Episode -1

Hello friends, hope you all are doing well.
I know everybody likes to read serial and fan fiction story but my story is completely different and its not about any serial character and it portraits the true character of my grandmother whom everybody calls “NIKKI BUHA”…and i call her BEBE.

I hope you will surely support me ,because without your tremendous support I could not prolonged this biopic.
Before starting the story of my dadi, I would like to tell about my dadi. As her real name is Sardarni(mrs) gurmeet kaur or NIKKI. Currently she is 73 years old and fit and healthy.
My grandmother is very cool as she is very much fond of food and music. Often, she likes to listen music specially Punjabi music and religious bhajan.

So the first scene starts with when she was 2 years old at the time of partition of India and Pakistan. Many of the time she talks about the real causes of partition although she has no knowledge to read and write but her analytical and logical power is too good.

She was living in Punjab with her father (najar singh), mother (jal kaur) and with her two sisters named bhajan kaur and gurdeep kaur. She was younger among them. But unfortunately her brother dies when he took birth and hence dadi was the younger sister or younger member of her family.

Time passed, she grew into mature woman and her outspoken behavior loved by all the relatives of my dadi . she works very hard to engage thr local needs of her family and even her father never felt to not have a single son .

Bhjan kaur (elder sister ) soon married in a richest family very nearest to the village of her. And even after some times, gurdeep kaur (dadi’s second eldest sister) married to a teacher named prithvi singh . both were settled at their place.

But destiny did not justified the whole things.. Dadi married to AJAIB SINGH a good hardworking farmer and somehow far from her own village..

She was distressed to see the family of her husband( my dada ji) because it was mess of large person including mother in law, father In law, 6 sister in Law and many more.

She was loved by everyone expect her saas(mother in law).
But the condition become out of world when she knows the truth of her in laws.

PRECAP…dadi was in dilemma due to her father’s condition because nobody there was to take care of them. (including mom). So she decides to take up the biggest step of her life.

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  1. Piyali

    I am happy to see this concept , really happy…looking forward to the story continue….

  2. Awsm starting i hope like serials it coudn’t be comentless.i don’t know about u bt mennu thusan di dadi naal tuhada pyar bhaa gaya.

  3. Jazzmaan

    thnku so much dear.i appreciate and surely i will justify your expectations

  4. Devga

    Wow gud to see a new content…. But my opinion is here in tu it wud b unnoticed by many as it is not abt their fav pairs frm fiction …. Plz do write it in wattpad … There u can create account nd write stories and u Can also read many millions of stories…

    Awesome start do continue…

  5. Jazzmaan

    thx for advice and yes i do g

  6. oh jazzmaan.I think u start a good’s really admirable one.continue ?

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