Meri Dastaan (RagSan) Episode 3


Episode 3:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani Ka naya pannah… (Meri Dastaan)
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima with another episode, I hope you all like this boring and weird story and I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint all of you.

Sorry for the delay… Hope you enjoy it and I got caught up with some work. Sorry for any mistakes, I wasn’t feeling well.

Recap: Party in MM… New characters introduced…

The episode begins with Mr M asking Sanskaar to dance but Sanskaar refuses as Kavita is pregnant. Mr M looks around and sees Ragini, he smiles and walks up to her.

Mr M: Sorry to disturb you Ms Balachandran.
Ragini looks at him.
Ragini: It’s okay Mr M, is there anything important?
Mr M (smiles): No, it’s just that you should dance on the dance floor.
Ragini: I would’ve if I had a partner.
Mr M: If you don’t mind then I found one for you, you just have to say yes.
Ragini: Um…

Adi looks at her,
Adi: Akka, say yes.
Ragini thinks.
Ragini: Okay Mr M, I will come but the partner better be good.
Ragini smiles, so does Mr M.
Mr M: Come with me.
Ragini: Adi, take care of Aarav.
Adi nods and Ragini leaves with Mr M.

Mr M takes Ragini to Sanskaar,
Mr M: Mr Maheshwari, I found you your partner.
Sanskaar looks at her.
Sanskaar: I’m fine Mr M…
Ragini fake smiles: I’m not that bad Mr Maheshwari, you should at least give me a chance, anyways we should know each other now…
Sanskaar: Yes we do but I haven’t decided, but…
Mr M: Oh come on Mr Maheshwari, it’s just a dance.
Ragini: It’s okay Mr M, if he doesn’t want to then it’s okay.
Ragini turns to leave but Sanskaar holds her hand. Mr M smiles and moves back.

The flashlight shines on Ragini and Sanskaar. The other couples come.
(Kuch toh hai starts playing, Sanskaar twirls Ragini)

Kavita looks on.

Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal aye dil bata
Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal aye dil bata

(RagSan dance, Sanskaar spins her and looks at her)

Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Haste haste marr jaaye hum
(Ragini looks at him in the eye)

Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakun..
(Sanskaar closes his eyes, he opens them and sees someone. He pulls Ragini closer assuming it’s someone who he’s imagining (Soumya Seth) )

Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paaye
(He realises its Ragini and mantains a little distance)

Jo humaare darmiyaan hai
Isko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
(Kavita fumes seeing Sanskaar and Ragini closer, Vikas smiles.)
Aao iss mein bahein
Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun
Haste haste itna roye

*song finishes*

Ragini pushes herself away from Sanskaar. She walks away and Sanskaar looks on.

Ragini walks up to Vikas,
Ragini: Appa, can we go?
Vikas: What happened Beta?
Ragini: Please Appa.
Vikas: Okay, let’s go, where’s Adi and Aarav?
Adi and Aarav come there,
Adi: Yes Appa?
Vikas: Lo, I said the Devils name and he’s here.
Adi: Devil? Correction Papa, Angel you mean, the hottest one.
Vikas: Come, let’s go.
Adi: Itni Jaldi?
Vikas: It’s already late.
Adi: Um… Okay, let’s go.
Vikas, Ragini, Adi and Aarav leave.

Sanskaar looks for Ragini, he then thinks, “Why do the Balachandran’s want to do a deal with me? Should I accept?” Sanskaar thinks.

Kavita looks at Sanskaar and gets angry,
Kavita: What does that Balachandran think of herself? How dare she dance with Sanskaar.

Scene shifts to the hotel room, Ragini enters her room and sits down,
Ragini: What was that?! Ragini… You’re only here for one motive, you can’t lose track!
Vikas enters,
Vikas: Beta…?
Ragini turns around and sees Vikas,
Vikas: Beta.. are you okay?
Ragini: Yes Appa, I’m okay.
Vikas: You don’t seem okay…
Ragini: I am, don’t worry.
Vikas: Sorry beta, because of me…
Ragini: What are you saying Appa? Why are you saying sorry? Sanskaar Maheshwari and Kavita should be saying sorry! I will never forgive Sanskaar Maheshwari for what he had done to me!
Vikas: Beta, I know you told Radikha but…
Ragini: Thank you Appa, if it wasn’t for you and Amma, then I wouldn’t have been here, Sanskaar Maheshwari ruined my life, he cheated me!

