Meri Dastaan (RagSan) Episode 7


Episode 7:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani Ka naya pannah… (Meri Dastaan)
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima with another boring episode, I hope you all like this boring and weird story and I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint all of you.

Sorry for any mistakes. Sorry for the earliness.

Today’s episode starts in MM:
Ragini and Adi are still mourning while Kavita is happy, Sanskaar consoles Ragini and Kavita fumes.

After a while Adi sits in his room. Ragini is in her room with Aarav. Sanskaar walks in.
Sanskaar: Ragini… Are you okay?
Ragini: Yes, I’m okay.
Ragini hugs Aarav.
Ragini: I already lost Appa, I don’t want to lose anyone else.
Sanskaar sits besides Ragini.
Sanskaar: Ragini, Mr Balachandran will not like it if he sees you crying. You still haven’t answered me.
Ragini: You will get your answers soon. Don’t think I forgave you!
Sanskaar gets confused.
Ragini: You tried to kill me and my child, so don’t except you to be forgiven and you won’t be able to take Aarav’s custody!
Sanskaar: What?! What are you saying? When did I try to kill you and Aarav?
Ragini: Don’t act like you don’t know anything!

Sanskaar: Aarav is my son! Why will I kill him? You’re the one who left me and wanted to give Aarav up for a adoption!
Ragini gets confused and looks at him.

Just then they hear Kavita screaming and in pain. Both RagSan go out while Sanskaar holds Aarav. They see Kavita sitting on the stairs and touching her stomach.
Kavita: Aah!
Sanskaar: Kavita…?

Kavita: S…Sanskaar? Aah!
Sanskaar then hands Aarav to Ragini and rushes to Kavita, he picks her up and takes her to the hospital. Ragini leaves Aarav with Adi.
Adi: I won’t let anyone take you away from me Aarav.

Sanskaar puts Kavita on the stretcher, they take her inside.
After a while the Dr comes out and makes a serious face.
Dr: I’m sorry, we couldn’t save your child.
Sanskaar and Ragini are shocked.
Sanskaar: K…Kya keh rahe Ho aap?
Dr: I’m telling the truth, there were some complications in the delivery, we asked the patient who she would like to save and she chose herself.

The Dr starts checking Kavita, she tells Kavita that only her or her child could survive.
Kavita is shocked.
Kavita: S…save m…me!
The Dr and all are shocked.
The Dr the starts.

Sanskaar and Ragini are shocked.
Ragini: What?! How can she choose herself before her child?
Sanskaar is shattered, he sits down.
Sanskaar: D…Dr, did I… Have a…
Sanskaar couldn’t speak and lets out a tear, the Dr then nods while seeing this. Ragini looks at him.
Dr the signals the nurse something. The nurse nods and goes inside.

Dr: Sorry Mr Maheshwari, we had to check if this child is going in the right hands or not… Because the way the mother had asked to save herself seemed like she was a selfish mother.
The nurse brings a Baby out and RagSan look at the Dr confusingly.
Dr: We managed to save both of your daughters.
A smile appears on Sanskaar’s face and he stands up, the nurse hands him his daughter and he smiles looking at her, the Dr smiles and leaves with the Nurse.

Ragini thinks: I can’t believe Kavita will stoop this low that she’s ready to kill her child.

A smile appears on Raginis face after seeing Sanskaar talking to his daughter.

Ragini then angrily walks inside and sees Kavita relaxing and claps her hands. Kavita opens her eyes.
Ragini: Wow Mrs Maheshwari.
Kavita gets confused.
Ragini: You chose your self over your daughter?
Kavita: I had my own rights and I chose my self.
Ragini: Who does that?
Kavita: They asked me who I wanted to save! Not you!
Ragini: But… You know what, forget it, you won’t get anything because you see yourself.
Kavita and Ragini glare at each other.

