Meri chubby waali girl friend- RagLak OS A gift to mintu

Meri chubby waali girl friend-RagLak OS A gift to mintu(Hpy b’day da sissy)

Hi everyone..,this OS is specially dedicated to my darl sister mintu…
@^ Wish you many more happy returns of the day thangam… ^@
So this is the surprise…,I have written OS ‘s long march I think…i have waited for your birthday to come and now it’s the time for ur gift mintu…!!happy waala birthday…
Here we go…happy reading…

A girl who is dancing casually by holding her Ponies with her hands happily in the garden…
She stops for a moment and turned towards the direction and runs to him…
She placed her hand on his shoulder…he jerked and looked up…
He then turned away immediately…!!
He is such a cute and adorable boy who is little moti but cute..!!

Both were in the age of 7 years old..!!
She then sat beside him and places her hand around his shoulder…
Girl:hey cutiee..!!
His eyes brighten up and he says did you called me cutiee…
Girl:is there someone else around us…no na..!!then it’s you only…
Boy:sachchi..!!(he holds her hands in excitement..)
Girl:haan..Mr.cute and adorable…first tell me why you were crying ..??did your dad beat you or your mom scolded you…?

He nods in no…”then what’s the reason cutiee…”said she.his face turned into 1000 volts bulb whenever she mentioned him as cutiee.he thought that she also will tease him when he saw her for the first time ,but he was wrong.she called him cutiee,the first girl,no no the first human who called him cute except her mother.he was extremely happy and shared her about his sadness.
She laughed when she heard that he was crying because everyone was teasing him for being fat.”see you also laughing..”he pouts..

“cutiee..!!am not laughing to tease you..I was laughing thinking about them who teased u…hey cutiee,come on yaar they are jealous because you are too cute that’s why they are making you fun and also made you cry…”she says and her words soothes his heart…

“really am I looking that much cute.but my friends are saying that am looking ugly.”he said with a confusion…

“they didn’t see your inner side cutiee which I’re so cute.wait,let us give them punishment.”she pulled his cheeks…
He pouts…and rubs his cheeks..!!but he was still hurt,so she drags him and makes him stumbles by shaking her hip against him.
“mare hiwida mein”song from hum sath sath hain plays in bg..!!
He laughs out loud when she makes funny moves.he thanked her and introduced himself as Lakshya,she forwarded her hand and says “am Ragini”.

“sweet name beautiful..”he says..!!
Then his friends came and teases him calling “fatty..!!”
Ragini defends him and scolded them badly”hey pagal panti,are you jealous of my Lakshya..haan,he is my best friend hereafter…he is my sweetest cutiee..don’t dare tease him warna I will puncture your face..”

But they teased her too saying “motu ki funny waali bodyguard…”they giggles..!!
Ragini pushed them over the mud water when they teased laksh more.Ragini grabs laksh’s wrist and ran far away panting and laughs looking at each other and gave hi-fi.
“Ragini..kaha Ho tum beta..!!”
“I have to go”she said and leaves.she waves her hand and blows flying kiss.laksh waves his hand and catches the kiss on air..!!
Laksh rolled over to the other side of the bed and pulled someone and kissed…
“abbey laksh…!!”he hits his cheeks and pushed him on bed…

Laksh finds Rakesh so close to him and moved back holding his knees…
Rakesh(glaring):look at you…!!those expressions I should have given but instead you’re giving those..!!nowadays you’re getting worsened and have gone mad.
Laksh:hey come on yaar..!!it’s your mistake,you know na I used to see my cutiee bestie in my dreams’s common yaar,today you became a prey(he winks)
Rakesh:omg..!!you are much more naughtier than I suspect…!!it’s danger being near you (he placed his hands around his shoulders defending himself from laksh..)
Laksh:dude…am not that type what you are thinking…i used to gone mad whenever my cutiee comes in my dreams…!!
“achcha…!!is she that much cute…”Rakesh asked in excitement..!!

