanskaar…
Vikas: Sanskaar what?
Ragini: Sanskaar and Yug are in the hospital.
All get shocked, Vikas, Radhika and Ragini rush to the hospital while Adi stays with the children.

Ragini rushes their and asks the receptionist, the receptionist guides her where to go, Ragini runs there while Vikas signs some papers they said to sign.

The police hand Yug to Ragini, Sanskaar is taken to the ICU. They start the operation. Ragini cries.

Samandar se zyada meri aankhon me aansu
Jaane ye Khuda bhi hai aisa kyun (x2)

Ragini folds her hands and prays.

Tujhko hi aaye na khayal mera
Patta patta jaanta hai

The Dr are doing Sanskaar’s operation.

Ik tu hi na jaane haal mera
Patta patta jaanta hai

Sanskaar’s heart beat is coming down and the doctors panic.

Ik tu hi na jaane haal mera

Ragini hugs yug tight.

Nit-din nit-din roiyan main
Sonh Rabb di na soiyan main

The heart beat stops, the doctors are shocked and get upset.

Ik tere piche maahi
Saavan diyan ruttan khoiyan main (x2)

Ragini continues praying and the doctor comes out. Ragini opens her eyes and stands up.
Ragini: Doctor, what happened? Is he alright?
The Dr shakes his head in a disagreement which shocks everyone.
Dr: I’m sorry, we couldn’t save him.
Ragini is stunned, she feels like her heart beat has stopped and finds it heard to breath.

Ragini then goes inside while the song continue playing.

Dil ne dhadkano ko hi tod diya
Toota hua seene mein chhod diya

Ragini enters and sees Sanskaar lying down, tears are rolling down.

Ho.. dil ne dhadkano ko hi tod diya

She walks up to him and holds his hand.

Toota hua seene mein chhod diya

Ragini: Sanskaar, please wake up! You can’t leave your Ragini… Sanskaar… Please wake up! I don’t like this type of jokes.

Khushiyan le gayaa
Dard kitne de gayaa
Ye pyaar teraa

Ragini rests her head on Sanskaar’s chest and starts crying.

Patta patta jaanta hai
Ik tu hi na jaane haal mera (x2)

Ragini: You can’t leave like this, you promised you would stay with me for the next 7 life times then why? Why are you leaving me? I would die without you Sanskaar. Without Sanskaar, Ragini is nothing.

Vikas and Radhika get teary eyed listening to that, then the machine starts beeping, Ragini looks up, the nurse comes and runs to tell the doctor, the doctor rushes in.
Ragini, Radhika and Vikas stand outside the ICU.

A woman is deciding which dress to chose, the woman turns around and is revealed to be Ragini. Ragini is holding 2 Sarees.
Ragini: Arey, Sanskaar, what are you doing there? You tell me which one should I wear today?

Ragini: Tell Na, yellow or pink?

Ragini then makes a face and puts the Sarees down.
Ragini: You never tell me which one to wear, confused? Well yellow is your favourite colour so I’ll wear yellow ha?
Ragini then smiles and gets changed.
Ragini: How do I look Sanskaar?

Ragini then gets teary eyed, then Sanskaars picture is shown hanging on the wall, Ragini had been communicating with the picture.

Ragini: When will you wake up Sanskaar?
Tears escape Raginis eyes but she quickly wipes them.

Then Vividha, Sanskriti, Aarav and Yug come to Raginis toom.
Aarav: Amma, come downstairs, Mamu is waiting.
Ragini nods and lets out a smile.
Ragini: You all go, I’m coming.
The kids then run out.

Ragini then turns towards the photo.
Ragini: Today Adi is getting married, he has grown up, don’t you want to see him getting married?
Ragini wipes her tears quickly and smiles. Ragini then heads out.