Tears start appearing in Ragini’s eyes.

Ragini: He would’ve left me to die if Amma didn’t come at that time.

Ragini was running, she slipped and fell down, her face hits the rock, then Ammas car stops in the middle as it broke, Amma then steps out, she hears Ragini crying in pain and rushes there, she takes Ragini to the hospital and gets her treated, after 13 months Ragini wakes up but with a different face, she is shocked to see her face.
End of flashback.

Vikas: Radhika was very happy at that time, she said she got her daughter back, I didn’t believe her until I saw you but I found out you have been transplanted her face. But I never asked for your truth or asked you anything… I accepted you as my daughter.

Ragini: Thank you Appa.
Vikas: No need to say thank you…
Ragini: Today I will tell you everything Appa…

2 years ago…
Ragini (Soumya Seth), Sanskaar and Kavita were childhood friends, they went to the same college but Sanskaar got popular, Kavita also got loved by everyone because of her fashion sense but Ragini stayed normal, she was happy without Sanskaar and Kavita, she was the most bubbly and innocent girl, she stayed normal to everyone.

One day she bumped into Sanskaar, she smiled and walked away while he looks on, he remembers her and thinks what happened to Ragini. Darshan, Sanskaar’s friend used to tease Ragini a lot, she had enough and decided to do something. One day she threw the basket full of goo on Darshan but Sanskaar came in between and got insulted In front of everyone, Ragini apologised but he didn’t accept and was angry.

The college decided to go camping for three weeks.
In the bus:
Ragini, Kavita, Darshan and Sanskaar are in the same bus. Ragini had to unwillingly sit next to Darshan, Kavita sat with someone else and so did Sanskaar. Sanskaar sits behind Ragini and Darshan.

Darshan: Ragini…?
Ragini: Why do you want to know my surname?
Darshan: Just… I’ll tell you mine, Darshan Mehta.
Ragini: Oh… Well my full name is Ragini Rajlakshmi Janapadakalyani Penga lana rafeeq iyer Singh Ching Mingh ringh lingh tingh pingh Minch pogo lata Jhansi rani Gadodia.
Darshan is stunned, Sanskaar also hears and looks on, Ragini looks away and hides her laugh.
Darshan: Woah.
Ragini turns back to him,
Darshan: Those are a lot of names…
Ragini: But people call me Ragini or Rani.
Sanskaar: No, they call you Laado.
Ragini turns around and sees Sanskaar,
Ragini: And people call you Kadoos Saab.
Ragini fake smiles and turns back around, Sanskaar looks on,
Sanskaar: Darshan, she’s lying, those aren’t her names, it’s only Ragini Gadodia aka Laado.
Ragini: Did anyone ask you? (To Sanskaar)
Sanskaar gets angry and looks away.

Darshan: I knew you that, well Laado isn’t bad name for you.
Ragini: But you can’t call me Laado.
Darshan: Why? I will now.
Ragini: You can’t!
Darshan: Laado! Laado Laado Laado Laado!
Ragini gets irritated while Sanskaar smirks.
Ragini: Daari Daari Daari Daariii!
Darshan: What? Daari?
Ragini: Haa, if you call me Laado then I will call you Daari, fair enough.
Darshan: This is not fair.
Ragini: It is…
Ragini and Darshan look away. Sanskaar remembers his childhood times with Ragini.

All reach the camping site. Ragini seems happy.
Teacher: So class, you all will be in a group of 4 but mainly pairs.
Ragini gets shocked, she folds her hands and closes her eyes,
Ragini: Oh GOD, if you found any nice deed in me then do not pair me up with Daari… I mean Darshan.
Darshan and Sanskaar hear.
Darshan: Oh hello, I’m not that bad.
Teacher starts telling everyone’s pairs,
Teacher: Ragini’s pair would be Darshan.
Ragini is shocked, she faints and falls but Sanskaar catches her,
Teacher: Sorry, Ragini’s pair would be Sanskaar and Kavita’s would be Darshan.
Sanskaar is shocked to hear that Ragini is his partner.

