Episode -3

Hello friends I hope you all are fine. I would like to say thanks to all of you for appreciating my grandmother’s biopic and without your tremendous support I am nothing.

Story continues…

Dadi tensed to locate the miserable conditions of her parents so she wanted to talk to her husband and mother but it was quiet difficult yet her saas had no tuning with dadi .so finally she decided to talk to her sisters about their parents conditions but both elder sisters refused to talk about this matter.

Both were not ready to stay in parent’s home and refused to let them. So finally dadi talked to her husband (dadi ji) and he agreed to stay with them but at one condition. Rather it was difficult to manage the whole crop by dada ji’s elder brother so dada ji needs one year.

One day dada ji talked to her mother about the whole matter. She quickly responded and allows him to stay with their in-laws but at one condition.

As we know that she was of greedy nature so she refused to give nothing as they are going to take care of their special parents.(tonting)

Soon dadi gave birth to a boy child named Rajbir Singh (my dad). It was the day of happiness and after some days both dadi and dada ji settled to their own village. But they had nothing and not even clother As her saas fetched everything.

Soon dadi gave birth to other child named baldev singh and then a baby girl named Rano. Rajbir (sorry papa ji aapka naam le rha hu :P) joined school then college but there was no source of income as they had only 5 killas(crop land).

Dadi ji and dada ji worked hard to fulfill every single need of their children.
One day the humors spread all over that some sikh goons killed prime minister Indira Gandhi as she attacked on golden temple.

There was strike all over the Punjab. It was the day of summer and papa was on the way to home from college. Suddenly he met with some police inspectors. They asked about the identity card and something else.

But it was trap as their intentions to capture villages and people. They arrested papa without any single notice and without any reason with some more friends.

Precap…dadi announced in village about police injustice. All were gathered against wrong behavior of police. Police interrogated papa and fetched his nails (method to interrogation, that time) because he belonged to Sikh community. Is that papa’s fault?

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  1. Piyali

    Beautiful update….Your Dada Dadiji , both are courageous….I loved the way you included that sorry Papaji in brackets……cute…..I don’t know why people see other person through his or her religion , thats so wrong…wish everything went well with you father…update soon….

  2. Thnx g

  3. Satgur hoe dyaal taan hr rang maneye,satgur hue dayaal taan duukh na janeye’.so don’t feel bad about this incident ur father n grandmaa both r so much brave jinhone yeh sb koi esa nhi kr skta.i jst know that bura hone k baad antt mai khuch acha jrur hota hai to agr nhi hota to vo antt bhi nhi hota.may god bless u n fulfil ur every dream.

    1. hey aanya I thought…u r from Jndsd page. but sorry er I did mistake. nothing else.?

  4. ur dadi really???superb.and ur update as usual ?

  5. Jazzmaan

    Thnx so much dear

  6. Shaani

    Ur dadi us very brave n a person with a huge courage… Nice story.. Loved it..

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