Meri Dastaan (RagSan) Episode 4


Episode 4:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani Ka naya pannah… (Meri Dastaan)
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima with another episode, I hope you all like this boring and weird story and I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint all of you.

Sorry for any mistakes.

Recap: Past revealed… Ragini in Kolkata is a motive…

The episode starts in MM, Sanskaar is sitting in his room.
Sanskaar: Why do I feel like I know her?
He then get flashbacks and images of Ragini (Soumya)

Sanskaar: Whatever you did to me Ragini, I will never forgive you, you still have my child! But where are you?

Sanskaar was waiting for Ragini in the temple, he was continuesly waiting and hoping she would come.
Pandit: Beta, the time is running out, where is she?
Sanskaar: Pandit Ji, just 5 more minuets, she must be coming.
The pandit nods and Sanskaar looks at the entrance.
After 10 minuets, Kavita comes with tears in here eyes, Sanskaar looks at her.

Sanskaar: Kavita, where’s Ragini?
Kavita (cries): She… She left and sent this letter for you.
Kavitawalks up to Sanskaar and gives him the letter. Sanskaar opens it and reads it.

‘I can’t marry you Sanskaar, US and this baby was a mistake, I only accepted your proposal to take revenge but this Baby came from all of a sudden, I know it’s shocking but after a lot of convincing and thinking, I decided that I don’t love you and I can’t marry you, so sorry Sanskaar, I’ll give this baby for adoption and live my life to the fullest.’

Sanskaar is shocked, he then looks at Kavita.
Sanskaar: Ragini can never do this, I… I don’t believe this.
Kavita: She’s not going to come Sanskaar, she told me her love was fake, it’s not real.
Sanskaar looks at Kavita.
Pandit: The time is going.
Sanskaar then looks at the letter and Kavita.

Then after a while Sanskaar decided to marry Kavita, he never used to talk to Kavita, then two years after he decided to give Kavita a chance because Ragini never came and he was drunk and accidentally consummated his marriage with Kavita.
End of Flashback.

Sanskaar: I searched the whole orphanages but still I couldn’t find my child, where is my child Ragini?
Just then Kavita enters.
Sanskaar: Kavita, how did you manage to get up? You should’ve stayed in your room.
Kavita: I wanted to talk to you, so I came upstairs.
Sanskaar: Now how will you go down?
Kavita: Don’t worry, I’ll manage.
Sanskaar shakes his head.
Sanskaar: Chalo, sit down.
Kavita: Sanskaar…?
Sanskaar stands up and makes Kavita sit.
Sanskaar: I’ll be back.
Sanskaar leaves and Kavita looks on.
Kavita: Oh, so you like going close to that Balachandran and not me? Your wife?
Kavita angrily looks on,
Kavita: I got rid of Ragini once and I can get rid of another one!
Kavita looks on and an evil tune plays.

Scene shifts to the hotel.
Adi comes in, Ragini and Vikas are shocked seeing him,
Adi: I heard everything Akka, how can Sanskaar do that?
Ragini: Adi…?
Adi: Akka, I even want to help you in you revenge.
Ragini: But Adi…
Adi: Akka, please, you need help and I will help you.
Ragini looks at Vikas and Vikas nods yes.
Ragini: But how can I put your life in danger?
Adi: You’re my Akka, I would be glad helping you.
Ragini smiles at him.

Ragini wakes up, she sees Aarav missing and worries, she then hears Adi and Aarav talking and relaxes.
Ragini: Oh, so what is Mama Bhanja talking about?
Adi comes inside from the balcony with Aarav.
Adi: Kuch Nahi.
Ragini: Yesterday you two were impressing girls huh?
Aarav: No, mamma.
Ragini smiles at Aaravs innocent face.
Ragini: Aww, so sweet.
Adi: Akka, me and Aarav wanted to go for a jog, can we?
Ragini: Sure but don’t go too far.
Adi nods and takes Aarav, Ragini smiles. Raginis smile disappears.
Ragini: I will keep your shadow away from your father Aarav, he tried to kill you, I will not spare him and now, according to the plan, he must’ve accepted the deal.
Ragini smirks and Sanskaar signs the papers.

Darshan comes inside,
Darshan in his head: Whenever I ask you about that night, you ignore it but I’m here to take revenge for what you did to Ragini!

Sanskaar sees Darshan.
Sanskaar: Are you okay?
Darshan: Yes, anyways are you ready for the meeting?
Sanskaar nods and heads out.

Adi and Aarav are walking, Adi is holding Aaravs hand.
Adi: Aarav, do you know our plan then?
Aarav: Yes Mama.
Adi: So you ready?
Aarav nods yes and Adi smirks.

After a while Sanskaar is shown driving on the road. He then stops with a sudden jerk.
Sanskaar: What the hell?
He steps out of the car and sees Aarav in front of him.
Sanskaar: Isn’t that Ms Balachandran’s son?
Sanskaar goes up to him, Aarav walks away but Sanskaar catches him and picks him up.
Sanskaar: Where will you run and go?
Sanskaar turns around with holding Aarav in his hand.

