Meri Dastaan (RagSan) Episode 8


Episode 8:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani Ka naya pannah… (Meri Dastaan)
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima with another boring episode, I hope you all like this boring and weird story and I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint all of you.

Sorry for any mistakes. Sorry for the delay.

The episode starts with Ragini taking the mask off and hiding it under her pillow, she then wears her night gown quickly and opens her hair, she opens the door and sees Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: I’m here to take…
Ragini: You can leave them with me.
Sanskaar then nods and turns around, Ragini shuts the doors and let’s the tears escape her eyes.

Sanskaar is walking and thinking: Why do I feel attached with Ragini? Why does my heart want her? She left me and now she’s back, Kavita is my wife but still my heart is looking for Ragini. I don’t know what to do, he kindness doesn’t make her seem like she would do such a thing, my heart is saying Ragini can never be wrong and what was she saying about me killing Aarav?

Just then Darshan comes there,
Darshan: I need to tell you something, I got stopped by Kavita but now…
Aarav comes there, Darshan stops and both SanDar look at Aarav. Sanskaar then picks him up.
Sanskaar: What happened Aarav? Aarav: Maamas door locked.
Sanskaar: Oh… Why don’t you do one thing, sleep with me tonight.
Darshan thinks: How shall I tell Sanskaar?

Someone enters Kavitas room and shuts it, she is shocked seeing the person.
Person: What is going on?
Kavita: What do you mean?
Person: Darshan will tell Sanskaar because he knows what happened that night. I don’t want Ragini and Sanskaar to unite!
Kavita: I don’t either, what do you think that I’m sitting here idle? We need to remove Darshan out of our way.
The person looks at Kavita.
Person: You’re right.
The person leaves and Kavita smirks.

After a while Darshan leaves MM, someone is following him, Darshan feels someone is following and turns around but sees no one. Someone then comes with a stick and was about to hit Darshan when Darshan turns around and holds the stick, he is shocked to see the person.

Ragini wakes up she sees Sanskriti and Vividha and smiles.
Ragini: Not any more… You won’t have to suffer.
Ragini gets changed into an orange Anarkali suit and leaves her hair lose. She walks towards the door but feels that someone is watching her, she opens the door and finds no one.

Ragini then turns around to Vividha and Sanskriti. The maid brings a push pram, Ragini then puts Vividha and Sanskriti in the push pram and takes them out. While walking past she sees Aarav playing Sanskaars. A smile appears on her face.

Ragini thinks: Whatever Kavita did was not good, she separated me and Sanskaar and tried to create misunderstandings between us. Why would Kavita do that? Don’t worry Sanskaar, I would bring Kavitas truth out soon.

Ragini then walks forward and sees Kavita coming down, Kavita gets irked seeing Sanskaar and Aarav playing.

Kavita gets a call and goes outside MM, Ragini decides to follow but Sanskriti starts crying.

Kavita reaches outside and is shocked.
Kavita: What are you doing here?
Person: Darshan is in the hospital, now no one can stop us from separating RagSan!
Kavita: Yes, but if someone sees us together then it will be a problem.
Person: So what?
The person the throws the shawl, his face is shown and the person who’s been helping Kavita is none other than Adi.

Kavita: It’s good you turned the lights on but Ragini ran out.
Adi: But now we removed Darshan out of the way. If Sanskaar crosses his limits then I will move him out of the way.
Kavita: Don’t you dare.
Adi: Why?
Kavita: You don’t know what I had to lose and do to gain Sanskaar.
Adi: I’m just warning.
Kavita: Don’t even think about it. I had to kill Ragini and her child for this! But guess what, she came back out alive.
Kavita then starts telling what she had to do.

Adi: But Akka and Aarav are innocent, it was you who tried to kill them! In fact you and Sanskaar!
Kavita: Sanskaar didn’t do anything! It was me who said his name so that Ragini can break down and it would be easier to kill her! But her and her illegitimate child came back alive, now I have to remove them!
Adi: Don’t think about that okay! We had a deal, remember, we only have to separate RagSan! Not kill anyone.

It goes into a flashback:
When Kavita finds out that Ragini is alive and is Ms Balachandran, she see Adi’s insecurity and him alone, and takes advantage and poisons Adi by saying that Sanskaar will take Adi and Ragini away from them, you will have no one and that you will be orphan because Appa left and now Ragini will.

Then Adi and Kavita make a deal to separate RagSan as Adi was afraid that Aarav will go far away from him. Adi was already angry seeing RagSan close.
End of Flashback.

Kavita: You want Ragini and Aarav to stay with you but I want Sanskaar, and to be with Sanskaar I had to be pregnant, I don’t want the children because I only want Sanskaar!

Then Kavitas words are being repeated in a video tape, Kavita is shocked and turns around, She gets stunned to see Sanskaar, Darshan, Vikas, Ragini with Adi along with the police.