After a while Ragini gains conscious and touches her head, she them remembers the teacher saying her pair was Darshan, she sits up shocked and looks around,
Ragini: My tent is fixed?
Darshan comes in and says: Me and Sanky fitted it in.
Ragini: I can’t believe I have to be your partner…
Darshan: You got lucky, I’m not your partner.
Ragini gets happy: Kya baat kar raha hai?
Darshan: Really.
Ragini: Thank you God.
Darshan: Sanky is your partner.
Ragini’s smile disappears,
Ragini: What?!
Sanskaar enters,
Ragini: Ek Bandar se peecha Chura liya but doosra bandar peeche hi aa Gaya. (I got one bandar off my back but the other one came behind me?) This time it’s worser because that one is a Kadoos Bandar. I would prefer you over him.
Darshan gets happy, Sanskaar fumes
Ragini: But then he wouldn’t talk to me much and you would eat my brain!
Darshans smile fades.
Darshan: Haa Haa, no one even wants to go with you!
Ragini then sees Sanskaar and bites her tongue, he angrily eyes her and leaves. Ragini stands up.
Ragini: Oh god. This Kadoos listened to everything, now he’s going to hold a grudge.
Darshan: How do you know?
Ragini: I know him since I was 6. I know you don’t take my words to heart but he takes everyone’s rude words to heart. Anyways I will be back and hope not to catch you later.
Ragini leaves and Darshan looks on.

Ragini looks around and sees Sanskaar throwing rocks in the river, she walks up to him,
Ragini: Hi…
Sanskaar ignores her.
Ragini: I heard you’re my partner?
Sanskaar doesn’t say anything,
Ragini: Hmm… At least your better than the other bandar.
Sanskaar angrily turns to her,
Ragini: Listen, I know I said too much, sorry.
Sanksaar: Go away!
Ragini: Kadoos Saab, Maaf karde!
Sanskaar: I’m not in the mood,
Ragini holds her ears,
Ragini: Sorry, I promise I wouldn’t say this again.
Sanskaar ignores her.
Ragini: You always do this, fine, you don’t need to talk to me, I’m going and one day I will go so far and then keep holding a grudge!

Ragini turns around to leave but Sanskaar holds her hand,
Sanskaar: Don’t leave…
Ragini turns to him,
Ragini: We have to leave, if Ma’am finds out then we will be disqualified and we have to cook for the 3 weeks while the rest have fun and enjoy.
Sanskaar nods and they leave.

They reach to the place where their tents are organised. RagSan are in team with KavDar. (Kavita and Darshan) they do some activities.
Few days pass as well, while Sanskaar was helping Kavita, Kavita feels something for him which she is unaware of.

During one of the activity Ragini falls down, Darshan starts laughing,
Ragini: Why are you laughing?
Darshan: You fell
Ragini: Seriously? I didn’t know that, now help me up!
Darshan forwards his hand, Ragini holds it and pulls him huh makes Darshan fall.
Ragini: Now laugh!
Ragini stands up, Darshan also stands up.
Sanskaar: Guys, we need to come first.
Ragini: Kavita is good at this…
Sanskaar looks at Kavita,
Sanskaar: Are you?
Kavita: Kind of…
Ragini: What do you mean kind of? Remember at school, you were a champion.
Sanskaar remembers, Kavita smiles.
Darshan: Kavita and Champion?
Darshan laughs.
Ragini: Don’t laugh too much, she isn’t like you who comes last at everything!
Darshan stops laughing and glares at Ragini,
Darshan: Last and me? I always win.
Ragini: Really? Prove it!
Darshan: Fine!
Darshan starts walking forward, Kavita also walks. Sanskaar and Ragini talk and walk.

They reach on top, then all of a sudden Ragini slips and holds on to Sanskaar but both lose their balance and roll down. Ragini was on top of Sanskaar and then Sanskaar was on top of her and they kept rolling down. Kavita and Darshan get shocked.

