Party had started, all guests had come, gadodia’s were also present there, and all were enjoying, laughing and celebrating Diwali with mithai, pataka’s and dance.
Rag yell: sanskar, guests had arrived, I’m checking on mishka, u come down soon okay ‘she left the room, she was crossing laksh room, when she saw ap in laksh room, it look like they were having an argument, ragini get more closed to listen

Ap: laksh plz, plz just once listen to me, plz come down, our guests wants to meet u ‘laksh ignored him and stayed quiet, she sigh’ laksh plz this is the last time I asking u for something, I know ur gonna leave us soon, I promise I won’t ask u again this plz ‘she plead but laksh wasn’t effected, ap again sigh tired’ I select some suits for u, plz wear 1 of them and come down if possible ‘she said and left the room, ragini hided herself behind pillar, she was upset that laksh was not even talking to ap properly. She was now more tense what ap meant that laksh’s gonna leave us soon, she saw laksh going to his balcony, she decided to talk to him finally, so she finally entered his room, she was scared but she need to talk to him. She saw the room she decorated was now all changes, ap changed it according to laksh taste it was now looking like some bad boy room, messy and dark not the royal type he used to like. She saw laksh in balcony and got shock to see him smoking and drinking
R shock: laksh ‘laksh also got shock seeing ragini in his room then get angry at her, his angriness was shown as he crush the can with his hand, he came towards her and was about to push her when
Ragini Auntie ‘mishka came scream her name, laksh frown his eyes to see mishka as he never saw her b4, mishka also was confused to see him, but smile cutely at him’ hello, my name is mishka, u must be laksh uncle right who everyone talks about ‘laksh nod confusingly, mishka started to cough as cigarette was still lit’
Rag angry: mishka lets go downstairs, all r waiting for us ‘ragini left with mishka, she was sad to find laksh smoking and drinking, she wonder what else he’s hiding, should she tell someone, no she can’t tell anyone but sanskar, yes she will tell sanskar, he will talk to laksh. Ragini met her family, they were talking and enjoying when she heard sujata friends talking about her
Dolly saying to sujata: can’t believe u sujata, how can u say no this proposal when u didn’t even ask sanskar
Suji: he’s my son dolly, I know what he want and plz don’t ever talk about this anymore
Dolly: he want a child sujata, u know my friend who work in orphanage she told me that sanskar called them and he want to meet orphanage kids
Suji shock: what, no way, ur lying
Do: array y will I lie, if u want u can ask anybody everyone knows now ‘all sujata friends nodded, giving sorry looks to sujata, ragini sigh and decided to talk to get b4 situation gets out of control

R: mom ‘sujata look at her little disappoint’ they r saying truth, we were about to tell u …
Suji angry: when han, after making me humiliated infront of my friends ‘all family got shock seeing sujata angriness
sharmistha: sujata ji plz, why r u getting so angry, we can talk about this later, everyone looking at us, this is our family problem, outsiders shouldn’t get involved here ‘she indicate sujata friends
Do: oh-ho look at her mother, 1st they gave there infertile daughter to your son sujata and still they r making u shut ‘ragini eyes got teary as she called her infertile
shekhar got angry: enough, she’s not infertile, and u plz lady hold ur tongue right back there, otherwise consequences won’t be good ‘ap dp and ram were trying to console everyone but sujata friends started their dramas making situation hard for everyone, all guest were now looking at them
Sharmistha angry: well its ur fault, u shouldn’t get involved in my daughters matter
Dolly tease laugh at them: ya my fault, that ur daughter is fruitless
SHUT UP’ yelled sanskar startling everyone
Suji: sanskar what is this, what I’m hearing, r u planning …
San yelled: SHUT UP MOM, JUST SHUT UP ‘he took few deep breaths
Ap: sanskar relax, plz calm down, and tell us, ru planning for adoption
Ram: y u didn’t tell us
San: yes dad I didn’t told u cus that’s my f**king life, I don’t need to ask permission for breathe too right
Ap: sanskar enough mind ur language, beta we r family, u should have told us, we would have supported u
San smirk; ya support like ur doing now?, ‘he went to ragini, he got hurt to see tears in her eyes and hold her hand’ can’t u see the state of her, of me, what we are going through ‘all looked at them’ we r already facing many problems, but no, u all have to make us suffer more and most of all my own so called family ‘he scowl
Suji cried; beta I cared for u that’s y I was asking
