Meri Dastaan (RagSan) Episode 2


Episode 2:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani Ka naya pannah… (Meri Dastaan)
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima with another story, I hope you all like this boring and weird story and I hope I don’t loose this track and disappoint all of you.
Recap: Introduction of the Characters… Award ceremony.

The episode starts with Ragini looking on, Sanskaar stands up and walks towards the stage, Ragini looks away as soon as Sanskaar reaches the stage, Ragini then fake smiles at the camera. Sanskaar takes the award, he then turns towards the camera,
Sanskaar: Thank you everyone, I’m very glad I got this award… Everyone says that behind every successful man is a women… Yes, it is true, My mother helped me… And my wife… And a woman… Because of that woman I wouldn’t have reached this stage.
Sanskaar looks at Ragini,
Sanskaar: Thank you Ms Balachandran… For sharing this award with me.
Ragini looks at him: It was my pleasure… Anyways congrats Mr Maheshwari… I guess I will be seeing you soon.
Ragini walks down and Sanskaar looks on confused.
Sanskaar: Seeing me soon…?

Kavita then smiles,
Kavita: Wow… Baby, your Papa won an award… Chanda, call Badi Maa and Mom and tell them this news.
Chanda: Ji Madam Ji…
Kavita: Ask all the servants to come and do decorations, there will be a party in Maheshwari Mansion. Invite all of them… (Makes a face) Even that Balachandran lady…
Chanda: Who? Ragini…?
Kavita gets angry,
Kavita: Don’t say her first name… I don’t like it!
Chanda: Sorry Madam Ji, I will go make preparations.
Chanda leaves and Kavita looks on,
Kavita: I find something fishy about that Ragini Balachandran…

(Note: AP and Sujata are not in Kolkata at the moment, they’re in Rajasthan, RP and DP are no more in this world)

Scene shifts to Ragini, she is inside the black car that is being driven in the road. Ragini gets a call and she attends it,
Ragini: Haa Appa…
Vikas: Congrats beta… You did it again.
Ragini: Appa..! We did it again.
Vikas: Haa, sorry, so how did you feel?
Ragini: I felt glad coming back to Kolkata. When are you coming Appa…?
Vikas: Tomorrow and…
Ragini: And…?
Vikas: Beta I…
Ragini: You want to start a deal with the Maheshwari’s?
Vikas: Haa, well…
Ragini: Okay Appa… Well I knew you were going to say that because Mr Maheshwari received the second award…
Vikas: Yaa… Anyways you know me so well beta, you must have sent the papers to his house…?
Ragini (smiles): Haa Appa, come here quick.
Vikas: I’m coming beta, take care.
Ragini: Bye Appa, love you.
Vikas: Love you too beta…
Vikas disconnects the call and Ragini puts her phone down, she looks outside the window and smiles.

Sanskaar reaches MM, he enters and sees the mansion getting decorated, he then sees Kavita ordering the servants,
Sanskaar: Kavita…?
Kavita looks at him,
Kavita: Congrats… Well done Sanskaar. I’m glad you liked it.
Sanskaar: Liked it?
Kavita: Haa, that’s why you didn’t say anything rude or mean.
Sanskaar: But what is happening…?
Kavita: Arey… My patidev has won an award and ghar pe koi party Na Ho? Impossible. You go quickly get ready.
Sanskaar: What was the need…?
Kavita: Go!
Sanskaar: You also need to get changed… Come I’ll help you and you have to take rest.
Kavita: I need to get all of this done… Kadoos Saab… Go, I’ll come after all this is finished!
After listening to the word Kadoos Saab, Sanskaar looks on.

Then goes into a flashback.
Sanskaar is sitting in the park on a white bench, he seems very angry,
Sanskaar: What does she think of herself?! I’m not talking to her!
Just then a girl comes there in a pink leggings with a white Salwar and pink stole pinned on her shoulder, her hair was open but her face isn’t visible. She stands in front of Sanskaar, she says “Sanskaar… Sorry Na, it was a joke…”
Sanskaar: But what you did wants right! In front of the whole school you threw a basket full of Goo on me!
The girl laughs and Sanskasr angrily eyes her, “Arey, that was for Darshan but you come in between!”
Sanskaar: Isn’t it very funny?! Ha ha ha!
Girl: Chal Na, I’m sorry… Maaf karde Mujhe…
Sanskaar: Go!
Girl: Maaf Kiya?
Sanskaar: I don’t want to talk to you, go away!
Girl sounds annoyed: Okay Kadoos Saab, one day I will go far away from you, then cry and tell me to go!
The girl turns around and leaves.
End of Flashback.