Kavita and Darshan get the flag and rush down to tell the teacher.

Ragini scrapes her elbow and Sanskaar hurts arm. Both stand up.
Sanskaar: What the hell Ragini (while dusting him self)
Ragini: I slipped okay! It happens!
Ragini caresses her elbow.
Sanskaar looks around,
Sanskaar: Where are we?
Ragini also looks around,
Ragini: Oh no… Are we lost? Oh God, why does this always happen to me? These two will never stop troubling me.
Sanskaar: Oh hello, I’m not even fond of staying with you!
Ragini: Ha ha, I get it.
Sanskaar starts walking, Ragini follows.
Ragini: You’re going the wrong way.
Sanskaar: Oh, so Mrs Map, you tell me where we should go. Haa?
Ragini: I’m not a Mrs yet.
Sanskaar: Oh, so you’re Miss Compas?
Ragini: No…
Sanskaar: Then keep quiet and let me find the way!
Ragini imitates him behind his back with an irritated face, he hears and sighs.

Ragini and Sanskaar have been walking and finding their way throughout the whole day, it’s night.
Ragini: Sanskaar, I’m tired. Its night as well, say if animals come and eat us?
Sanskaar: They’re not!
Ragini: I told him to listen to me but No, who listens to me?!
Sanskaar turns to her,
Sanskaar: Really? Like you know everything!
Ragini sighs me shakes her head.

Ragini then sees a house,
Ragini: Look (pointing at the house)
Sanskaar turns around and sees the house. Both head there.
Finally they reach there and see a mansion.
Sanskaar: Wow, it’s beautiful.
Sanskaar looks to his side but sees Ragini missing, then he looks around and sees her opening the gate. He shakes his head and goes behind her. Ragini enters the mansion and turns on the lights, it looks old and has cobwebs.
Sanskaar: What are you doing?
Ragini: Turning the lights on.
Sanskaar: Yeah, I know that.
Ragini: Then why did you ask?

Ragini smiles looking around, Sanskaar pulls her closer from the arm, she turns to him and is close to him, both share an eye lock.
Ragini breaks it by saying: Let’s see the mansion.
Sanskaar lets go. They look around and find a room.
Sanskaar: It’s better to stay in a room, anything can happen in this big mansions.

Ragini is bored,
Ragini (sings):Payal meri jadu jagati hai
Tumko bulati hai
Oye oye oye main kya karu

She stops as she sees Sanskaar looking at her.

Sanskaar: Pagal na ban jadu hai dhokha hai
Masti ka jhoka hai
Isko gujar jane de

Ragini smiles,
Ragini: You know the song?
Sanskaar: It’s my Papas favourite song.
Ragini: Oh, so Ram uncle changes his top 5 songs?
Sanskaar: Well, something like that.
Ragini smiles and hums the tune.

Then after few days they have been finding the way to get back but couldn’t find the way.

A week has passed, they have been surviving off food and lake water(only if they see a lake but Sanskaar is very strict about the hygiene)

They find a hut and sit there for a while, Sanskaar starts developing a unknown feeling.

Another week has passed, they couldn’t find any fruits,
Ragini: 2 weeks have already been spent like this, I wish we have fun on the last week.
Sanskaar: I wish we don’t stay here and find our way back.
Ragini is getting worried and is talking to herself, Sanskaar looks at her and smiles. ‘Tujh me laga hai mera Mann’ plays…

Ragini notices Sanskaar looking at her and gestures what happened, he shakes his head with a smile.
Then they find an apple tree, they eat apples.
Ragini: Thank God we found apples, now no more berries, they put me off.

They go back to the hut.
Ragini: I hope they find us because I really don’t want to die here.
Sanskaar: It’s not going to reach up to that stage, even this Jungle is tired of you.
Ragini angrily eyes Sanskaar.