San tired: then don’t mom, if that’s ur caring I don’t want it, we don’t want it, and plz tell ur friends to leave the house right now, party is over , COME ON PARTY IS OVER , LEAVE ‘sanskar yelled, everyone started to leave but not b4 leaving comments and taunting them, both maheshwari family and gadodia family got embarrassed,
Suji angry: sanskar that’s was not the way to talk to guests, how can u do like this

San smirk: oh plz mom, I never like ur cheap mentality friends and this is my last warning to u if I ever saw those gossip aunties here again, they will see the worst of me ‘he scowl warning sujata, he look at ragini and calm himself a bit’ u alright ‘she nod, he again got angry’ then y didn’t u said anything to them, ragini y u let them make u feel like this, it wasn’t ur fault so y did u stand quiet, u sacrificed urself to save someone life, that act of urs was selfless, u should be proud of urself, u don’t have to listen to anyone and yes ‘he turns to his family’ me and ragini r planning for adoption and I don’t care what u all think or say or what ur society think, I will do whatever it makes me happy and if any of u try to stop me, I will leave this house with ragini and never come back ‘he left to his room with ragini leaving everyone shock, swara also left with mishka to their room
Suji cried: jiji did u see how sanskar had become, he yelled at me, to his mom, he never shout at me like this b4
Ap sigh: sujata plz don’t cry, and mistake is not theirs, they r our child we should care about them not the society and adoption is not the bad thing
Suji: what u mean, I won’t let any other child to be the maheswari heir
Ram: uh-ho sujata, don’t u love ur son, don’t u trust him, I know my son can never do anything wrong, I trust him
Shekhar: I know sujata ji that u not happy with this decision but trust me ragsan r not doing anything wrong
Suji: I don’t know but I can’t accept any other child as my grandchild, don’t know which blood that child will be …
Dp: enough sujata, don’t talk anything which may hurt our children, do u want ragsan to leave us, can u live without ur son ‘sujata nod no’ then u have to accept their decision ‘everyone was busy trying to make sujata understand but she was adamant, she was shock and hurt but more than her someone else was shock and hurt with the revelation, laksh. He came out of his room hearing sanskar screaming and got shock after listening to them.
Laksh pov: I can believe this, bhabi couldn’t conceive, and who is this mishka, y bhabi sacrifice, it is so confusing, mom never told me about this ‘he smirk’ y will she, I told her I don’t want to talk about them, but still bhai bhabi were going through this all and those b*t*hy aunties who gave them right to interfere in our matters, y chachi didn’t tell them to shutup, How can they insult bhabi like that, it’s their decision, they r no one to say in our matter. He was going back to his room, when he heard something
Mishka sadly: swara auntie, if it wasn’t for me, ragini auntie wouldn’t have to listen to all this
Sw: no mishka, y would u say like that, don’t ever say like that, it was all fate so it happened, it was nobody’s fault
Mi yelled: NO, it was my fault, she came to save me and my mother when she was pregnant. If she didn’t have saved us that time, she would have given birth to her own child, ‘she started crying’ y did she come to save us when she was having baby inside her, if she didn’t have come there that bad uncle would have hurt her with knife, ragini auntie lost her child cus of me. I’m the reason that she can’t give birth anymore but still she don’t hate me she love more than my mother when I’m the reason she can’t be the one ‘mishka bust out in tears, swara was continuously consoling her, she also felt bad but she can’t blame a poor child for that.
Laksh was dumbstruck, whatever mishka said had clear all his confusions, he was that shock that he was himself unable to understand how to react, his mind was not working, he always held his family responsible for his condition but he never thought that his family was also experiencing the problems. He closed his eyes in frustration and remembering how he heard ragini pleading, her new attire, the painful voice of hers, the tears in her eyes, her helplessness, her sacrifice, and in the last her promised that she won’t let him go away from here, he jerk his eyes open and yelled, he started to punch the punching bag hardly
‘YOUR PROMISED U WONT LET ME GO, Y DIDN’T U STOP THEM, Y, Y, Y’ he fall down and bust in tears ‘u promised me, I had missed u so much’ he closed his eyes relaxing but again jerk open as some bad moments flash in her mind, he started to breath heavy ‘NO, I’m not the little kid anymore, I’m man now, yes, a man, I won’t let anyone get me now, no’ he wipes his tears and start searching for something, ‘SHIT, it’s finished’ he call someone and he left the house after changing in ripped jeans, white vest and black shiny jacket looking like a complete badass.