Kavita: Sanskaar… What are you thinking?!
Sanskaar gets angry,
Sanskaar: How many times do I have to tell you Kavita… Don’t speak about the past and I don’t want to hear anything related from the past in my present!
Kavita: Achcha baba… Sorry… I forgot.
Sanskaar then leaves. Kavita continues giving orders to the servants.

Scene shifts to Ragini reaching her hotel room, she opens the door and finds a man standing behind the bouquet, Ragini gets confused.
Ragini: Um… I think you’re in the wrong room.
The man removes the bouquet from his face and Ragini gets shocked, a smile appears on his face.
Ragini: Appa..!
Vikas is shown smiling, he puts the bouquet down and says “Surprise…!” Ragini runs to him and hugs him. He hugs her back.
Vikas: How are you Bete… And how did you like my surprise?
Ragini: Appa, you were coming tomorrow, but you came today… It was awesome surprise… Did Aarav come with you?
Vikas breaks the hug and Ragini looks around.
Vikas: Aarav is with Aditya.
“And Aditya is here with Aarav” a new voice is heard, Ragini turns around and sees Aditya holding Aaravs pushchair and Aarav in the push chair sleeping.
Ragini: Adi… You’re back? You and Appa gave me the biggest surprise… Well surprise less and shock Zyada… How have you been?
Adi: Akka… Calm down, you seem too much excited, well I had to come back… After all Aarav was missing his Mama.
Ragini smiles and walks up to him, she hugs Adi and Adi hugs her back.

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion, it is fully decorated, Kavita comes out wearing a gold blouse with Black and Red Saree.
Kavita: Chanda! Is the food ready?
Chanda: Ji Madamji!
Kavita walks down carefully while touching her baby bump. Sanskaar comes near her and helps her down.
Sanskaar: Kavita, how many times do I have to tell you to ask Chanda to help you down.
Kavita: Sanskaar, chill, you are always so worried. The guests might be coming and I…
Sanskaar: No, you’re resting.
Kavita: Sanskaar please, there’s a lot to do, I’ll catch you later.
Kavita then walks off and Sanskaar shakes his head. Just then the servant hands him the file and leaves, Sanskaar looks at the file.

Ragini makes Aarav lye on the bed. They hear a knock on the door.
Adi: I’ll get it.
Adi opens the door,
Adi: Thank you.
Adi then shuts the door and turns around.
Adi: We got an invitation card.
Ragini stands up,
Ragini: Invitation card? Let me see.
Ragini forwards her hand and Adi gives her the card.
Ragini: An invitation card to Maheshwari Mansion.
Vikas looks at her.
Adi: Wow, an invitation to a party?
Adi looks at Aarav and smiles.

Ragini: Appa…?
Vikas: I think you should go.
Ragini: What Appa? I’m not going alone, you and Adi are coming with me.
Vikas: But Aarav?
Ragini: Adi is there with him, he would take care of him in the party.
Adi: Haa Appa, trust me, I will take care of Adi, I wouldn’t let him walk alone without me near him.
Vikas thinks.
Adi and Ragini: Please Appa!
Vikas nods okay.
Ragini: Thank you Appa.
Adi: Love you Appa.

After a while Ragini gets dressed, she is wearing pink and gold saree with we hair out. Adi, Vikas and Aarav are dressed in suits. Aarav also wears the blazer, Adi and Aarav don’t wear the bow, Vikas does.
Vikas: Ready?
Adi: Always Appa. Right Aarav?
Aarav: Yes.
Ragini smiles.

They head out.

All the guests have arrived, Kavita is standing with Sanskaar and is smiling.
Sanskaar thinks: Why did the Balachandran’s want to start a deal with me? Should I accept or not?
Kavita looks at him,
Kavita: Ab what are you thinking?
Sanskaar: Nothing.
Just then Ragini, Vikas, Adi and Aarav enter. Sanskaar looks there, Ragini smiles at everyone. Kavita also sees Ragini and looks on.