Laksh (shooting draggers):don’t dare say that…it’s only my birth right..if you dare think about my cutiee then I will puncture your nose…got it!!
“from today onwards she is my sister,ok dude…!!now get ready for the concert…”Rakesh taps laksh’s shoulder and calmed him down…
{Laksh Maheshwari -a rock star,who is currently running a music band under the name “The Stupids”,every girl’s dream boy and the most eligible bachelor of the city who is an handsome hunk and sometimes will be seen in his modelling avtar..}
{Rakesh-new entry in laksh’s office and soon became one of the bestie of laksh..}
“who is this kid lucky…!!”Rakesh shows him a photoframe…
Laksh:that one huh…that fatty is me raki..that was my childhood pic…

Rakesh (stunned):drastic change huh..!!he then keeps the current pic of laksh beside his childhood pic and examined both..i can’t find it’s you lucky…such an upside down,you lied it right…
“dude..that’s me only(staring intensely)…believe it or not,I don’t care..”laksh said and started styling his hairs…
Rakesh (laughs):just imagine if your fans,no no especially your girls followers would got a chance to look at this pic,then what will happen,(he laughs more)and hid it inside the wardrobe..
Laksh:I don’t care they likes me or not,am happy that my cutiee liked me that time itself…(he was caressing a art in his draw which he drew long back thinking about Ragini…when will I get to see you cutiee…he caresses it lovingly..)
Rakesh:will she remember you..!!and moreover how would you find her dude…!!it’s not possible in real life…
Laksh:it will raki..,my love for her will bring her back in my life..
Rakesh shrugged his shoulder and leaves…

“I love you cutiee..!!where are you..!!”
Somewhere in Delhi,a girl was choking hard while eating..!!
“areyy laadoo..,dekh..!!I am telling you often but you are not at all listening my it slowly laadoo..,which train you gonna catch,eat it slowly..”her mother rubs her shoulders.but still she was choking.
“it seems like someone is missing me and thinking about me,that’s why am choking Janu(her mother)not because of stuffing these foods faster..!!got it..!!”she pulled her mother’s cheeks…who in return twisted her ears..!!

“nowadays,my Ragini is getting naughty a lot…”both burst out laughing..!!
“areyy Ragini why you are eating those stuffs..!!janaki why you didn’t give her the diet foodies..see I will say that you are spoiling her health(towards janaki)look at her,she has gained 5 kilo’s within 10 days instead of losing weight…now at the age of 20 itself,her weight touched 100 kg(guys just imagine that our doll is little bit chubby,don’t mistake me..)”ragini’s fitness maami continued her blabber…!!
“Bhabhi..!!she is just a kid na,if she doesn’t eat now then when will she..”janaki defends Ragu…
“areyy your eyes,she is in her 20’s..soon to be married…but itne moti dekh…”she continued in her teasing tone…!!

Ragini gets hurt with her words and ran to her room and bolted it…!!
She landed on her bed and sobs.,she wipes her tears..,see na cutiee because of you I have been in this condition.inorder to match your weight,I have ended up like this.when will you come back to Delhi.if you come back will you like me the same way you have liked me earlier..!!
She reminisces their last meet…
Before she left,laksh pulled her wrist and kissed her cheeks saying”I like you cutiee and I love you..!!”
She blown the flying kiss to him and ran away…!!
{the scene which used to come in laksh’s dream was a real one and that was their first and last meet..!!}
******************fb ends************
Ragini’s face brighten whenever she thinks about laksh…!!
She opened her laptop and plays the movie…she was staring the title lovingly without blinking her eyes..!!which she watches often when she reminds about her cutiee chubby laksh..
{can you guess the title..!!yes many of you might have guessed earlier…it’s “Lakshya” Hrithik’s movie…}
“agar Mein kahoon…”plays in her laptop…for which she dances madly holding her pillow and consider it as laksh..!!
She kisses her pillow and caresses it lovingly…
“I love you laksh…!!kaho Ho tum..come back to me..!!”said she hugging the pillow..!!