Sanskar was wiping ragini watery eyes and running nose: enough ragini, do u want my house to drown in flood ‘ragini hit on his arms, ‘here I’m crying and ur joking’, he sigh ‘then y r u crying, y didn’t u said anything to them, I told u na I want the bold ragini what happened to my sherni’, she hugged him tightly and again start crying, ‘sanskar our family is not happy, how we r gonna bring a new life here when we failed to make happy other relation’, ‘but we will be happy ragini and if mom dad can’t get our happiness so I will think they never care for us’, ‘don’t say like that sanskar’, ‘I will ragini, if mom prioritize the society over us, so y should we care, I will see new place for us and our child’, ‘but sanskar I can’t be happy by making mom sad’ , she said sadly, he sigh, ‘plz don’t think about that, u know na I can’t see u like this, u just got out of depression, that’s y I want to take u away from all this heartless people, I don’t want u to again think that we don’t have any hope left, listen to me now clearly, 1st stop ur crying ‘she wiped her tear and blow nose like a kid, making him laugh’ okay so I’m leaving for America in few days, b4 that we will visit the orphange, u make all the arrangements of donation okay ‘she nod’ and also I will see some place for us, so we could get away from all this’, ‘but sanskar …’, ‘I know, I know ragini I’m not saying we will move permanently but till mom get her right sense, if she is adamant, I’m her son too, she have to give it up for her son happiness, I promised ragini, we will work it out, together, okay’ she nod, sanskar kissed her deeply pushing her in bed, he unpinned her saree and undressed himself, he took a protection when ragini stopped him, she pout innocently’ sanskar, can we do without this
S angry: just few days ago only u said u will listen to me and now again ur behaving like mad …
R cut him: oh-ho, 1st listen to me, I‘m not saying this to get pregnant, it’s just it’s been so long that I felt ur warmness inside me, I don’t want anything to get barrier between us, not even this little piece of shit ‘sanskar glared her’ sanskar I will take 2 pills tomorrow okay I promised, now plz can u do it without this, I promised I will not get pregnant, plzzz just once I’m missing those moments plz ‘she plead him with teary eyes, Sanskar sigh
S: ragini I also don’t anything to be barrier between us but I can’t risk ur life
R: sanskar that pills r really effective, till 24 hours, plz sanskar plzz ‘she made her eyes like puppy
S sigh: fine but u will take 2 pills and rejoin ur yoga classes
R happy: okay ‘she kissed him, both start making love to eo, ragini forget all her worries when she felt his warmness inside her, she moan and dig her nails piercing his back skin’ yes ‘both get tired, sanskar was above her and was moving but ragini hold him back’ don’t move plz
S: u can’t hold my weight for long
R: I want to feel u more, it’s been years like we did this without protection ‘sanskar sigh and hugged her tightly and clearly shift place with her, now she was above him still connected, both look at eo
S playing with her hairs: can I ask u something ‘she nod’ y do u love me this much
R laugh: again u ask the same question
S smile mischief: yes and like always I want a new reason ‘rag think but didn’t get anything new
R: god this is so difficult, how come I find new reason everyday
S: I don’t care, just tell me
R: ah ok, I love u cus what u just did now, I mean that u break ur own rules to make me happy so I love u for that , does this count ‘she saw him with hope
S: not really but okay I guess ‘she laugh at his silly talks, both were happy that they were getting back how they were used too, both talks silly for hours after making love, both never care whatever they r talking if that make sense or not as far as this make them happy. Ragini sleep above him in same position’ ragini, u awake
R sleepy voice: hmm
S: I want water ‘ragini saw the jug empty, she sigh and got up from him
R: off course u will need it after all that screaming, I will bring it ‘she wear her night suit and left the room, she was going back when she heard someone knocking the door slowly, she saw time it was past 2, she wonder who it could be’ who is their ‘she ask a little scared, she heard some laughing voice and whispering, she heard carefully,
It’s me ‘she heard and said loudly’ who is it ‘she again heard ‘it’s me … bhabi’ she wide her eyes, laksh and open the door immediately, as soon she open laksh fall on her, she hold him stiffly but he was too heavy for her, she understand by his behavior, and the way he smell that he was drunk, she pushed him away from her, and said in low voice ‘what is this, ur drunk’ he didn’t answer but start to laugh, ragini got tense she don’t want her family to know this they r already going through alot, so she tried to quiet him, he again fall on ragini and started to do silly acts, ‘u r liar u betrayed me’ he started to jerk her,