All the male guests shake hands with Vikas, Adi takes Aarav away.
Adi: Aarav, you hungry?
Aarav nods no. Adi then sees some girls standing there and smiles at Aarav, he shows he’s taking care of a baby.

Girl 1: Wow, he’s so young and is taking care of baby, who does that nowadays.
Girl 2: I think he might be his brother.
Girl 3: Yeah, maybe but that’s so sweet.
Adi hears and smiles.
Girl2: Should we ask?
Girl1: Ask what?
Adi: Aarav, are you sure you’re not hungry?
Aarav nods no. The girls walk up to him.
Girl1: Hi, my name is Shweta.
Girl2: My name is Payal
Girl3: And I’m Reshima.
Adi: Hi Payal, Shweta and Reshima.
Girl1: Is this your baby?
Adi: No, he’s my nephew, Aarav.
Girl3: He’s so cute. Hi Aarav.
Aarav smiles at her.
Girl2: Aww, his smile, it’s so cute.
Adi: Yeah, it has to be after all it’s gone on his Mama.
Adi smiles.
Girls: Maybe.

Ragini tries looking for Adi and Aarav. Sanskaar is talking to some of the guests. Ragini then sees Adi talking to the girls while holding Aarav and smiles.
Ragini: Oh, so impressing girls? These Mama Bhanja won’t reform.
Ragini then sees Sanskaar and her smile fades a little.
Kavita comes there,
Kavita: Hi.
Ragini looks at her, she then sees her baby bump,
Ragini: Pregnant?
Kavita: Uh, yes.
Ragini: You shouldn’t be running around, anyways please excuse me.
Ragini leaves and Kavita looks on.

Adi puts Aarav on the floor, he is talking to the girls and they’re talking to him. Aarav turns around and looks at the people. He sees Ragini talking to some guests.
Aarav: Amma?
Aarav starts walking away while Adi still is talking.
Aarav then bumps with Sanskaar, Sanskaar looks down and sees Aarav, Aarav is innocently looking at Sanskaar.

Adi feels something, the girls look out and behind him and are stunned. Adi looks down and finds Aarav missing. Sanskaar sees the wire, so do the girls that is attached to Adi and Aaravs belt and is stretched.
Sanskaar: Wire?
Adi: Aarav, sorry, I’ll be back.
Adi moves back and the wire grows smaller, then Adi reaches Aarav and Sanskaar looks at him.
Adi: Aarav, remember, you can only go 1 meter away from me.
Sanskaar looks at Adi.
Adi: Sorry about Aarav.
Sanskaar: It’s okay but what is all that?
Adi: All this? Well I can’t let Aarav get lost and away from me because without Aarav my life would be dull and gloomy so I can’t risk that and it’s for safety precaution as you would be with them even if they’re a meter away.
Sanskaar: Okay but… Is he your son?
Adi: Sorry, he’s my Akka’s son, Aarav. Anyways what were you doing here?
Aarav: Amma.
Adi: Aarav, your Amma said to stay with me.
Aarav: I want Amma.
Adi: Okay, let’s go to you Amma.
Adi and Aarav walk. Sanskaar looks on.

Adi and Aarav walk up to Ragini.
Adi: Akka, Aarav wanted you.
Ragini: Aww, Baba, were you missing your Amma?
Aarav nods yes. Sanskaar sees this.
Sanskaar: So Ms Balachandran is Aarav’s mother?
Aarav: Amma…
Ragini hugs Aarav. Adi smiles seeing this.

Then one of the guest makes an announcement. “There should be dance on the floor”
All agree and go on the dance floor.

Mr M: Sanskaar, why don’t you go on the dance floor?
Sanskaar: I would’ve but I can’t, my wife is pregnant.
Mr M: But you can with someone else.
Sanskaar looks at him

Precap: RagSan dance.

Vikas Balachandran – Manish Khanna.

Aditya (Adi) Balachandran – Siddharth Nigam

Aarav (Ragini’s son) – Abram Khan.

Darshan (Sanskaars PA) – Siddharth Gupta.
Sorry for a weird and boring episode… You are free to share your opinion.

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I will soon write one on SwaLak but maybe after I finish writing this. I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 29th June or earlier till then do comment, enjoy, take care, keep smiling and stay blessed?
Love you all?

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