Episode -4

Hello friends I hope you all are doing well. First of all I would like to say thanks to all of you for your good support.

Story continues…

Dadi got to know everything regarding the trap or interrogation of police. She used her good sense of humor to tackle with situation. She announced in village about the whole matter and also encouraged some women against police.

Everybody was marched against police and soon papa got freedom. But those days were very crucial as there were so much terror. Dadi and dada ji played the role of bodyguard for their family. Soon papa got married and my sweet mom comes to home.

Seriously both are very romantic couple till now hehe.. (papa ji please don’t read this story :P)

“jabse ha jaana mane tujhko more piya ji maana tumhhi ko aapna
Na jaane kuch bhi yeh dil mera,, ,mangu mai or kya
Piya tere siva”

Soon my elder bro named sandeep took birth. He was very cute at the time of birth (motu motu) plampu hehe .

But unfortunately he had small hole in heart and even today also he is suffering from this disease (he is ok but little bit suffering)… Papa got the job of teaching (economics lecturer) in Chandigarh (Punjab).

After some times police again came to home as they found some old records of papa but as like my dadi ji, ,, my mom handled situation very bravely. Both ( mom and dadi) were argued with police and asked to present some significant evidence.

Mom got to know everything but she told my dadi to forget the past.. and everything will be all right according to time.(mom said).

:seriously, daily I am watching them to laugh, gossip etc but never saw with any single arguments and fights”

Mom lost her father (my nana ji) at the eage of 7 so dadi called her beti and not bahu. My dadi always treats my mom like a real daughter.

Soon I took birth (hehe cutie pie). Everybody called me MANNU(nick name ) and dadi gave me name (JASPINDER) .
Actually I am very much favorite of my dadi ji .she loves me a lot even my brother too but I am very close to her..

Soon my Buha (rano) got married with a businessman and my chacha ji (younger brother of papa) got married too.

But unfortunately my aunty was of different nature. As my whole family is of funny nature but she was of different kind (now she improves herself a lot).

Soon there was a time of another fate. After the death of my dadi ji’s father everything was under control of my dadi and dada ji.

But dadi ji’s sisters (only one left) came for divide and rule. She asked to give her half part of her father’s wealth.

Dadi refused to give as she knows what kind of she was. At the time of her father’s sister nobody was there and all kind of care constructed under dadi ji.

But dadi ji loves her sister so she agreed to give her little part of her father’s wealth.
But soon my aunty also wants her half part in home and fields.

There was no hope left. But there was something which makes my dadi powerful and that was her good deeds.

“mera waheguru mere sath hai, agar hum acche hai to who hmare sath kabh bura nhi hone dega,
Aur yaad rakho acche logo ke sath hmesha accha hota ha”
(her words)
(my god is always with me and if we r good then god will always take care of us at any extent. And do good have well).

Precap.. chacha ji and chachi ji(uncle and aunt) went back to dada ji’s home(dadi ji’s in laws) to live. Everything was ruined. Buha had no baby even after so many years and fufar ji(buha’s husband) did secret marriage with another lady.

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  1. Piyali

    Beautiful update…so you live in Chadigarh??
    Actually I am also a chandigarhian so asked it…..

  2. Jazzmaan

    I was in chandigarh i am at bathinda ( home town)

    1. Piyali

      Oh , Ok…Happy knowing it….

  3. Jazzmaan

    So what r u doing in chandigarh?? Or home town

  4. hey this two babies… who r they?
    so u cutiepie…??
    coming to ur update nice.but precap scaring.ur dadi is so good.?
    if possible plzzz tell her that she is so nice and hmmm I love her.?and yes yes also say…hii…
    post soon.bye.keep smiling?

  5. Jazzmaan

    Hehe thnx dear..yeah i already passed ur wishes to her. And its my bro and me…we r two. Brother

  6. Hy bhai ur father’ll feel proud to read this story.n i’m also a economics student.kash vo mere teacher hote.realy awsm story.n sory for late comenting.if u don’t min can i call u bhai please.nd apne punjabian vich jmeen hmesa rupeye vdandi ae prr rishtey tudwa dindi ae right.

  7. Jazzmaan

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    Why not dear i am so happy

  10. Shaani

    Woow… Nice… Ur nickname is nice.. MANNU…. Mannu was ur nickname ryt.. Who gave u that Ur dadi gave u the name jaspinder… Dadi’s choice is very Nice…

  11. Jazzmaan

    Thnx dear.. Yeah mannu is my nick name and thnx alot

    1. Shaani

      Ur welcome… Then can I also call u Mannu… Actually I hope u r elder to me.. I’m 21.. What can I call u.. Elder bro or younger bro?

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        I will b of 24 years old on this may 23 but yeaj u cn call me mannu or bro. Ur wish bro and thnx

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