Just then the nurse comes with a baby,
Nurse: Ma’am, your other daughter.
Kavita looks at her.
Kavita: Go sell her to someone, anyways the other one died so what should I go with this one?!
Both, Nurse and Ragini are stunned, Ragini angrily steps forward slaps Kavita across the face. Kavita is shocked.
Ragini: Disgusting! What type of woman are you?! She’s your daughter for gods sake!
Ragini then takes the baby off the nurse and holds it.
Ragini: Since you disowned her, I’ll accept her, Sanskriti is my daughter! In fact, I’ll accept both Sanskriti and Vividha as my daughters!
Kavita is shocked.
Kavita: The other one survived too?! You already named them! Well you can take them if you want but I need them!
Kavita gives Ragini the death glare.

Kavita then sees Sanskaar. Kavita is shocked to see him at the door, she then acts and assumes he didn’t hear anything.
Kavita: I was in pain at that time, I was meant to say my daughter but me got out of my mouth, it was hard for me to speak. I… I don’t know why I said me. (Fake cries.)
Ragini turns around sees Sanskaar and realises. Sanskaar gets thinking. Ragini then receives a call and puts Sanskriti down in the cart and goes outside to attend it. The sister also leaves.

Ragini: Haa Darshan, bolo.
Darshan then tells her something, Ragini gets shocked along with teary eyed.
Ragini: H…how can you be so sure?
Darshan: This is the truth Ragini… It’s all Kavita, Sanky is innocent.
Ragini disconnects the phone and gets teary eyed.
Ragini: Sanskaar is innocent? I can’t believe I thought that he would…
Tears flow out of Raginis eyes, Sanskaar sees her and thinks.
Sanskaar (mind): She thought I was wrong, but… What’s going on? She left me but came back and Aarav… I’m confused, I need my answers.

Then after a day, Kavita comes back home with her two daughters and there is a naming ceremony. Sanskaar names his daughters Sanskriti and Vividha which shocks both Kavita and Ragini. Sanskriti is a little chubbier than Vividha.

In Kavitas room, Kavita is sitting down and looks at her daughters.
Kavita: Oh god, I wasn’t ready to accept one trouble that another one came along! I’m only doing this for Sanskaar but that Balachandran is flying!

Just then someone in a shawl comes in, Kavita gets shocked seeing the person.
Kavita: What are you doing here?
Person: What’s the plan?
Kavita: I’ll message you, if they see you here then we will get caught.
Person: If you double cross me then watch!
The person leaves and Kavita lets out a sigh of relief.

Ragini is tidying the room, Adi walks with Aarav around the house.
Sanskaar then walks in angrily and pins Ragini to the wall, Ragini is dazed.
Sanskaar: I want my answers, why did you leave me and do this drama?!
Ragini: Leave me and behave!
Ragini moves forward but Sanskaar pulls her back and moves closer, Ragini looks on. Sanskaar comes closer to her, she tries jerking but he comes even more closer and pecks her forehead, Ragini closes her eyes and gives up trying, Sanskaar then pecks both of her cheeks and pulls her loser by her waist. Raginis hands relax on Sanskaars chest, he also closes his eyes.

Sanskaar (whispers): What’s happening?
Ragini doesn’t respond, he then moves closer to her ear.
Sanskaar: What happened?
Ragini: Sanskaar, I’ll tell you later I…
Sanskaar: Shh… Why did you leave me? I felt lonely without you.
Ragini: How can you be so sure that I’m Ragini Gadodia?
Sanskaar: You are and I know you’re my Ragini. You have the same eye colour as her, you sometimes talk like her, I gave your hair sample and it matched Aarav’s, the DNA came out positive and Aarav is two, only Ragini was pregnant two years ago.
Ragini: But…
Sanskaar: No need to lie… What was the need to do this drama? Why did you leave me?
Tears escape from Ragini’s closed eyes and she couldn’t control and hugs Sanskaar. He hugs her back.

A song plays in the BG…

Meri raahon mein pade
Tere pairon ke nishaan
Ne kaha, ne kaha

Teri saanson se judi
Meri saanson ki wafa
Ne kaha, ne kaha

Ragini in mind: I’m sorry Sanskaar, I can’t tell you without showing you proof. But don’t worry, I will get that proof soon.

Girte inn aansuon mein
Kuch toh tujhsa lage hai
Inn ashqon mein main na khota

Agar tu hota toh na rote hum (x4)

*song ended*

Ragini breaks the hug after hearing Sanskriti and Vividha crying. Sanskaar also hears them, Adi moves away from the door and legs Ragini and Sanskaar Rush after witnessing their hug along with Aarav.