Adi: Where are you taking him?!
Sanskaar turns around and sees Adi with the police and gets stunned.
Adi: Aarav…?
Aarav starts crying.
Aarav: Mama.
Adi takes Aarav from Sanskaars hand, the inspector sees and nods.
Sanskaar: What’s going on?
Adi: I should ask you the same! Where were you taking my Nephew?!
Sanskaar: I wasn’t taking him anywhere, I was just…
Adi: Aarav, was this man taking you somewhere?
Aarav nods and cries,
Aarav: He said, he going kill me.
Aarav continue crying while the police and Sanskaar get shocked.
Sanskaar: Beta, when did I say that…
Inspector: Whatever you have to say, say in the police station.
Sanskaar: But…
Inspector: Arrest him and could you please come and give statement?
Adi nods and they leave.

After a while Adi and Aarav come out of the police station with a smile on their faces.
Adi: Thank you Aarav.
Aarav: You shaid he was being Ganda to Mamma.
Adi: Haa Aarav, he is Ganda to your Mamma.
Aarav wipes his fake tears. Adi pecks Aarav’s cheeks
Adi: One last thing left.
Adi phones someone.
Adi: Hello? APB news? Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari is in the police station. Adi disconnects the call and smirks, then both leave from there.

Inside the police station:
Sanskaar: I’m telling you, I didn’t do anything.
Inspector: Sorry, the child gave his testimony and so did his uncle, you were kidnapping a two year old child. I didn’t expect this from you Sir.
Sanskaar: The child is lying, I didn’t do anything.

Just the loads of news reporters come inside and take pictures and ask him questions.

“Sir? Is it true that you tried to kidnap a two year old child?”

Sanskaar gets irked and says no but all continue asking questions.

Ragini turns the TV on and sees the news, she looks on.
Ragini: Sanskaar tried to kidnap a child?

Then the TV is showing Sanskaars picture and is saying, “The biggest business man of Kolkata tried to kidnap a two year old child, we have also heard that he threatened to kill him, what is the reason behind this? Well all of you must be wondering why, let’s hear what the reason is, shall we?
Then Adi and Aarav are shown on the TV screen. Vikas comes in to tell Ragini but sees her watching it, both watch it.

Adi: I don’t know why he wanted to kidnap my nephew.
NR: What can the reason be? Sir, may we know what your surname is?
Adi: My sure name is Balachandran.
NR: Oh, Balachandran? So now we get why Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari wanted to kidnap a two year old Balachandran. Adi and Aarav leave from there and it shifts back to the woman who was speaking earlier.
“As you heard the two year old child is a Balachandran. Sanskaar Maheshwari wanted to kidnap the child because he was a Balachandran. These two companies have clashed many times and the Balachandran’s have won so this angered Mr Maheshwari and he decided to take revenge but such a ruthless way? Who would’ve thought that Kolkatas top business man, Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari can do this cheap act, kidnap a child and try to kill it! For more news, so watch Starlight news! Thank you”

Ragini and Vikas are shocked, Adi and Aarav walk in. Ragini looks at them, Aarav hides behind Adi. Adi gives a worrying smile.
Vikas: What did you do Adi? Are you crazy? You ruined our whole plan!
Adi: No, I helped you! Because of this, they will lose all their business contacts and go bankrupt!
Vikas: But is this a way to do it?
Adi: Appa, I know my plans are awesome.
Vikas: Adi…
Ragini: Appa, he actually helped, because if his clients watch this then they will cancel their deals with him to get their name cleared and he will have no option but us and if we say no then he would go bankrupt.
Adi: See, Akka understands.
Vikas: Haa but we took 2 years to plan everything and it took him 2 hours to do this…
Adi: Appa, you should say well done, not get jealous.
Vikas: I’m never jealous of you!

Kavita sees the news and is shocked,
Kavita: How can Sanskaar do that? It must be one of their plans to frame Sanskaar. But I can’t let that happen!

Police station:
Ragini and Vikas come to bail him out but the Inspector says no.
Ragini: Inspector, how can you believe a two year old and a 15 year old?
Inspector: We saw Mr Maheshwari take him too.
Ragini: We don’t want to file any cases…
Inspector: Sorry, we can’t do anything.
Just then Kavita enters with two lawyers.
Kavita: These two lawyers are here to bail Sanskaar out.
Ragini looks at Kavita.
Kavita: Some people only know how to plot against people (aiming at Ragini)
Ragini: And some people only know how to show off their power, your husband tried to kidnap my son!
Kavita: Sanskaar can never do that!
Ragini: My Aarav is sacred and frightened after this incident, you’re not a mother yet, so you wouldn’t understand and despite that if you don’t then you’re not a mother but a selfish woman who cares about power and money!
Ragini leaves from there and Kavita fumes. Vikas also leaves.

After few hours Sanskaar gets bailed, everyone hate him, his name, respect and everything got ruined because of Adi and Aarav.
Ragini is shown scolding Adi and Aarav but nicely.