Vikas: Your game is over Kavita!
Kavita: B…but you d..died?!
Sanskaar gives Kavita the disgusted looks.
Darshan: This was all our plan! My accident and me dying, Adi supporting you was all a plan! What did you think that we will let you win?! Well you’re exposed!
Kavita: N…no Sanskaar, they’re lying! I…
Darshan then presses play and Kavitas words repeat.

Kavita then glares at Adi.
Adi: You thought I was with you? Well I can never betray my Akka and Aarav. What did you think that I would know your game? You thought I was trapped in your game but no Ms Kavita, you were trapped in my… Our game!
Vikas: Let me tell you!

Darshan and Vikas were talking, Vikas then called Adi.

Vikas: Adi, what do you think we should do? How would this work?
Adi: So Sanskaar is innocent and Kavita done everything. Well to get her truth out, I have a plan.
Vikas and Darshan: What?
Adi: Appa, you have to fake your death.
Vikas: What?! Are you mad?
Adi: If you want the truth out then listen to my plan carefully! You have to fake your accident and death, then Akka and Sanskaar would be close and I would feel insecure, Kavita would see this and try to take advantage. So we have to do this!
Vikas thinks and nods.

Then according to the plan, Vikas faked his accident, he then lied down, Ragini didn’t even know about the plan, after Ragini left, Appa got up and switched someone else’s body. Then Adi burns the body and acts depressed and sad. Darshan leaks the news and Kavita sees it on TV. Then Adi acted insecure, Kavita noticed and tried to poison his mind and Adi acted like he fell for it. Then just to make Kavita believe he’s with her, he fails all Raginis plans.

He attacked Darshan but later him and Darshan laugh and now in the morning, Kavita revealed her truth and plan successful!
End of flashback.

Kavita is shocked, Ragini and Sanskaar look at her with disgust while Vikas, Adi and Darshan smirk.

Ragini: If you wanted Sanskaar then you could’ve told me Kavita, I would’ve left him for you, but you…
Ragini looks away.
Sanskaar: I can’t believe you Kavita. I…
Sanskaar also looks away.

Kavita starts crying.
Kavita: I’m sorry Sanskaar, I…I was so mad and blind in your love that I could’ve see anything or anyone. I’m sorry Ragini.
Vikas: Inspector, arrest her.
Kavita: Before leaving, c…can I see my daughters for the last time?
Adi: No! Now leave!
Ragini: Let her Adi.
Ragini nods and then Sanskaar nods okay.
Kavita cries and goes in, all follow, she sees her daughters in the pram and walks up to them.
Kavita: Sanskriti, Vividha…
Kavita kisses both of them, Darshan and Sanskaar find her affection fake.
Kavita then picks Vividha up.
Kavita: I’m sorry Vividha…
Darshan: If you’re done with your drama then leave!
Kavita then wipes her tears and evilly looks on.
Kavita: If my daughter doesn’t come in handy then who will?
All look at her confusingly.
Kavita: Stay away!
Ragini: I thought your motherly love woke up and you regret but you haven’t changed Kavita! Even at this time, you care about yourself!
Kavita: Just shut up and let me leave! Or else!
Kavita sees a knife on the table and picks it up. All get shocked.
Sanskaar: Kavita! What are you doing?
Kavita: I’m sorry Sanskaar!
Kavita then points the knife near Vividha.

Kavita then starts walking, all try approaching her.
Kavita: Don’t come near! Or else she will pay for it!
Ragini: She’s your daughter Kavita! You’re her mother.
Kavita: Oh please, keep your lectures to yourself!
Kavita then walks up but back-ways.
Sanskaar: Look Kavita, if anything happens to my daughter then…
She continues going up and runs up. Ragini and Sanskaar run behind her, the police, Vikas and Darshan walk out. Adi stays with Sanskriti and Aarav.

Kavita reaches the terrace, the police are taking on the phone. Vikas is worried and looks up, he sees Kavita and tells Darshan and the police.

Ragini and Sanskaar reach the terrace.
Ragini: Listen Kavita, you have enmity with me so leave Vividha.
Kavita: Enough! Just let me go and have her! I’ll throw her down if you come closer!

Kavita then looks around and threatens to thrown Vividha. Ragini comes closer while Kavita moves Vividha outwards.
Sanskaar: Ragini, come back…
Ragini: Kavita, listen.
Ragini comes closer, she tries to take Vividha but Kavita loses her balance and stabs Ragini and drops Vividha. Sanskaar gets shocked along with Kavita, Vikas and Darshan.
Kavita pushes Ragini and sees blood coming out from Raginis stomach. Kavita gets afraid. Ragini takes the knife off from her stomach and falls on to the floor. Kavita shockingly moves back loses her balance and falls down.
Sanskaar rushes to Ragini.

The episode ends on Ragini’s shocked and dying face.

Precap: 10 years later….

Vikas Balachandran – Manish Khanna.

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Siddharth Nigam

Aarav (Ragini’s son) – Abram Khan.

Darshan (Sanskaars PA) – Siddharth Gupta.
Sorry for a weird and boring episode… You are free to share your opinion.

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