Kavita is fed up and is on her phone, but the babies continue crying.
Kavita: Just shut up okay!
Kavita then senses someone coming.
Kavita: Lagta hai Sanky Ho ga.
Kavita puts her phone down.

Kavita (acts): Ho, my princesses, what happened?
Kavita goes near them and sits beside them.
Kavita: What happened? Hungry?
Ragini and Sanskaar see this. Ragini then enters and holds one of the baby, it happens to be Vividha. Kavita gets irked seeing Ragini holding her daughter.
Kavita then holds Sanskriti and tries claiming her. Vividha falls asleep while Sanskriti quiets down and looks around. Ragini puts Vividha on the bed.

Kavita looks at her daughter, Sanskriti and a sudden smile appears on her face.

After a while Ragini takes Vividha and Sanskriti to her room, Kavita happily agrees as she got rid of them. Sanskaar sees Raginis concern towards Sanskriti and Vividha and is surprised. Adi takes Aarav to his room.

Sanskaar: They’re not even your daughters…
Ragini makes them asleep and looks at Sanskaar.
Ragini: Bachche are always Bachche, they’re not going to change and usually Bachche get punished for something when they are not at fault. All Bachche need is love and affection, whether their your own or not.
Ragini simply smiles.

Sanskaar also smiles. Both share an eye lock. Sanskaar gets a call which breaks the eye-lock, Sanskaar attends it and walks out.
Ragini: Bahot Jaldi you will find out Kavitas reality/truth.

Sanskaar is in the hall waiting for Darshan. Darshan comes there,
Darshan: I need to tell you something

Ragini then gets dressed as the old Ragini and walks to Kavitas room, the lights turn off and Kavita looks worried.

Ragini (Soumya) walks in and Kavita is shocked.
Ragini: Did you miss me?!
Kavita worriedly moves back.
Kavita: W…why have you back?
Ragini: Why did you kill me?!
Ragini then secretly turns the record button on.
Kavita: I… I didn’t! Sanskaar!
Ragini comes close to Kavita, just then the lights turn on, Ragibi gets shocked, she hears someone running towards the room and looks around, she then climbs out of the window but Kavita holds her hand, Ragini jerks it and reaches down, Sanskaar and Darshan come in.

Sanskaar: What happened?
Kavita: N…nothing, I thought someone came in but it was my illusion.
Sanskaar: Okay, take care.
Sanskaar then leaves with Darshan and Kavita smirks.

While Sanskaar and Ragini were talking, Kavita was near the window and is shocked to hear Ms Balachandran is Ragini. She phones the hospital and finds out that Aarav and Sanskaars DNA matched and is stunned.

Kavita: You got saved that time but who will save you this time?!

Then after a while when RagSan and Adi come back home, Kavita was listening their conversation with another person,
Person: Do something before they find out.
Kavita nods and moves back and before Ragini or Sanskaar can say anything further, Kavita fakes her labour pain and walks up the stairs, she then sits down and continues screaming, the person the walks away. Kavita then actually starts feeling the pain.

End of Flashback.

Kavita (smirks): Kavita ko harana is impossible, what did you think that you will hide from Kavita? Well I will kill you and your illegitimate son!

(A evil tune plays.) and Kavita angrily looks on.

Ragini comes back to her room secretly and shuts the door.
Ragini: How can this happen? How can my plan backfire? What? I need to do something soon.

Someone knocks on the door and Ragini is shocked.
Ragini: Oh no, I haven’t changed and…

Episode ends on Kavitas smirky face and Ragini’s worried face.

Precap: Didn’t know what to put ?
Vikas Balachandran – Manish Khanna. (Dead)

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Siddharth Nigam

Aarav (Ragini’s son) – Abram Khan.

Darshan (Sanskaars PA) – Siddharth Gupta.

Sorry for a weird and boring episode… You are free to share your opinion.

Thank you so much for the support, hope you continue supporting ?

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I will soon write one on SwaLak but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 11th July or earlier till then do comment, enjoy, take care, keep smiling and stay blessed?
Love you all?

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