After the machines started beeping, the doctor came out of the ICU.
Dr: I got a good and a bad news.
Ragini is stunned.
Vikas: What is the good news Doctor?
Dr: The good news is that the patient survived, it’s a miracle.
Ragini, Radhika and Vikas smile and get happy.
Radhika: But what is the bad news Dr?
Dr: The Bad news is that the patient has slipped into Coma and we do not know when he will come out of Coma.
Ragini gets shocked, Vikas and Radhika get sad, the Dr then leaves.

After Sanskaar is shifted to the ward, Ragini meets him alone as Radhika and Vikas think she has to, Radhika and Vikas stay with Yug.
Ragini enters the room and walks up to Sanskaar with teary eyes.
Ragini: Sanskaar?
Ragini sits besides him,
Ragini: Sanskaar, your family is waiting for you, your Ragini is waiting for you, don’t leave us like this…
The nurse comes,
Nurse: The patient can hear you.
Ragini smiles,
Ragini: Sanskaar, you’re brave and we all know that, you can fight it and come back, but you are also a Kadoos Saab. Gussah hamesha nak par.

Ragini wipes her tears and holds his hand.
Ragini: Thank you, for coming back for your Ragini, you fought death for your Ragini and your family. But please c…Come back.
Ragini turns her face and tears fall out of her eyes. She manages to stop crying wipes her tears.

Sad version plays…
Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke
Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke
Khoya Tha Samundaron Mein, Tanha Safeena Mera.

Vikas: You have to keep strong for your children beta.
Ragini then nods and takes a deep breath.

Then from the past 2 years, Ragini comes to meet Sanskaar regularly in the hospital.

End of flashback.

Ragini finishes tying the ghatbandhan and stands up. Adi is getting married to Arohi, who he met 2 years ago. Ragini and everyone smile and throw flowers at them. Sanskriti then asks,
Sanskriti: Mamma, Papa kaha hai?
Ragini gets emotional and bends down.
Aarav: Haa Amma, where is Papa?
Ragini: Your Papa is sleeping, but don’t worry, he will wake up soon.
Vividha: Mamma, for how long will Papa keep sleeping?
Ragini controls her tears and looks at Vividha.

Ragini: He will wake up, very soon.
Ragini tried controlling her emotions but her voice was cracking.
Ragini: I’ll be right back.
Ragini leaves while they throw flowers on Adi and Arohi as they are taking pehres. Darshan is also their with his wife Antara and 2 year old son, Arnav.

Ragini is outside MM and is crying,
Ragini: F…for how long will I keep strong? Sanskaar, your Ragini needs you… Your children need you.

Siyaah Raatein slow and Sad tune plays.

Sanskaar is shown lying in the hospital, he suddenly starts breathing heavily, the nurse informs the Dr, the Dr comes.

Ragini continues crying but feels something.

Tune continues playing…

Sanskaar opens his eyes, the doctor and nurses are controlling him as he’s breathing heavily and isn’t calm.
Sanskaar (through the oxygen mask): R…Ragini!


Ragini feels like someone called her and turns around,
Ragini: Why did I feel like someone called me? Sanskaar?
Ragini then receives a call, she attends it.
Ragini: Hello?
Ragini is shocked but a smile appears on her face and she rushes out of MM in a car.

After a while she reaches the hospital and enters the room, she sees Sanskaar lying down and the Dr walks up to her.
Dr: He came out of coma, you were right, if we took him out of the life support a year ago then he wouldn’t have woken up like today.
The Dr leaves with the nurse.

Ragini walks up to Sanskaar, Sanskaar opens his eyes and sees Ragini.
Sanskaar: Ragini? (Smiles)
Sanskaar then sits up, Ragini then hugs him and he hugs her back.
Ragini: I missed you Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Ragini.
Sanskaar also get teary eyed, Ragini hugs Sanskaar.
Sanskaar breaks the hug and cups Raginis face, both look at each other with teary eyes.
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Ragini, I will never leave.
Ragini: Don’t dare even think about it, forget thinking, don’t even talk about it!
Sanskaar then painfully smiles and nods.