Few days later…
“you got a message…”
Laksh who came after finishing his workout.,opened his gadget and read the message..!!
“Yippie…am gonna back to Delhi…”

Laksh shouts madly in excitement and he jumps here and there making his room untidy and the things started falling apart.Rakesh who came to inform about the new concert got confused with his acts was scratching his head seeing the another side of laksh.
Rakesh(lil nearer):Lucky tum teek hona (tapping his shoulder)
Laksh takes him into his bone crushing hug and kissed his cheeks saying “am coming cutiee..!!”
Rakesh freed himself from Laksh and murmurs”pagalpanti”
Laksh then jumped on his bed and rolls over.he was feeling like he is out of this world,like floating in the sky.
“am so excited cutiee.,I don’t bother whether you remember me or not,I don’t bother about your looks,I don’t bother whether you recognize me and my love,but still you are my life Ragini,my world is around you only my dear sweetest cutiee..”laksh gets lost in her thoughts..!!

OS:Hey Ragu,how are you yaar..
Ragini:yup Shreya,how are you girl..?am perfect…
OS:guess what..!!
“what..!!”Ragini asked in excitement…
OS:am gonna get married that too with rithish..!!you must come yaar..all our Friends were must come for sure…Thursday..!!don’t forget…catch u soon…bye!!
Ragini:am so happy for you yaar…i will come..bye…!!(she smiles)

Ragini’s pov******
All our friends means,then laksh also will come na…
No way.,he got transferred to Mumbai.but he was in the same class of Shreya’s my fate that I have met him at the last day of our 2nd standard and after that he leaves to Mumbai.
What if Shreya invited him too since Rithish(shreya’s fiance) is the best friend of laksh.
Yes,after Laksh left from Delhi i have investigated everything about him and befriended with his close friends just for the sake of meeting him again.
How criminal my brain is na.,why not after all am an CBI officer’s daughter na..
{yup I forgot to tell you na,my dad is an CBI officer..!!}
I am in my final year engineering under the stream of Nano technology.
Ok ok,am so excited for the function and I have lots of works to do..,shopping,trial works are left out…
am waiting for your arrival laksh like meera waited for lord Krishna..
You will like me na.,I don’t care about your looks but am dying to see my innocent soul.,my cutiee laksh..!!
********pov ends
{Thursday }
For the day Ragini and laksh were dying for finally came…
It’s 12:00 am …
Laksh was excited a lot to see his dream girl.he packed his stuffs and goes to the balcony and was staring the moon lovingly.
On the other side,Ragini was not getting sleep and she was feeling restless thinking about her cutiee.
That time only she had that bad nightmare.yes..
{in her dream,her cutie came and he was looking dapper and handsome and not chubby,Ragini keeps on admiring him and finally she confessed by gathering all her courage but it resulted in heart broken…yes he rejected her stating her weight.but she didn’t saw his face clearly.}
Ragini woked up panting and her face turned pale,sweating starts occupying and she was holding her forehead with her palms and started crying when she reminisces those flashes.
“Why this is happening to me.what if this nightmare comes true…”
Ragini was scratching her head and was pulling her hair.she feels restless and bites her nails.
She starts roaming here and there thinking about that dream,a bad dream which spoiled her mood and created a rift in her life.
“what if he really rejects me…will he remembers me..!!”
That night went like that,she haven’t get sleep and her eyelids bulged due to that and finally she dozed off in early morning.

“wake up..1..2..3..wake up..”her alarm hits the silence existing there…
Ragini rolls over and patted it’s head to make it silent.she continued her sleep,that moment her nightmare haunted again in her mind.
She wakes up panting and she was senselessly sitting holding her forehead.
“laadoo..!!today is your friend’s wedding na.aren’t you…”before janaki could complete she feels that Ragini is not well.
Janaki rushed to her and shooks her but Ragini doesn’t reacted.she shooks her hard and this time,Ragini came out from her trance and jumped over janaki into bone crushing hug and sobs out.