R angry whispering: laksh enough, what r u doing ‘he again jerk her, ragini got angry and pushed hard, he fall there, her eyes got teary, she ran to his room waking sanskar’ sanskar wakeup
S sleepy: hmm, what happened
R: sanskar laksh is drunk ‘he open his eyes widely’ hurry up come with me plz ‘he sigh and followed her after getting dressed, they both find him still in same position still doing his silly acts’ sanskar hurry up plz take him to his room b4 anyone find out ‘he nod and pick laksh taking him to his room but he was still saying to ragini
L murmur: u ruin my life, u make me stay away from family, I hate u, I will never forgive u ‘ragini started to cried, sanskar made him lied on bed, ragini cover him with blanket, laksh dozed off still saying the same. Ragini saw laksh face which was showing pure hatred for her, she need to clear this with him soon, ragini cups his face and kissed on his forehead ‘everything is going to be fine’ she whisper to laksh,
S: ragini come let’s go ‘she turn and hugged sanskar again started crying’
R: sanskar I saw him smoking and drinking, I don’t know god forbid if he’s doing something like drugs
S: ragini relax, I will talk to him in morning, we both will
R: promised ‘he nod, both left b4 kissing laksh goodnight.
Ragsan waked up soon, they decided to talk to laksh without wasting any more time, and they enter his room after knocking founding him still sleep. Both sat on his bed, ragini brushed his hair ‘laksh wake up’ she tried to wake him up lovingly, she was brushing softly when laksh hold his hand in sleep and dragged her near him, keeping his head on her lap and whisper, ‘let me sleep’ ragini smile seeing his childish acts, how much she missed this child of hers, she continue to massage his head, both ragsan wait for him to wake up. Few min passed he was still sleeping, but ragini felt something different, laksh was not relax anymore he was shivering was murmuring something, she got closed to him to listen clearly ‘no, no plz don’t plz it’s suffocating, I can’t breathe, plz leave me no’ rag also got panic seeing laksh like this and called sanskar, both ragsan tried to hold him back when he started to jerk his body and start screaming and crying, ragsan also get scared to see him like this
San: laksh wake up plz wake up, ‘he was still jerking’ god what did drink last night ‘after many trials, laksh waked up with jerk, he instantly hugged ragini
Lak scared: don’t leave me plz ‘he start crying’ don’t leave alone ‘ragini hugged him back
R: I’m not leaving u ever, I promised ‘laksh eyes wide as he got sense, he jerk ragini back and saw both ragsan in his room
San: laksh u alright na, ur still shivering
R cup his face: look at me laksh, tell me from when ur having these dreams ‘laksh gulp, and take deep breaths to make himself calm’ tell me na laksh, I promised I will help u, I will never leave u now
Laksh angry: help, promised ‘she nod, he smirk’ like u did last time ‘ragini remember how she promised him but unable to fulfil it’ I don’t need ur help Mrs. Ragini sanskar ‘jerking her away
San: laksh behave urself, u can’t talk to her like this
Laksh angry: I don’t want to talk to her at all, y is she is in my room, leave ‘he got up and point her to leave’ I told u don’t ever come here again ‘rag eyes got teary, she saw sanskar, he sigh
S: laksh she’s not leaving and now u have to listen to us
L shout: I DON’T WANT TO LISTEN TO ANYBODY, ur not leaving na, fine I will leave ‘he was leaving when san pushed him back’
S: I said ur not leaving not b4 listening to ragini
L irritate: y should I listen to her, it’s her fault, I thought she would love me but the day she came her I have to left my own family, she replaced me Y’ he yell being hurt
S: what was her fault, laksh u are being immature
L start crying: yes I was immature, I didn’t know any of this, u guys never let me know, all of u always treat me like kid, laksh don’t go here, laksh don’t do this, laksh don’t be friends with him, I, I always followed u, I do whatever u all guys told me, I kept my family first, I never make friends with any1 outside this house, then how I was supposed to know any of this. But u know it, she knows it, so y it is I only me get the punishment. U would have make me understand I would never come close to u, but cus of that 1 mistake I have to leave my family. U never thought I had never slept alone, I get scared, how come I will be there alone without u guys but no u were all busy on ur own life.