Both then join their foreheads together.

Siyaah Raatein…

Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Ab Kya Hai Kehna, Humko Hai Rehna

Sanskaar pecks Raginis forehead, RagSan hug again and they hug each other tighter.

Jannatein Bhula Ke Teri Baahon Mein Mein Panah Leke.

It’s a bright and sunny day, a beach is shown, a boy is lying down with the hat covering his face.

“Aarav Bhaiyya!” A girl shouts.

The boy removes the hat off his face and his face is revealed, he is 12 year old Aarav (played by Yash Mistry)

Aarav: What happened Vividha?
Yes, the girl who shouting Adi Bhaiyya is Vividha.
Viv: Bhaiyya, not fair huh, you’re here relaxing while Sanskriti is fighting with Yug.
Aarav: Now why are they fighting?
Vividha: Because Yug wouldn’t let Sanskriti build the sand castle.
Aarav sighs and shakes his head in a disagreement.

Aarav is wearing a red plain t-shirt and shorts.
Vividha is also wearing shorts with white t-shirt that has butterfly on it along with sandals and a hat with sunglasses.
Aarav and Vividha walk there and see the scene.

Sanskaar and Ragini are shown, Sanskaar is supporting Yug while Ragini is supporting Sanskriti. Radhika and Vikas stand in the middle and so do Adi and Arohi.

Aarav: Offo, they’re fighting?
Sanskriti is wearing shorts with pink shirt and has her hair tied in a ponytail.
Ragini is wearing a white Salwar with white leggings.
Sanskaar is wearing shorts and a blue t-shirt.
Vikas is wearing shorts with plain yellow t-shirt.
Radhika is wearing a yellow ankle length dress.
Adi is wearing a white t shirt with 3 quarter shorts.
Arohi is wearing a pink ankle length dress with a hat.
Yug is wearing yellow shorts with baby blue shirt.

Just then Antara, Darshan and Arnav come there.
Antara is wearing a red dress, Arnav is wearing a white jumpsuit.
Darshan: Siyyappa again?
Aarav and Vividha come there.

Aarav: Amma, Papa, now what happened?
Sanskaar: Ragini is shouting at Yug for no reason.
Ragini: I’m shouting at Yug? He’s not letting Sanskriti play with him.
Sanskaar: Then you don’t have to shout.
Ragini: You’re shouting now.
Vikas: Enough! We’re here for a vacation, not to fight!
Aarav: Exactly!
Adi: Come on Akka and Jeju, let enjoy at least.

(Note: Arohi is 6 months pregnant.)

Arohi: Haa, please, you two Na, fight somewhere else.
Yug: Sorry Di
Sanskriti: Sorry Yug.
Radhika: See, even the Bachche are smarter than the parents.
Ragini and Sanskaar are speechless while the rest laugh.

The family sit down to eat dinner,
Aarav: Where’s Amma and Papa?
Vikas: They might be talking.
Adi: More like fighting.
Radhika: Let them sort out the problem.

All start eating while RagSan are in their room.

Sanskaar walks up to Ragini,
Sanskaar: Ragini…
Ragini ignores him,
Sanskaar: Hmm, there was one time where I was labeled as Kadoos Saab, but I guess there’s a Sahiba as well.
Ragini then looks at him, both then laugh.
Ragini: You’re always been one.
Sanskaar: But this time I didn’t get angry…
Ragini: And who said I am?
Sanskaar: Really?
Sanskaar then hold Ragini by the waist and pulls her closer. Both share an eye-lock.

A song starts playing.

Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara

Sanskaar twirls her.

Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh

They do a romantic dance.

Mujhe jeena aaya hai.

O tere sang yaara…
Khush rang bahara

Sanskaar pecks Raginis cheeks.

Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

Ragini pecks his and smiles.

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara

Then he picks her up and twirls her.

Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara

Kahin kisi bhi gali mein jaaun main
Teri khushboo se takraaun main
Har raat jo aata hai mujhe
Woh khwaab tu…

Tera mera milna dastoor hai
Tere hone se mujhme noor hai
Main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan
Mehtaab tu…

He slowly puts her down and leans in and cups her face.

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.

Ragini hugs Sanskaar.

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tere bin ab toh
Na jeena ganwara.

Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le…

Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Ye jaan le

They break the hug and smile at each other.

O karam Khudaya hai
Tera pyar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.

Sanskaar pecks Raginis lips. Ragini feels shy but then kisses him and he kisses her back passionately.

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main behta musafir
Tu thehra kinara.

Song finishes.

Then the moon is shown while Raabta tune plays.

“Kehte hai ke kuch kahaniyan Achchi Nahi hoti, koi bhi Dastaan Nakli Nahi hoti, Lekin Ragini Ki Dastaan ne Akhir pe de diya usko uska pyaar, Uska Sanskaar…” A voice is saying.

****THE END****

Vikas Balachandran – Manish Khanna.

Radhika Vikas Balachandran – Dolly Sohi

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Siddharth Nigam (young)

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Anshuman Malhotra

Yug Maheshwari – Shivansh Kotia

Aarav (Ragini’s son) (2) – Abram Khan. (Young)
Aarav Sanskaar Maheshwari (7) – Ayaan Rehmani
Aarav Sanskaar Maheshwari (12) – Yash Misry

Sanskriti and Vividha – Harshali Malhotra

Arohi Sengupta – Shivangi Joshi.

Darshan (Sanskaars PA) – Siddharth Gupta.

Antara – Alia Bhatt
Sorry for a weird and boring episode… You are free to share your opinion.

Thank you so much for the support, hope you continue supporting me on my SwaLak one.?

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I will be starting a SwaLak one soon and it will be called ‘Samjhota (SwaLak)’ but I uploaded episode 1.

I hope you all would enjoy it and thank you soooooo much for supporting me in this FF and throughout my journey. I hope you all continue supporting me, till then do comment, enjoy, take care, keep smiling and stay blessed?

Love you all?

Thank you once again and sorry for any mistakes.

Do read my SwaLak FF and if you have time then do comment ?

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Dal loved it a lot one of my fav ragsan ff and will read ur swalak ff but do tell me once u have uploaded it

    1. Thank you Data, I’m glad my FF was one of your fave RagSan ffs. ?
      I uploaded my SwaLak FF.

      ? That’s the link.

      Take care, keep smiling and love you ?

    1. Thanks Sindhura ? Thank you for the support, keep smiling and take care ?

  2. amazing

    1. Thanks Lovely, thank you for your support ?
      Take care and keep smiling ?

  3. Ragz_teju


    1. Thanks Ragz_teju ? Thank you for your support.
      Take care and keep smiling ?

  4. Dal it was so Lovely loved it 🙂

    Love u

    Sunehri mehta ♡ ♡

    1. Thank you Don Duni Buni, thank you for supporting ?
      Love you, take care and keep smiling ?

  5. It was awesome I loved it hav no words left to express but all I can say is that plz write a raglak ff an yh u dnt need to say of course we all will read ur Swalak ff
    And love it
    And support u
    And encourage u
    And we willl always
    Always keep loving u
    Take care and keep smiling ??

    1. Thanks Angel, thank you for your support ?
      I’m glad you loved it…
      You also take care and keep smiling, love you ?

    2. And okay, I’ll write another RagLak FF, but after SwaLak I need to write SwaSan. So I guess next month? But take care ?

      1. But not sure ?

  6. Appi l opened the site after a long and got many surprises with ur stories. First af all this story was quite unusual which l loved and different with those typical stories that only wives are final love of a man.
    But l really didn’t liked kavita ‘s attitude towards her daughter. The thing u showed is highly impossible. A person how much cruel or selfish they are but they love their children especially mother. Though some mothers are irresponsible towards their children but they do love their child. I love Ragini /teju very much but l request don’t degrade definiton of mother for a fictional character.
    It was just my opinion on this matter. Don’t takele it to your heart. I will always love u nd ur stories.