Ragini (sobbing):maa,am I looking ugly..!!
Janaki:who told you laadoo…??my daughter is the best and the most beautiful girl in the world..!!
“maa…please be serious.answer me truly.”Ragini grasped janu’s eyes with her’s.
Janaki:Ragu,what’s there in being serious,am telling the truth that you looks really beautiful without makeup too..!!
“then why did he rejected me..!!”she pouts…
“kuch nahi maa…”she ran to washroom..!!
Ragini gets excited and she blushes thinking about laksh..!!but then the dream flashed before her making her feeling sad.
She then pushed away all her thoughts and says to herself “I don’t care about his looks,whether he is fat or lean not a matter to me ,I just love him,his heart alone,will he accept me..??”
“this Lakshya bina..!!my brain got glued to him..”she pulled her hairs and got freshen up in cold water..
The day went confusingly and it stressed her more,she haven’t experienced these kind of stress and tension even for her university exams.
Finally she braid her hair smoothly and she tried to make some hairstyle but it ended into an complete mess.she was about to cry seeing her hairstyle but her fashion expert(her mom) arrived at that moment and styled her and made a french braid.
Then her mom suggested her to wear that royal blue lehenga and in which she looks more cute than before.she wasn’t seems to be that much weigh in that dress and she was looking gorgeous as usual.she herself stands numb when she watched her in mirror,her mom placed a black dot behind her ear and took away the evil eyes from her.
She finally went outside waiting for her bestie(shwetha) who arrived at the perfect timing and they reached the marriage hall by car.
They reached the bride’s room.shreya rushed to Ragini and shwetha and hugged them tightly.
Shreya(looks Ragu from top to toe):hey ragz..are you working out..!!
Ragini blinks and gives “nope” expression.I think something is different in you today,you looks extremely beautiful than other days,Shreya praised her for which she blushes.
Shwetha:haan dear…i was saying the same,I think she is hiding something from us,what’s that ragamma{they teased her}.
Ragini (chuckling):guys guys please stop it.if you got a prey means you started killing her alive huh..please yaar…am as usual only,nothing special ok…
{musical sound }
“baraath aagaye…”
Shwetha:tumhare hone waale aagaye (Shreya blushes)…
Ragini:did rithish invited everyone..??I mean did he invited our childhood friends and all..!!
“ragz.,now I understand from where this sudden change occurred…are you still waiting for Lakshya..??”Shreya quizzed her…

For which Ragini just passed a chuckle..!!
Shwetha(surprised):Ragu..,you haven’t changed in these years.still you are loving that chubby kid.don’t tell me that you have gained weight just to match him up.
Ragini shoot out the death glares to both of them who were teasing her and Lakshya..!!
“don’t worry boss,rithish invited Lakshya too..”Shreya cooled ragini’s anger for which Ragini gave her a bone crushing hug.
Shwetha:ragamma,don’t mess up her make up..!
They parted away and ragini’s eyes were wandering here and there on baraath but she couldn’t find him.
Shwetha:dude..relax he will surely come..(but Ragini doesn’t responded)..i think she gonna fall from here in search of him(and hi-fied with shreya)
They plastered their mouth when she glared them…!!
Her eyes finally glued towards the direction when a guy called out “Lakshya..,kaise Ho tum..”
Her eyes moves towards him and it gets drowned with was like it got drenched in water.reality hits her and finally that dream was standing in front of her.her heart starts thumping faster like it gonna jumps out.
Ragini holds the handle of the balcony and her head starts revolving..
“what the hell..!!
Stop kidding yaar..!!
Ragini…which Ragini..!!I can’t remember anything you say…!!
Cutiee…oh common yaar…!!”lots of thing flashes before her which she saw in her dream…
“ragz..u can see your dream boy later..!!come on..”Shreya drags her..
Laksh who greets them and the cool breeze hits him..he lifts his head little upwards and see her back alone.he didn’t see her face before that Shreya dragged Ragini inside.
Ragini was not in her senses,she was just walking thinking about him..!!
Shwetha grasped her wrist and asks her to come down.Ragini just then came back to this world and muttered slowly “you guys leave,I will just come back..”
Shwetha:Ragu..,,are you ok..??
For which she nods and rushed to washroom.she need some time yaar,she is lil nervous I think,it’s all bcz of that Lakshya…he is spoiling my bestie’s mood in my marriage,Shreya pouted.
“bring the vadhu..”
Shwetha screams”Ragini,come down quickly..!!we are going down..!!”
She doesn’t get any reply from Ragini.shwetha feels something weird and proceeds downwards turning back to confirm whether she is coming or not,but she is not.
Ragini who splashed water on her face and trying to cope up herself.”this can’t happen,he won’t accept you”she was sobbing continuously.

