Meri Dastaan (RagSan) Episode 6


Episode 6:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani Ka naya pannah… (Meri Dastaan)
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima with another boring episode, I hope you all like this boring and weird story and I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint all of you.

Sorry for any mistakes. Sorry for the delay.
Today’s episode starts with Sanskaar sitting on the chair in his cabin. He is thinking about Ragini and Aarav. Just then someone knocks on the door.

Sanskaar: Come in.
A peon enters,
Peon: Sir, a letter came for you.
Sanskaar: Give it…
The peon gives Sanskaar the letter and leave. Sanskaar opens it and is shocked.

Scene shifts to MM, Ragini is seen in a yello legging with a yellow Kurti, she has her hair tied in a plat and smirks.
Ragini: Ab Tumhara khel Khatam Kavita.
Ragini then wears a mask and she looks exactly like the old Ragini (Soumya)

Ragini: Now, I hope this plan works.
Ragini then heads out, Adi switches the lights off. Kavita was walking and stops.
Kavita: How did the lights go? Chandu! Rani! Where are you all?!
Kavita then walks down.
Just then Ragini comes there, Kavita thinks who it is, the light flashes on Ragini and Kavita gets shocked.
Kavita: R..Ragini?

Ragini: I have come back! To take revenge for what you did! To me and my child! You will never live in peace!
Kavita looks on frightened.
Kavita: D…Dekho, stop this Mazak and…
Ragini: And what?!
Kavita gets scared and moves back, Ragini then disappears and Kavita gets shocked.

Ragini: I have come back Kavita!
Ragini’s voice echos in Kavitas ears, she sees her missing and looks around, the lights come back on and Kavita slowly moves back while blocking both of her ears.
Kavita: Nahi! She can’t come! Back!!

Just then Ragini comes there.
Ragini: Mrs Mahehswari, are you okay?
Kavita ignores her and leaves, Ragini smirks.

Scene shifts to the office, Darshan knocks and enters, he sees Sanskaar sitting in shock.
Darshan: Sanskaar, what happened?
Sanskaar doesn’t respond.
Darshan: Sanskaar!
Sanskaar hears Darshan and looks up. Darshan walks up to him.

Sanskaar starts developing tears in his eyes.
Sanskaar: A…Aarav is son.
Darshan gets shocked.
Darshan: What?! How?
Sanskaar hands Darshan the report. Darshan reads it and is shocked.
Sanskaar: I took Aarav’s hair sample while talking to him and gave my blood and it…it came out positive… Aarav is my blood.
Darshan: T..they must have for it mixed up.
Sanskaar: How can they? I knew I had a bond with Aarav and now I found out why… I’m… Im his father.
Darshan thinks: Oh no… What should I do now?

Sanskaar: But what is he doing with Ms Balachandran? (Looks at Darshan)
Darshan: Uh… I don’t know. Wait, who’s son is Aarav?
Sanskaar: Mine.
Darshan: Who’s the mother?
Sanskaar thinks,
Sanskaar: How old is Aarav?
Darshan: Around 2…
Sanskaar: Then Aarav is Raginis son… She did mention she’s going to give him up for adoption…
Darshan gets confused.
Darshan: Adoption?
Sanskaar: Haa, Ragini said she wasn’t going to keep the baby and give it for adoption and I guess Ms Balachandran took him.
Darshan thinks: What’s with the adoption?

Darshan: Wait… That night you were going to marry Ragini, then why did you marry Kavita?
Sanskaar looks at him.
Sanskaar: Because Ragini left me…
Darshan: What?!
Sanskaar: Haa, that night I was going to marry Ragini but Ragini left me and gave a letter.
Sanskaar then starts telling Darshan what happened. Darshan gets shocked.
Darshan: I can’t believe Ragini can do that…
Sanskaar angrily stands up.
Sanskaar: I know she did that! Now that I found my child, I don’t need her… But how will I ask Ms Balachandran? There’s also something fishy in Ms Balachandran… But I don’t know what.

Darshan thinks: So this is the whole matter, Kavita lied to Sanskaar that Ragini left him… I can’t believe Kavita stooped that low… I need to tell Mr Balachandran.

Sanskaar: I need to find out…
Darshan: Uh… I’ll be back, I need to find the… The files…for the meetings.
Darshan the hurriedly goes out leaving the paper on the table, Sanskaar looks on.

Darshan then meets Mr Balachandran and tells him everything, Mr Balachandran nods.
Then from far away, Sanskaar is watching them.
Sanskaar: Why is Darshan here and what is he doing with Mr Balachandran?

In a hurry, Darshan leaves his mobile phone on the table, it buzzes and Sanskaar sees, he picks it up and sees the message sent by Mr Balachandran. It says “Meet me behind the park near the old factory.”
Sanskaar gets shocked to see the name as Mr Balachandran.

He senses someone coming and puts the phone down, Darshan comes in and worriedly smiles.
Darshan: Sorry, I forgot my phone.
Darshan takes his phone and quickly runs.

Sanskaar looks on suspiciously and follows Darshan.

End of flashback.

Sanskaar then leaves as he sees Darshan approaching that way.

After a while Sanskaar sits in his car and drives off.
Sanskaar: What could’ve Mr Balachandran and Darshan talking about? What is Darshan hiding my from me? I need to find out.

Kavita is in her room and is thinking, Ragini walks past and sees Kavita, she then smirks thinking her plan is leading it’s way to success.
Kavita: H…how can Ragini b…be Alive?

Sanskaar reaches MM and sees Adi and Aarav playing. He gets emotional while looking at Aarav.
Sanskaar: I need to speak to Mrs Balachandran.

