Meri Dastaan (RagSan) Episode 5


Episode 5:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani Ka naya pannah… (Meri Dastaan)
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima with another episode, I hope you all like this boring and weird story and I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint all of you.

Sorry for any mistakes.
Recap: Sanskaar gets arrested… Sanskaar brings the Balachandran’s to MM.

The episode starts with Sanskaar telling the servants to put their luggage sin the guest rooms.
Kavita: Sanskaar…?
Sanskaar: Kavita, they will stay with us until…
Vikas: Until we go back, Mr Maheshwari is very nice to let us stay here.
Sanskaar: Shall we have dinner?
Vikas: Sure.
Kavita fake smiles: I’ll get the dinner ready.
Kavita turns around and looks on angrily, she walks forward.
Sanskaar: Come…
Vikas: Sure, let’s go beta.
They head to the dinner table.

Kavita asks the servants to serve and sits down. They start eating.

Adi: Eww Bengan?
Aarav: Yuck!

Sanskaar: Don’t you two like Bengan?
Adi: Like? We hate Bengan.

Sanskaar gets surprised.

Ragini: Aarav, Adi, don’t be stubborn and eat.

Adi then puts the Bengan away and starts eating, Ragini starts feeding Aarav. Kavita glares at Ragini while eating.

*finished eating…*

Ragini is in her room with Adi and Aarav.

Adi: Akka, sing a song for us.
Ragini: Song?
Adi: Haa Akka.
Ragini nods no.

Aarav: Peesh Mamma…
Ragini smiles at Aarav and nods.

Sanskaar is seen walking up the stairs.

Ragini starts singing: Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke
Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke

(She looks at Aarav and smiles, tears appear in her eyes)

Khoya Tha Samundaron Mein, Tanha Safeena Mera
(Sanskaar hears and is shocked.)
Saahilon Pe Aaya Hai, Tu Jaane Kis Tarah Haan Leke
(He turns around and runs down.)

Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke
Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke (Ragini plays with Aarav while singing)

Khoya Tha Samundaron Mein, Tanha Safeena Mera
(Sanskaar reaches her room and stands at the door.)
Saahilon Pe Aaya Hai, Tu Jaane Kis Tarah Haan Leke

Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Ab Kya Hai Kehna, Humko Hai Rehna

Jannatein Bhula Ke Teri Baahon Mein Mein Panah Leke
(Ragini hugs Aarav and Sanskaar looks on shocked.)
Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke

Bewajah Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke

Ragini notices Sanskaar and stops, Aarav and Adi clap.

Sanskaar then turns around and leaves.

Sanskaar: This was Ragini’s favourite song…
He then remembers Ragini singing it once to annoy him.

He then sits in his room and thinks.

Sanskaar: I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

Sanskaar then lies down and closes his eyes.

Ragini wakes up and sees Aarav missing, she assumes he’s with Adi and freshens up. She comes out and sees Adi looking for something.

Ragini: What happened?
Adi: Akka, have you seen Aarav?
Ragini: He’s with you, isn’t he?
Adi: Akka, I have been looking for him.
Ragini gets worried and starts searching for Aarav.

Ragini: Aarav!
She worriedly looks around, then she sees him talking to Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: Why don’t you like me?
Aarav: You’re Ganda to Mamma.
Sanskaar: How?
Aarav: I want Mamma!
Sanskaar: No…
Just then Ragini comes there.

Aarav(happy): Mamma
Ragini takes Aarav and picks him up.
Ragini: Sorry about Aarav.
Sanskaar: Ms Balachandran, don’t worry, I won’t kidnap your son.

Kavita comes out and sees this, she gets angry.
Kavita: What the hell?! I know she’s here to take Sanskaar away from me.

Sanskaar: Please excuse me.
Sanskaar leaves and Ragini looks on.
Ragini: I wont let you take my son Sanskaar.

Kavita walks up to Ragini.
Kavita: Looking and eyeing on other peoples husband isn’t a good thing to do.
Ragini then fake smiles and looks at Kavita.
Ragini: And kidnapping others children isn’t good too, plus before criticising others, you should look at yourself.

Ragini then leaves and Kavita gets angry.
Kavita: Is Balachandran ka kuch karna parega.

Ragini then sits on the bed with Aarav.
Ragini: Aarav, you shouldn’t talk to them.
Aarav: Shorry Mamma.
Ragini: No, it’s okay.
Ragini pecks his cheeks.

Adi then comes in,
Adi: Akka, I though of a plan.
Ragini: What plan?
Adi: In exposing Kavita.
Ragini: Huh?
Adi: Yes Akka, now let me tell you.
Adi shuts the doors and the Windows, he starts sharing his plan and Ragini gets thinking.

Ragini smiles: That’s not bad, we can do that and if our plan A doesn’t work then we have plan B.
Adi: But Akka, there’s someone who is ready to help and will always help.
Ragini gets confused.
Adi: He helped me in our 1st plan.

Just then someone knocks on the door, Adi opens it and smiles,
Adi: He helped me and Aarav Akka.

Adi moves out of the way and Ragini gets shocked to see that person.
Ragini: Darshan?

The guy is shown and its Darshan smiling at Ragini.
Adi: Akka, he helped us by calling the whole news reporters and police. He made sure the prof against Sanskaar was stronger.
Darshan nods.

Darshan: I still can’t believe Sanskaar can do such a thing.
Adi shuts the door.
Darshan: Adi and Mr Balachandran told me you’re Ragini. Ragini Rajlakshmi Janapadakalyani Penga lana rafeeq iyer Singh Ching Mingh ringh lingh tingh pingh Minch pogo lata Jhansi rani Gadodia.

Darshan laughs after saying it, Ragini smiles with tears in her eyes.
Ragini: You remember?
Darshan: How can I dare to forget?
Ragini laughs.

Darshan smiles then remembers Appa coming up to him.
Vikas: I need your help…
Dar: In what?
Vik: In finding the truth out.
Dar: What truth?
Vik: What happened with Ragini that night and where Sanskaar was.
Darshan gets shocked.
Dar: What do you mean?
Vik: I know you’re here to take revenge for what happened with Ragini.
Dar thinks: How does he know?
Vik: I also know you helped Adi.
Darshan is stunned.

Vik tells him what happened and how they saved Ragini, Dar gets happy and decides to help both Ragini and Vikas.

*End of thought*

Ragini: Where are you lost?
Dar: I need to leave before anyone gets suspicious.
Ragini nods and Darahan walks out, Kavita was walking by and sees Darahan walking out from Raginis room.

Kavita: What’s happening here? I need to find out.

Precap: Ragini to try out her plan… Sanskaar to get shocked… Darshan to ask what happened in both cases…
Vikas Balachandran – Manish Khanna.

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Siddharth Nigam

Aarav (Ragini’s son) – Abram Khan.

Darshan (Sanskaars PA) – Siddharth Gupta.
Sorry for a weird and boring episode… You are free to share your opinion.

Thank you so much for the support, hope you continue supporting ?

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