“didi,shwetha di is calling you…come soon…!!”a kid knocked the door…
Ragini(softly):haan coming..!!
She wiped her face gently using the tissues and co
mposed herself strong and finally opened the door…
Ragini who was taking some gifts and descended the stairs.she was walking without caution and was about to slip but two safe arms holds her..!!
Ragini looked up and gets drowned in his eyes.,he was staring her lovingly thinking that there may be a strange connection between them.
“areyy ,where you have gone Lakshya..!!”Rakesh was searching for him who comes along with laksh to see his dream girl..!!
Laksh comes out from his trance and uttered gently”you should be careful na…”.he forwarded a sweet smile to her and descended the stairs..!!
Shwetha watched out and says “how cute they are !!”
Ragini goes towards the mandap and placed the gifts nearby.shwetha pulled ragz and says “wow Ragu..!!you both are looking superb..same colour dress,matching matching,first impression itself he became your saviour..i wish I could also get a boy like him..tell me what you both talked..”
Ragini:fish..!!you got it wrong..he wasn’t Lakshya..he was someone else.he just saved me from falling down..!!

Laksh (to rithish):dude..did you invited everyone in our friend’s circle,I mean shteya’s friends,our school mates…!!
Rithish:what you want to know..!!ask me straight man..!!(he winks)
Laksh (lil shyly):did you invited my Ragini..!!
“oops..I really forgotten man..(laksh’s gets saddened)but shreyu invited her..”rithish makes fun of him…

Laksh:you..!!(laksh twisted his tongue)…
“ok sorry,she will be with Shreya only..”rithish points towards the direction..!!
Laksh’s eyes were wandering around and finally stucked with ragini’s.he glances her every moves and at the same time he was feeling something is hurting her.
Laksh proceeds towards her and was about to talk to her but she leaves from there towards the pool.
“oii..what you are doing here…”she uttered by sitting beside a kid and putting her legs inside the pool…
That kid turned his face away.
“why this cutiee is not talking with his didu..!!”she pouted..
That kid turned towards her and says “”
Ragini :haan u are looking Cho Cho cute than anyone (she pulled his cheeks)
Laksh was laughing widely hearing their convo..
“then why people are calling me fatty.,ugly and all di..”he said in his kiddish voice…!!
Ragini:bcz they are jealous of my cutiee.
“really..”he asked..
Ragini nodded like a kid.suddenly he hugged her and says “I love you di..”and runs inside…
Ragini chuckles and was waving her legs inside the pool…laksh was staring her fondly and moves to her and sit beside her…he slides a little due to slippery and pressed her hand with the floor and his lips touched her cheek.
They were lost at this moment with each other.still he was pressing her hand on the floor and when his grip tightened she winces..!!