Ragini lies down and closes her eyes, Sanskaar senses she’s upset,
Sanskaar: I’m going.
Ragini (with closed eyes): If you want to die then go ahead!
Sanskaar: I’m very careful and I can’t stay in this unhygienic place.
Ragini: Hygienic and you? Since when Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari? Bachpan mein you used to play with the mud.
Sanskaar: That was then and this is now.
Ragini: Fair enough, people change with the time.
Sanskaar: But you haven’t changed a bit, you still like teasing me.
Ragini: I do that to everyone.
Sanskaar: Really? So you make boys beat someone up for teasing their sisters?
Ragini opens her eyes,
Ragini: You remember?
Sanskaar: I haven’t forgotten anything. You lied I teased their sister just because I didn’t give you ice cream. And they beat me up while you were enjoying the ice cream!
Ragini starts laughing,
Ragini: That was then and this is now. And you were no less…
Sanskaar: I didn’t do anything.
Ragini: You were a terror, you pushed me into the mud and then spit chewing gum in my hair and threw paint on my face!
Sanskaar: I never did that!
Sanskaar then remembers when he did that and he was 12 years old. He starts laughing, Ragini smiles looking at him.

It was morning, Kavita, Darshan and everyone found them. Ragini gets glad. Then they find their way back and enjoy the rest of the week. The camp was finished, Kavita realised she likes Sanksaar but Sanskaar realised he likes Ragini.

One day there was a party, Sanskaar, Kavita and Darshan went, Sanskaar took Ragini also. Kavita got jealous to see Ragini with Sanskaar so she mixes alcohol with Raginis juice. Ragini drinks it and feels dizzy, Sanskaar decides to drop her home but gets engaged with Kavita, Darshan sees Ragini and holds her, he takes her to the room and makes her sit, Ragini gets crazy and drunk, Darshan talks to her,
Ragini: Daari, head feels heavy! I hate S…Sanskaar for bringing me here.

Just then the lights go off, Sanskaar reaches there, Darshan was helping Ragini while Ragini was jerking him, Sanskaar misunderstands and starts beating Darshan up.
Sanskaar: What are you doing?! Why are you taking the advantage of the situation?!
Ragini: Sanskaar, he was just helping me!
Sanskaar stops, Ragini feels drowsy and touches her head, Darshan angrily leaves while Sanskaar realises his mistake.

Kavita spikes Sanskaars drink so he could be with her, she smiles and tries finding Sanskaar.

Sanskaar feels dizzy, he then sits besides Ragini. They start talking to each other,
Sanskaar: Ragini, I like you.
Ragini: You like me? Why? I like Darshan.
Sanskaar looks at her,
Ragini: Joking, why do you like me?
Sanskaar: Becaause I do, it happens.
Ragini hugs him,
Ragini: Wow, I’m being liked by the Sanskaar Maheshwari?
Sanskaar hugs her back. Both touch their heads as they feel heavy.
Then by accident as they were not in their sense, they make love. ?

It was morning, Ragini opens her eyes, she looks around and realises it’s not her room, she gets shocked to see Sanskaar near her.
Ragini: Ahhh!
Sanskaar hears the sound and opens his eyes, he also gets shocked seeing Ragini near him.
Sanskaar: Aah!
Sanskaar and Ragini sit up.
Ragini: This can’t happen, please say I’m dreaming!

Ragini pinches Sanskaar and Sanskaar feels the pain, then tears fall out of Raginis eyes.
Ragini: How did this happen?
Sanskaar is thinking,
Ragini cries: I hate you Sanskaar, why did you bring me here?
Sanskaar: Calm down…
Ragini: What do you mean calm down? You don’t know my Daadi, be grateful she’s not in Kolkata at the moment but if she hears about this then she would’ve got us married!
Sanskaar: Chill…
Ragini looks at Sanskaar,
Ragini: For you boys it must be something to chill about but for us girls, it’s about our respect, dignity and family’s name!
Ragini panics and tears fall out of her eyes, Sanskaar consoles. She slaps Sanskaar and gets changed, Sanskaar also gets changed,
Sanskaar: Ragini… Listen to me.
Ragini runs out.
Sanskaar smiles and says: Achcha hua, I will win your heart for sure Ragini.

Then Sanskaar starts impressing Ragini, one day he proposes to her in front of everyone which shocks Ragini and Kavita. Ragini was pressured to agree by all the students.

