Episode -2

Hello friends, I cleared Punjab civil services last year and got block development officer rank due to my mom and my grandmom ‘s hard work and dedication. This story will tells you about my dadi’s struggle to survive. I hope you all are doing well and I would like to say thanks to all those members who like this story.

Story continues……

As you know my dadi got love in her laws but something was distressed her. Her saasu maa(mother-in-law) was of different nature.. time passes, she was trying to adjust with her family and even she succeed and after some times there was time of another marriage in her in-law..
Her sister in law (dada ji’s sister) named diljeet kaur married to a farmer. But after some days of her marriage she came to home with sad face.. dadi asked the reason of sad face but she was gazing all over and finally dadi convinced her and totally shocked to know about dowry requirements of diljeet kaur’s in-laws.

Dadi tried to talk to my dada ji but as usual he had no time because he was busy with her daily routine of crop production and field work. She also tried to talk to her saas but she refused to listen anything as she said this is pratha(rule) and she could survive by her good behavior.

First time dadi felt like some kind of deep crash but it was very usual. After some days diljeet kaur’s husband came to take her wife with him but he shows some condition in which everybody should survive according to him (it was the days of manhood.)

Dadi ‘s saas and sasur agreed to fulfill his wishes but dadi roared like a lioness and she ordered him to go back.

Her dialogue which I like most “agar ek din hum himmat se stand kar gye to agli baar hume koi bhi hra nhi sakta or problem ko chod kar bhagna problem ka solution nahi hai so problem ek baar aayegi,2 baar fir itne dheeth ban jao ke problem chali jaaye”

So dadi succeed with her plan and soon buha (diljeet kaur) married again.

Time passed, one day she got a call(that time mobile nhi hote the is liye ek messenger hota tha jo ek village se dusre village message dene jata tha)

About her father’s ill conditions. She was willing to meet her father and soon she visited and realized that there was nobody to take care of her parents. She encouraged herself and after bit thinking she decided to move and settled to her parents home to take care of them but it was very tough decision for her and the main problem was to convince her saas and husband.

Precap… it was the days of 1984 (attack on Punjabi after prime minister indira gandhi’s death.) police were everywhere. There were KARFIU in each and every part of Punjab.

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  1. Piyali

    Nice update…really I must say you Dadi was a courageous woman…happy to know that…

  2. Every women should be like ur tusi apne dadi to aap yeh saria glla puchde ho te intrest rakhde ho onha di past life ohh tuhanu khudh yeh stories dasna jruri smjde hn?jo bhi howe menu taa yeh story bhut psnd aai.sory bcz this not story its u r police officer right .pr agr mai coment na kr pai to sory.please apni pistol se mujhe shoot mtt kr dena.yeh tuhadi real dadi di pic hai jai haan ta ajehi sweet looking n crgful dadi lyi goli khana mnjoor hai.thnx for this lovly n crgful story.

  3. Jazzmaan

    hehe so sweet of u dear.yeah it’s my real dadi ji pics. and yeh daily mai ohna kol beth ke puchda ha that wt ws her past life nd i am not police offcier. i am block development offcier hehe and i dnt have gun i have bodyguard.. and so sweet of u dear thnx

  4. Jazzmaan

    and god bless u

  5. it’s really good TU there is only true real life story.I like fiction stories but after reading ur story I’m really impressed. plzzz continue and post soon.
    oh yes actually u know what u r looking police police really. I think that’s why aanya said…..OK OK sorry don’t angry.keep smiling?bye.

    1. I mean only ur story is real life based.

  6. Such a thoughtful women . Remembering my grandma too.

  7. Ur r right diya he’s looking like a police oficer.

    1. Aanya….in which page u comments?

  8. Jazzmaan

    hahah big thnx to all of u and dnt wrry i never angry

  9. Thnx to u for this lovly story nd ur blesings thnku so much ples post next part as soon as posible.

  10. Diya m comanting on udaan page dear.bcz i don’t like to wath anyother smtimes m comenting on ghulam page jst bcz of comon y r u asking dear.

  11. Jazzmaan

    yeah sure dear

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