Laksh left her hand and forwards an apology “sorry I got slipped that’s why..!!”
“it’s ok..”Ragini muttered politely in her girly tone.
Laksh admired her and finally initiated the convo”hi..i am laksh..,Lakshya.,friend of groom and a singer by profession..!!and you..”
Ragini doesn’t want to reveal her identity bcz her heart doesn’t bear his rejection and fear occupied her mind..
“hello Ms.Chubby”laksh waves his hand before her..

“hmm..”Ragini jerked and came back to senses…
Laksh:I asked about you..!!
“am rag…ragya…!!friend of the bride..”she said fumbling..
Laksh:really..then you might have known about my cutie..
Ragini gave “what you mean!!”expression..!!
“I mean my childhood friend.. Ragini..!!”he said with full of excitement in his eyes..!!
“oh Ragini..yaah I know her..but she isn’t here in this wedding…”Ragini said casually…
Laksh:what..!!I just came here for her but she isn’t here…??are you sure…
Ragini nodded her head…
“where is she..??will you gimme her address..??shall I meet her now…??”laksh daggered her with back to back questions..
Ragini (nervous):hello hello..just control yourself…!!she isn’t here ,she went to Australia and she will be back here after a month only bcz of her grandmother’s sickness…
“my bad luck..”laksh tightened his fist..!!
Laksh:but after a month I can see her na..!!
Ragini(tensed inside):no way…she is coming here for her can see her as a bride of someone else but not as your so called cutiee…yes she got engaged (Ragini lied him)
“what..!!”laksh gets shocked initially but later laughs out…
Ragini gave “are you mad” look…!!
“don’t look at me like that…chill chubby..!!she just got engaged na she haven’t married right then rest will be taken care by this lucky…i will make her fall for me within a week and will call off her marriage with that someone…”he counter attacked her..!!
Ragini was extremely happy about his love for her but she feels guilty for playing with his feelings.”what else I have been left I can’t let him go and also I don’t want to broke down too,so I lied him that Ragini is getting married to avoid him but I failed.the ball which I bowled resulted in bouncer..poor me and my fate..!!”she lost in his thoughts…
Laksh(shooks her):hello chubby waali…!!
Ragini just gazed his hands on her shoulder and his mesmerizing eyes.she was totally lost in him.
“let’s go…it’s time for wedding..!!”laksh grasped her wrist and pulled her and she landed on his chest..!!
They shared a cute eyelock which breaks when they heard shwetha’s voice.Ragini gets freed from him and rushed inside.
“pagal ladki…!!”laksh caressed his neck and stares the direction where she went..
Ragini wipes her tears which touched her cheeks and ran inside.shwetha found her running and went behind her.
“Ragu..!!”she grabbed her wrist..!!
Ragini broke down and shares everything with shwetha.
Shwetha consoled her and,”what if he likes you as you are now..!!”
Ragini (stops sobbing):may be but what if it happens like I saw in my dreams..!!
“Ragu..think positive na..!!”shwetha said…
Shwetha:but vut nahi..!!we will talk about this later and now it’s time to enjoy shreya’s happiest day..!!

Ragini nods and both went towards the wedding hall.
Ragini and shwetha stands beside the couple and were teasing them which makes Shreya to blush..!!
Rithish:you two will have the same segment in your life.don’t worry we will revenge you that time…and Ragu,laksh was searching for you.did you met him…??
Shwetha:haan haan…they have met please concentrate on your wedding rithu jiju(she winks)
Shreya glares her and all bursts out laughing..laksh reached the hall and his eyes falls on ragini,he was admiring her..!!
Ragini who tucks her hair behind her ear encountered his eyes were on her and felt awkward.she bends down not to see him and she was squeezing her hand in tension and started sweating.
Shwetha holds her tight and Ragini gave “what can I do now..”look.
Shwetha(murmurs):just ignore him..
Ragini did the same and avoid making eye contacts with him.