Sanskaar then heads down, he sees Ragini outside Kavitas room and looks on.
Sanskaar: What is she doing here?
Ragini thinks: Sanskaar’s room is upstairs, then what is she doing here?

Sanskaar then walks up to her,
Sanskaar: Ms Balachandran. I need to talk to you.
Ragini turns around and sees Sanskaar.
Ragini: Well Mr Maheshwari…
Before Ragini could complete her sentence, Sanskaar grabs her hand and starts taking her somewhere.
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari, what is this?

Sanskaar the brings her into her room and shuts the door. Ragini looks on confused. Sanskaar takes out the letter.
Sanskaar: What is this Ms Balachandran?
Ragini: How would I know Mr Maheshwari… It’s your letter.
Sanskaar: Are you Aarav’s birth mother?
Ragini: Of course Mr Maheshwari, what type of question is this? I’m Aaravs biological Mother.
Sanskaar is shocked,
Sanskaar: Who is his father?
Ragini gets shocked.
Sanskaar: Who is his father?
Ragini looks away: I don’t find it necessary to answer that question.
Sanskaar: Why?
Ragini looks at him: Well all of this shouldn’t be any of your business.
Sanskaar comes close looking angry.

Sanskaar: Aarav is my business because he’s my son!
Ragini is stunned.
Ragini: W…what are saying Mr Maheshwari?!
Sanskaar then hands her the report.
Sanskaar: Why did you do this?
Ragini opens the report and looks on shocked.
Sanskaar: Why did you do this?!

Ragini: Aarav is my son! This is nothing!
Ragini then rips the report and Sanskaar looks at with teary and angrily.
Ragini: Aarav isn’t your son…
Ragini moves forward but Sanskaar holds her hand. Ragini stops.
Sanskaar: Who are you?
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari, you’re crossing your limits.
Sanskaar pulls her closer and she looks at him.
Sanskaar: Why did you do this? Why did you change your face and come? Why did you come as Ms Balachandran? Why did you separate me from my son?
Ragini jerks him away.
Ragini: I think you’re drunk Mr Maheshwari because you’re not speaking sensible things.
Sanskaar: You are Aaravs birth mother? Then you have to be Ragini!
Ragini: Yes, I am Ragini! Ragini Balachandran!
Sanskaar: And Aarav is my son!
Ragini: He isn’t!
Sanskaar: Then we will let the court decide…
Ragini: Decide what?
Sanskaar: That who should have Aarav’s custody.
Ragini is stunned.
Ragini: Well I won’t let my son live with murderer’s!
Sanskaar looks at her.
Sanskaar: Murderers?
Ragini: Haa Murderer! You’re a murderer and I wouldn’t let my son stay here.
Sanskaar: As far as I know, I’m not a murderer and Aarav is my son! I’ll let the court decide.
Sanskaar turns to leave.

Ragini: Sanskaar… I mean Mr Mahesh…
Sanskaar angrily turns around and pins her to the wall.
Sanskaar: Why did you put up this act?! You can’t hide anything from me, I know you’re Ragini Gadodia!
Ragini: I’m Ragini Balachandran now!
Sanskaar looks at her, he then squeezes her hands. Ragini feels the pain.
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari… It hurts.
Sanskaar squeezes it harder.
Ragini feels the pain.
Ragini: Sanskaar… It hurts, I’m a Human too, would it hurt me? But if it happens to you then you would know the pain!

Sanskaar stops squeezing it and she jerks him and shakes her arms. Sanskaar keeps looking at her.
Ragini: Look, you gave me…
Ragini then realises.
Sanskaar: You just admitted you’re Ragini.
Ragini: I never admitted it.
Sanskaar: But you said her words! It fits in now, you’re Ragini, Aaravs mother, I’m Aravs father, you came back with another face but I don’t know why!
Ragini: Just leave!
Sanskaar: But I’m going to get Aaravs custody.
Ragini: I wouldn’t let you take him! The evidences are against you rather than supporting you.
Sanskaar looks at her. Just then she gets a call and attends it.
Ragini: Hello?
Ragini is shocked and drops her phone.
Sanskaar: What happened?
Ragini: A…Appa.
Ragini then runs out and Sanskaar follows.

Ragini and Sanskaar enter. They go to the reception.
Ragini: I’m… Here for Mr Balachandran.
Nurse: Oh… Ward boy!
The ward got comes.
Nurse: Take them to where all the bodies are kept.
The ward boy nods okay and Ragini shatters but Sanskaar holds her. Both of them walk there.

They enter the room and see a body covered in a white cloth, Ragini walks towards it and takes the cloth off his face and cries.
Ragini: Appa!!

Appa had died.
Sanskaar goes up to her, Ragini screams and cries. The Dr comes in.
Dr: His death happened in a accident, we have figured out that he increased his car speed and clashes into the Lorry and that’s how he had died.
Sanskaar: Ragini… Calm down.
The Dr leaves.
Ragini: How can I Sanskaar? I lost my Appa, he was the only support I had left and now he left…
Ragini continues crying.

Then Adi is shown burning the body with tears in his eyes. Ragini also has tears in her eyes.
After that Adi puts his ashes in the river.

The news of Vikas dying has spread across the whole news, Kavita hears too and looks on.

Precap: Ragini’s plan backfires… Sanskaar shocked.
Vikas Balachandran – Manish Khanna. (Dead)

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Siddharth Nigam

Aarav (Ragini’s son) – Abram Khan.

Darshan (Sanskaars PA) – Siddharth Gupta.
Sorry for a weird and boring episode… You are free to share your opinion.

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