Date in a restaurant:

Ragini: I would’ve said no.
Sanskaar: You should’ve.
Ragini: You took advantage of the situation.
Sanskaar: What situation?
Ragini: Forget it.
Kavita is looking at them with tears in her eyes.

Kavita: Sanskaar seems happy with Ragini…
Darshan comes from behind,
Darshan: Haa, they look cute together, thank god Ragini agreed.
Kavita faintly smiles and nods, Darshan then leaves.
Kavita looks up at them,
Kavita: Not this time Ragini… Sanskaar is mine!
Kavita wipes her tears and smirks evilly.

Sanskaar receives a call, he disconnects it.
Ragini: It must be important, pick it up.
Sanskaar: It’s not important.
His phone starts ringing again, Ragini snatches it of from him and he looks on while she picks it up and puts it on her ear, she was about to say hello but was shocked. The phone disconnects and Ragini looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: What happened?
Ragini: Your Bade Papa and Papa lost their lives… In an accident.
Sanskaar gets shocked,
Sanskaar: What?
Ragini gets teary eyed: Your Mom called and… She said for you to come there soon.
Sanskaar: But…
Ragini: Go Sanskaar, you have to fulfil your duty as a son, they need you there.
Sanskaar: What about you…?
Ragini: I will be okay, just go, in fact go now.
Sanskaar stands up and takes his phone and starts walking away.

(Note: RP, DP and the family are in London)

Then months pass, Sanskaar and Ragini talk through their phones. Then it’s been 8 months, Ragini is talking to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: What’s the secret?
Ragini: Come here and you would find out.
Sanskaar: I can’t wait, tell me now.
Ragini smiles and touches her stomach, her baby bump was visible. It seemed like she was 8 months pregnant and nearly 9.
Ragini: Just come and see yourself.
Sanskaar: I have reached Kolkata.
A wide smile appears on Raginis face.
Ragini: Sach? Okay, see you soon then.
Ragini disconnects the call,
Ragini: Baby, your papa is coming but, what will his reaction be?

Sanskaar reaches Raginis house, he sees Ragini turning away from him. Raginis back is shown.
Sanskaar: What’s the secret?
Ragini: Un… Are you sure you won’t freak out?
Sanskaar: Tell at least.
Ragini: It’s your fault okay?
Ragini turns to him and he is shocked,
Sanskaar: Woah Ragini, you’re gon fat.
Ragini: Ho, you’re so mean! Because of this I couldn’t even go out much and you’re calling me fat?
Sanskaar walks up to her, a smile appears on his face, he hugs her out of the excitement. She also smiles,
Sanskaar: Would you marry me?
Ragini: No!
Sanskaar breaks the hug and looks at her,
Ragini: Do it properly…
Sanskaar smiles while shaking is head, he bends down on his knees and says “Will you marry me Miss Ragini Gadodia?”
Ragini: Yes, I will Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Sanskaar stands up.
Sanskaar: Then I would wait for you in the temple today.
Ragini: Aaj?
Sanskaar nods and leaves, Ragini looks on.

Then Ragini gets dressed in to a red Lengha, Kavita finds out Sanskaar is back and is shocked hearing that he’s marrying Ragini. She phones the goons and tells them to attack Ragini.

Ragini comes out from her house, then the goons block her way, she tries going but they surround her. Ragini take her phone but the goons take it and throws it. Ragini gets shocked.
Ragini: Ey! How dare you throw my phone? It costs money!
Ragini tries to run, but they block her.
Ragini: Police!
The goons turn around and Ragini runs, she finds it hard as she’s pregnant, it gets dark and she’s still running, the goons also find her, she sees the goons and hides behind the tree trying hard not to make a sound, she’s sweating. The goons stop there and a woman comes there, Ragini sees and is shocked to see Kavita.

Kavita: Find her! She must be here somewhere!
Ragini (to her self): Kavita?
Kavita then takes her phone out and calls someone,
Kavita: Haa Sanskaar bolo…
Ragini gets shocked.
Kavita: No, I haven’t found her, don’t worry baby, your work will be done, her and her illegitimate child would be dead and your name would be clear.
Ragini is stunned, her eyes widen with tears in then, she couldn’t believe what she had heard.