It’s the time for their wedding,rithish tied the sacred sutr around shreya’s neck.Ragini and shwetha thrown rose petals on them.
Ragini and shwetha went to dining leaving the newly wed couples alone.Ragini took light foods and was still nervous thinking about Laksh.she remembered every words of him.tears started occupying her eyes..
“hi..!!”laksh comes before her..
Shwetha:oii…who are you..??
Ragini sighs her to be quite and by ragini’s reaction itself shwetha found that it was laksh.she leaves them alone genuinely.
Laksh:Chubby..!!am leaving by tomorrow..!!
Ragini:so..what you’re trying to say..!!
“nope ..i was just informing you chubby..and take care..bye…”laksh takes a leave immediately and greeted the wedded couple and leaves.
Ragini gazed him and he turned back and waves his hand for her.Ragini bends down the next moment feeling awkward.
Shwetha:where is he..??
“he left..”
Shwetha:then relax yaar..thank god ..,he left orelse I have to tolerate your pale face…!!
Ragini glared her while shwetha zipped her mouth..
Ragini leaves after enjoying with her besties to her home.
Janaki opened the door and enquired about the wedding.haan maa,it went well,she said irritatingly and soon reached her room and bolted it.

Ragini’s pov******
His every words for her echoed in her mind.
I tried avoiding you by saying Ragini gonna get married,but you were just taking it easy saying she is gonna marry not married yet.
I was feeling like the hell,like am standing in the fire.
I don’t deserves you laksh,I wasn’t type of girl who looks perfect by your side.
I am the fattest ugly girl who doesn’t match you at all.
Whenever you say about me,I was dying to say that am Ragini,your Ragini but I don’t want my bad nightmare to happen in real.
What will I do now..??
************pov ends….
Ragini falls down on her knees and started crying bitterly..!!
The next day morning Ragini waked early and went for jogging.she and shwetha then went for the workout.
Gym head lady said “if you follow the diet properly and workout regularly,then you will lose your weight soon”
Ragini gets happy and she finds it as an only way to confess her love and to avoid her heart break.

“hey here…”
Ragini heard it and her face glows with 1000v bulb..she turned immediately towards him and says “tum..!!you haven’t left..”
Laksh:how can I..!!I mean to say that I have some important works to you too working out here..
Ragini(she gets happy):yaah..this is my first day here…
Laksh:not bad..then we may encounter daily I think…
Ragini:ok..bye ..i have an work to do..
Laksh nods and she takes a leave.he was staring her lovingly.
Days passes by and they become close friends.laksh loves everything about ragini.initially they started their convo when laksh asked about “Ragini and her likes,dislikes” and soon they become close.
In the mean while,Ragini too lost few calories and laksh helped her and makes her follow the strict diet.

And that fine day,laksh tooks Ragini to his music room and fulfilled her wish of playing guitar.Ragini skipped the notes unknowingly.
“hey not like that yaar..”laksh came nearer and holds her fingers with guitar and teached her to play that note.
Ragini went through a mixture of emotions and she was staring him and her gaze grasped his eyes.he goes nearer to her cheek and kissed her.Ragini gets shocked and she gave him a tight slap.
Laksh holds his burning cheek and uttered”I love you ragya”
“what the hell..!”Ragini’s eyes turned red but she wasn’t happy at all with his confession even though she was dying to listen those words from him…!!
“he loves Ragya not you Ragini”her brain strikes her nutty h
“yaah chubby..i don’t know when I fall for you and u made me forget my childhood love Ragini too..”laksh said casually…
Ragini’s eyes turned moist and tears touched her cheeks..
She grabbed his collars and says”first you said that you love Ragini and after a month you are claiming that u love it a game for u..??huh..who knows if u get a girl better than me ,then u will leave me too..”she roared..
Laksh:believe me Ragu..i won’t leave you forever and that Ragini aren’t same..just try to understand…
“no and Ragini are first understand that..!!”Ragini collapsed on floor and broke down..
“what did you say..!!”said laksh and sat on his knees ..
“ and Ragini were same..”Ragini said everything to him…
{Clap sound }