S: laksh it was for ur own betterment, I know it was our fault, u were youngest so we all wanted to protect u from all but what we didn’t realize it will take make oblivious from the society we live in. we wanted u to explore the world, to see and met new people, so u could stand on ur own, we didn’t want to any1 to hold u back. Whatever we were doing was for u
L smirk: explore the world, meeting new people, right, I saw the world ‘his eyes get deeply intense’ I met people, and now I know how this society work, and now this so called society of urs makes me a different man, so don’t expect anything for me ‘he started to leave but ragini stoped him by hugging him
Rag cry: I’m sorry laksh, I know somehow I’m responsible for ur condition but trust me I never wanted u to stay away from us, more than anyone I wanted to spent my time with u ‘she cup his face’ u know any girl get scared when she has to left her house to live with husband but I wasn’t, I was happy u know y?, cus of u, I was happy that b4 even in I came to this house, I got a new friend more like kid, my kid, ‘laksh scowl, but ragini hold him still’ I know cus of that stupid silly mistake u had to left but it was bade papa decision I couldn’t do anything but still I tried, I even came to ur college many times but u refused to meet me ‘laksh closed his eyes in pain’ and u were also not taking my calls, how would I have bring u back, and then some accident happened with us which make our world upside down, ‘laksh remember last night revelation’ that accident has caused some serious permanent injurious to us, we were not in our right state mind but still ur were the 1st person who came to my mind, thinking of u makes me relax, u were some kind of medicine which made my mind calm, laksh I wanted to make everything alright, plz just gave me one chance I promised I will do whatever u will say to me, I will never leave ur side ‘ragini hold both his hand’ u know me and sanskar r going to orphange, we will be the happiest person if u come with us. This is the most important thing of our life and we want u in that, I don’t think we can do this without u, ‘she stare him deeply’ u will come right
L saw her teary eyes, he remember when she came to meet him in America, he got angry and jerk: NO, everything is change, I’m not the same person, and now u will have to live it like that ‘saying this he left to his wr, ragini bust in tears, sanskar hugged her
R: he will never forgive me, he will leave us
S: no he won’t, I hide his passport and cancel his visa, he can’t leave India now
R: r u serious, he will hate u for this
S shrug; he already do, but u were right, I can’t let him go away now, the way he was behaving he need us, we shouldn’t have left him alone on his own
laksh standing under cold shower, he closed his ears remembering something which he want to erase it
loser, loser, or such a mama’s kid, what a princess, laughing, hooting, fighting, bullying ‘he closed his eyes tightly
Laksh was talking to her mother in phone and whining: mom plz, it’s so lonely here, … yes this is such a lovely place but mom ur not here, plz take me back, I promised I will behave, I will be a good boy … ‘he sigh’ okay bye, I love u and tell dad too also love him and chacha chachi and bhai too, … I’m angry with bhabi, fine I will not say that again, … okay bye muah ‘he hang the phone, turn back only to find his hostel mates, they were all passing teasing smile at him, he also smile back tried to paas him, when a guy hug him from back tightly
Boy making his voice like girl: oh mama I love u and dad too, I will be the good boy muah, muah ‘laksh get of his hold,
He’s such a loser, he’s a girl, blo*dy faggot he is ‘all boys started comment on him
he saw all boys was laughing at him, he got hurt but ignored them, he came to his room and saw his bag all his cloths were burned
L angry: what the hell, these were expensive u know ‘to his roommate romi’ they were designer cloths, who did this
oh-ho princess like designer cloths, ‘some boys said coming to his room, laksh got scared as all other boys were build good and he was skinny’ but we don’t, we can’t afford that, we all wear locals cloths and from now u will too
L whine: but did u have to burn my cloths, u know my brother bought it for me ‘boy got angry and pushed him hard
Boy: listen u faggot, if u want to live here, u have to do whatever we say, get that ‘all left, laksh head got hurt as push him hard, his eyes get teary, it was not even a week and he’s already missing his family
Romi: that was mike, he’s senior here, we all have to do whatever he says
L: but y, ragging is crime
R: laksh u have to, I have heard mike belongs to some mafia party, they r really dangerous, if we want to survive we have to listen to them ‘he sigh, romi helped him cleaning his room, and both get to bed, he was sleeping when he got jerk open as someone splash a bucket full of water on him’ he jerk open his eyes.