Then one of the goons finds her and picks her up by the hair, Ragini cries in pain. Kavita sees her, she then disconnects the call and looks at Ragini.
Kavita: Oh, so here you are!
Ragini: Why are you doing this?
Kavita: Me and Sanskaar loved each other, but you came in between with this child, whatever he did with you was a mistake!
Ragini is shocked,
Ragini: Please leave me, I promise I would go somewhere far with my child…
Kavita: You would, because we will send you somewhere far!
Ragini folds her hands and holds Kavitas feet.

Ragini: Please Kavita, I… I wouldn’t ruin your life, at least think about my child, for my child sake let me go…
Kavita jerks her off and Ragini falls back.

Kavita was about to step on her when someone holds her feet, Ragini looks up hoping it would be Sanskaar but it was Darshan,
Kavita gets shocked seeing him, Darshan helps Ragini up.
Kavita: What are you doing here?
Darshan: I can’t believe you Kavita, how can you stoop this low?
Kavita: What do you mean me? TODAY SANSKAAR is MARRYING ME! He wants to get rid of her and this!
Darshan: Sanskaar can never do this!
Kavita: But how did you reach here?

Darshan: When Ragini took her phone out, she accidentally dialled my number and I heard everything the goons said and when they threw her phone, it didn’t break. I found something fishy so I came and look what I am seeing!

Kavita: Oh please, don’t force me to get you killed! Anyways I’m running late, Sanskaars waiting for me.

Darshan: Don’t believe her Ragini, she’s lying, Sanskaar likes you…
Kavita signals the goons and they start attacking Darshan,
Kavita: Sanskaar said to kill her but I don’t know about Darshan. Anyways I want her dead!

Kavita leaves, Ragini is shocked, she starts running and running, she runs in to the woods, she slips and rolls down and hits the rock hard, she cries in pain, Amma (Radikha) hears and goes there, she sees Ragini crying in pain,
Amma: Beta, are you okay?
Ragini: P…please s…save my child!
Amma looks at her, her face isn’t visible, it is quiet damaged, she is bleeding.
Amma helps Ragini deliver her child and takes her to the hospital quickly by calling the ambulance.

Then Ragini wakes up after 13 months and looks at her new face, she is shocked, Amma smiles seeing her.
Amma: Ragini…?
Ragini looks at her,
Amma: I have given my daughter, Ragini’s (Tejaswi) face to you. She died in an accident and…
Amma starts crying and tells Ragini about Ragini Balachandran.
Ragini: My name is also Ragini.
Ragini tells her story to Amma.
Amma: Congrats, you had a son.
A smile appears on Raginis face.

After few days Ragini gets discharged and thinks about what Sanskaar said to her.
Ragini: I want to meet Sanskaar.
Amma: But you’re not feeling well… And.
Ragini: I want to ask him why he did that to me.
Ragini goes to MM but sees Kavita wearing Mangalsutra and Sindoor. She also hears that Kavita and Sanskaar got married, she was shocked and decided to take revenge and Amma decides to help her, Vikas accepts her as his daughter and Adi accepts her as his Akka.
End of Flashback.

Ragini: Sanskaar and Kavita have to pay for what they did, they nearly killed my son, Aarav!

Adi was listening to all this and is shocked and angry, he closes his fist in anger.
Adi (angrily): Sanskaar Maheshwari! You didn’t do good to my Akka or Aarav!!

Episode ends on Raginis teary face and Adi’s angry face.

Precap: Don’t know what to put ?

Vikas Balachandran – Manish Khanna.

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Siddharth Nigam

Aarav (Ragini’s son) – Abram Khan.

Darshan (Sanskaars PA) – Siddharth Gupta.
Sorry for a weird and boring episode… You are free to share your opinion.

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I will also read more and if you have any then do mention in the comments so that I can read them, thank you. If I didn’t read them then I will soon.

I will soon write one on SwaLak but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 3rd July or earlier till then do comment, enjoy, take care, keep smiling and stay blessed?
Love you all?

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