Ragini lifts her head upwards and found Shreya,Shwetha,rithish and Rakesh…
Ragini doesn’t gets anything,she was blinking simply..
Laksh(pulled Ragini towards him):I know that already Ragini that you was just acting..are you thinking how I got to’s so simple,do you remember our moment near the swimming pool,that time itself I found you when you were talking with that kid and trying to make him smile using the same lines you shared with me when we were kids..the next moment itself I want to hug you and I want to confess my love to you.but I want to give space to your feelings too.that time only you lied about you and etc etc.i thought you don’t like me and you’re ignoring me.that time only I met shwetha,she said everything about you,your feelings for me,your love and also about your weird you think that I will reject you stating your external don’t have an idea of how much I love you and I don’t want to prove my love to love was true and I just loved my cutie by her pure heart and not her appearance got it first.i want you to confess about your lie first.just to make you split out I made this prank and I know about my chubby waali girl friend will react this way and it happened the same way I thought…Lakshya loves his Ragini true heartedly and will you be my chubby waali girl friend..will you be my better half,will you be laksh’s cutiee,will you become Mrs.Ragini Lakshya ,will you be this rockstar’s guitar…!!(he bends down on his knees forwading his hand to her)..if I have a life..,I want to live with you only…,will you be this crazy guitarist’s loveable strings..!! (he muttered softly)

Ragini weeps down crying bitterly and the next moment they were hugging..!!
Ragini (still sobbing):am sorry laksh..i love you..i love you laksh..!!I can’t say anything other than this and am sorry..!!
“hey chubby..!!leave it just played with me only na,take it easy and one more thing don’t think yourself as an inferior are the best in everything,you are studious girl,perfect daughter,likeable by everyone,you do justice to everything you do and to the top of it such a generous human being and chubby waali girl friend and the most prettiest and gorgeous women who belongs to only me(he pulled her cheeks)..!!”laksh drags her into the bone crushing hug..!!
“areyy love birds..enough for now.let’s go and celebrate this moment…”Rakesh said wrapping his hand around shwetha’s shoulder..!!
Laksh opened his mouth in ‘o’ shape.
“ came to unite me with Ragini but you got your love life…enjoy…”laksh teased Rakesh…
Ragini buries her head in his chest and they walked together…
Few years later…
“haan haan…coming my babies…!!”Ragini came with their bed coffee and milk.
“Open your eyes…!!”said she…
“Good morning..”both said chorusly and hugged Ragini at the same time…
Laksh kissed her both the cheek twice..!!
“paapa cheating..!!this side was mine why you kissed my side cheek..!!”mintu(RagLak daughter) cries kiddishly..!!
Ragini tried convincing but she wasn’t listening..!!
Mintu:mumma,paapa deserves an punishment..!!
Ragini(hi-fi’ed with mintu):ok then..,be ready paapa…
“Ragini..!!”laksh pouts…
Mintu:mumma the punishment is paapa shouldn’t kiss u for a week..!!
Ragini laughs inside and says “your request is approved my princess..!!”
Laksh gasped and pleads Ragini not to do with him..
“you called me ‘Ragini’ twice today and not chubby na..,so you deserves it..”Ragini twisted her lips..!!
“Ragu…no no..chubby..,please forgive your poor husband…please chubby…!!”laksh ran behind her…!!

“no way…you deserves it..”Ragini grinned…
The end•••
So guys did you liked this plot…if you aren’t satisfied..,then am sorry for wasting your valuable time…thanks for reading it…
Take care dears..
Quote:”True love doesn’t happens by external appearance..,it’s something which is connected between two hearts thumping for each other..!!and moreover beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…!!”
Once again happy birthday mintu sissy????

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    Last but not least ‘Happy Birthday akka’!! Ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    Love u both akkas!

    1. Darshini

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