FB end
He jerk open his eyes as water was still running on him, he sigh and remember ragini ‘we can do this without u’ he nod no, everything is changed, nothing is same, he said and left the house
Ragsan reached orphange, they met with warden and spent time with their children. Ragini was feeling nervous as it was her exam, she played with kids and give them their presents, she saw every kid with focus, like she was finding something in them, she sigh as she was failing the subject. She heard some weird voice and went there to check their,
R confuse: maybe some cat ‘she said looking at garbage in side,
S: ragini, u alright ‘she nod smiling’ y r u doing outside here, y r u not playing with kids, didn’t u like any 1 here
Rag sigh: I like each and every1 of them, can I adopt all
S eyes wide: ur joking right, it’s not possible, ‘she sigh’ what happened, I thought u will be happy
Rag shrug: I’m
S: ru thinking about laksh
R: I always think about him, but right now he isn’t the one that is bothering me
S confuse: then what?
R took deep breath: I don’t know sanskar, I thought it will be easy, we will come here and saw some cute kid and take him home right away but it isn’t, I’m not feeling the connection
S; what connection
R: u know like, I just got of some labor pain and then their my kid is, smiling at me, crying for me to feed him ‘she laugh at herself
Sanskar roll his eyes: ur not serious
R squeal: I’m, I want a kid who needs me, who I can smoothen their pain with my warm hug, I want a connection like that
S: that’s impossible ragini, this only goes with our own kid, which is way too impossible
R: no it’s not, sharmistha ma is not my real mother but there is still a connection between us which gave me warm feeling, I can feel her love when she love me or even when she used to be strict with me I can still feel the care in that, I want that type of connection with my child.
S: so u didn’t find any connection here ‘she sigh sadly and nod no’ okay so I will talk to orphanage head and we will leave, we will see some other orphange kids, till u find some connection ‘she nod, he smile and left. She was waiting their when she found laksh other side of road, who was looking at her, she was shock, ‘what is he doing here’, she was going to him when she again heard some voice and got confuse, she saw there in side, there was lot of garbage and it was stingy, she cover her nose with her pallu as the stingy smell hit her nostrils, she want to go away as she couldn’t take the stingy smell but don’t know y she isn’t. Her saree got ruined even her foot but more she get closed, more she clearly hear some voice, she can’t recognized the voice, it look like some animals crying voice but it is really painful. That voice is paining her, she reached near a big dustbin, saw inside it, she saw some moments and got shock
What r u doing here’ ragini saw back to see laksh there, he was looking angry and irritated’ what r u doing, come back here
Rag eyes get teary: laksh, I think there is something here, maybe a cat or dog or I don’t know ‘laksh got confuse’ I can hear it, it is calling for me
L yell: r u crazy, what cat or dog, just come back here, right now ‘ragini ignored him and started throwing the trash out of dustbin, laksh got hell irritated, but ragini got more shock as she can see some human legs

Rag stutter scare: la – lak –laksh, there is someone, and it is bleeding, I can’t reached it ‘she said panic as she tried to reach that thing, laksh also got confuse but jump in trash, he also saw some toddler legs and freak out
L: u stay back ‘he pushed her back and jump inside of dustbin, he take all trash out of bin and got shock, both raglak were freeze to their place to saw a newborn baby, they got more shock as the baby was not in her good condition, her head was bleeding and some of features were also dysfunctional
Rag started crying: laksh baby, my baby, laksh give me ‘laksh saw her shock’ laksh my baby is bleeding, what r u looking at, just pick the baby ‘laksh got in sense and he pick the baby, ragini snatch the bay from him immediately and hugged the baby and give her kisses all over the face
Ragini’ she saw back to find confuse sanskar
Rag smile widely with teary eyes: sanskar my baby, our baby ‘Sanlak both look shock at her
Screen freeze at shocking sanlak and ragini kissing baby

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