    1. Thank you Amna for being honest and supporting ? But I guess you’re right at a point and nah, I don’t take things to heart, it’s okay, don’t worry. Love you 2 and I’m glad you love my stories ??

  7. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous
    Loved it DEAR
    Come back with another ff
    Will miss you a lot DEAR
    Wonderful ending…..

    1. Thank you SPP… Thank you for the support ? I’m glad you loved it.

      Take care and keep smiling ?

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear

  8. Megha123

    Aww….tooooo cute.? Loved ragsan to the infinity in his ff ?????
    I would really miss it in loads ???
    Bt very glad that it ended on a good note

    1. Thanks Megha ? I was planning to end on a sad note ? But then I thought it would be unfair because they waited a lot for each other ?

      Take care and keep smiling ?

  9. Snehahari

    superb climax dear and back with another ff

    1. Thanks Snehahari, thank you for the support ?
      Take care and keep smiling ?

  10. It was good and it’s good you ended it xx loved your SwaLak one but Amna has a point, whatever happened with you doesn’t happen with everyone! But can’t wait till ur RagLak FF Xx

    1. True, but thanks anyways ?

  11. Kriya.kri

    Awsm ending…..But i didnt think that it is going to end in few epi… this ff was short but intersting at each epi…. N update QH ff soon????

    1. Thank you Dri ? I’m glad you liked it, keep supporting. I will update it soon.

      Take care and keep smiling ?

  12. Superb dear.loved it

    1. Thank you Ammy? Thank you for the support.

      Take care and keep smiling ?

  13. its awsome but actually i have a doubt why is sanskar recalling kavitha? i mean that to in a secret dark room and its awsome as always

    1. Thank you Arjun, thank you for the support ?
      Um… Maybe because Kavita was his childhood best friend and the mother of his children. Even I don’t know ??

      Take care and keep smiling.

      1. haha
        anyways its awsome

      2. Thank you ?

  14. bhai itni kia jaldi thi k sari story ki summary bana di
    btw loved ur ff
    abd always love rags

    1. Sorry Lisa, vo… Ek perfect ending likhne ka koi aur tareeqa Nahi Milah, I’m glad ke tujhe pasand aya. ? Thank you for the support.

      Keep smiling and take care ?

  15. Akshata

    awesome ending, way too cool episode but u ended it so soon. i will miss this story. so come back with new story.

    1. Thank you Akshata ? Thank you for the support…
      Take care and keep smiling ?

  16. Nusz Khan

    Eh, I am late I know. I was very busy with many things and I hate you for always ending every good Fan-Fiction so early.

    I totally fell in love with Ragsan because that song Tera Sang Yaara it’s so amazing also because the romance between them was cute.

    I know Sanskar loved Kavita like a best friend but she deserved the crime so haha.

    Anyways I loved it a lot and will miss this Fan-Fiction and I can’t wait to read the Swalak Fan-Fiction aha.

    love you xx

    Anyways keep smiling Bali xx.

    ~Nusz xx

    1. Thanks Nuchi, thank you for the support ?

      I’m glad you fell in love with my RagSan FF…

      Love you 2 (not live this time ?)
      Take care and keep smiling ?

  17. mindblowing …iluv it ….

    1. Thank you cute girl… Thank you for the support ?
      Keep smiling and take care ?

  18. Mindblowingly awesome

    1. Thank you ?

    2. Thank you for the support…
      Keep smiling and take care ?

  19. Hemalattha

    nice good ending

    1. Thank you Hemalattha? Thank you for the support…
      Take care and keep smiling ?

  20. amazing

    1. Thanks Aaushi Jain?
      Thank you for the support…
      Keep smiling and take care ?

    1. Thanks Piya? Thank you for the support…
      Keep Smiling and take care?

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