Sanskaar enters with his head down, he thinks so much happened and he finds out he lost all his business contacts and they don’t want to associate with him anymore.
He is sitting down and thinking.
Sanskaar: Why do I feel a connection with the child? Why am I not feeling angry at the child? Even after the child ruined my respect? What is that feeling, that connection? There is something fishy which I need to find out.
Sanskaar looks on.

Ragini, Vikas, Adi and Aarav are shown celebrating. Adi and Aarav are dancing.
Ragini: This is just the beginning Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, there’s more to come, Kavita needs to get exposed!
Vikas: She would soon and this time the whole world would feel disgusted even looking at Kavita and Sanskaar.
Ragini smiles and nods, then Vikas and Ragini join Adi and Aarav abs they dance on a darling, Akhon se…

At the evening:
Sanskaar reaches the hotel, he is looking for Raginis room, he finally finds it and knocks but it opens, he enter and sees the room empty.
Ragini comes out if the bathroom with the towel on her head and she is wearing a red night gown. She doesn’t see Sanskaar at the door. She stands in front of the mirror and takes the towel off her hair, Sanskaar slowly comes in. Ragini dries here hair, Sanskaar stands begind her. She looks up and sees him in the mirror, both share and eye-lock.

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan
(Both are looking at each other and Sanskaar comes closer.)

Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
(Sanskaar comes close to Ragini, she turns to him and both look at each other)
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan

Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo (Sanskaar comes closer to Ragini, her hair flies forward)
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
(He moves her hair back with his fingers, she feels his touch)

Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan (Sanskaar looks at Ragini and feels something)
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan

**song finished**

Ragini moves back,
Ragini: Uh, Mr Maheshwari, you and here? Was there any work?
Sanskaar: Haa, I just wanted to tell that I didn’t do anything, I didn’t try to kidnap your son or try to kill him.
Ragini: Well I don’t know what to say.
Sanskaar: Anyways, I… Just wanted to say that… Since you’re in Kolkata, you might as well come to Maheshwari Mansion.
Ragini looks at him.
Ragini: Uh… I can’t say anything because I need to ask Appa but there your wife would have a problem with it.
Sanskaar: She won’t.

Just then Vikas comes in and sees Sanskaar,
Vikas: Mr Maheshwari? Did you have any work?
Sanskaar: Mr Balachandran, I was wondering if you could come to Maheshwari mansion and stay with us until you’re in Kolkata or find a house.
Vikas: Well… (Looks at Ragini.) Okay, if you says so we would.
Ragini looks at Vikas.
Vikas: When shall we?
Sanskaar: Thank you for agreeing Mr Balachandran, well you can come now.
Vikas: Now? Okay, let’s go.
Sanskaar faintly smiles and looks down.
Sanskaar: I’ll wait outside for you.
Vikas nods and Sanskaar leaves.

Ragini: Appa?
Vikas: By staying close to your enemy, you would know their weakness.
Ragini thinks and looks on.

Then after a while they come out with their suitcase, Ragini is wearing a green dress up to her ankle with her hair tied up in a bun.
Adi: Where are we going Appa?
Vikas: To Maheshwari Mansion.
Adi: What?!
Adi sees Sanskaar and gets worried, Ragini looks up. They see Sanskaar waiting near his car.
Vikas: Adi, help Mr Maheshwari put the luggage in the car.
Adi: Me?
Vikas: Yes.
Adi forces a smile and unwillingly helps Sanskaar put the luggage in the car, Vikas sits in the front seat. Ragini and Aarav sit at the back. Aarav sits in the middle. Adi puts the luggage in and sits at the back. Sanskaar sits in and starts driving.
Vikas: What made you think to bring us to your house?
Sanskaar: I would like to apologise for the misunderstandings.
Vikas: I know, Adi must have misunderstood.
Adi mouths: Misunderstood?
Adi: But Appa, I saw…
Vikas: What you always see isn’t right and what you also hear isn’t alway right too unless you hear it from your own ears.

Ragini understood what Vikas was saying and is thinking about it. Sanskaar looks at Aarav through his small mirror and a smile brightens his face.

They reach MM, Kavita is waiting for Sanskaar, she then hears footstep and smiles, she turns around and is shocked to see Ragini.
Ragini in her head: You brought trouble for yourself Sanskaar, today, my revenge journey starts!

Sanskaar in his head: There is something fishy and a connection which I’m unaware of and I will find out, from today, I would find out what connection I have with Aarav.

Vikas in his head: Sometimes I feel like Sanskaar is innocent, but time will tell and I hope I don’t get disappointed.

Episode ends on Kavitas shocked face and Ragini, Sanskaar and Vikas’s thinking face.

Precap: Ragini and Adi to plan something for Kavita. Ragini thinks about Appa’s words about not to believe unless you hear them. Sanskaar to talk with Aarav and is surprised.
Vikas Balachandran – Manish Khanna.

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Siddharth Nigam

Aarav (Ragini’s son) – Abram Khan.

Darshan (Sanskaars PA) – Siddharth Gupta.
Sorry for a weird and boring episode… You are free to share your opinion.

Thank you so much for the support, hope you continue supporting ?

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