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hey guys some of u maybe hate some characters like ap and sujata but trust me nobody hates ragini, just the situation is making them bit angry it happaned in families right and han plz dont take laksh feeling for ragini in other way, whatever they feel for eo is platonic, plz respect bhabi devar relation cus thats was my idea of story okay

Ragini got numb listening his voice, was she dreaming, no she’s not, her eyes got teary she can’t forget this voice, the man felt the presence behind him, he left swara and turn, both man and ragini were facing now, rag were having tears but it was the tear of happiness,
R: laksh’ she said, the man is reveal to be laksh,
L: bhabi ‘he said seriously, rag couldn’t control herself and hugged him tightly and let the tears fall down.

R happy tears: laksh u came back, OMG look how big u have become, ‘she cup his face, adoring his transformation from cute kid to a full grown up man’ were u been working out, ur not same laksh anymore ‘she was teasing
L sarcastically: yes ur right, I’m not the same laksh anymore

R know what coming up, she know she had to clear this whole mess up thing with laksh, but now wasn’t the good time, she just got out of one messed up situation, so she shrug her thoughts: swara, remember laksh, laksh u remember na swara, u used to call her chudail ‘swalak saw eo, and share a deep eye lock, swara gulp as she got burn under laksh glare which was more likely deadly
WHAT’S GOING ON HERE’ ask sanskar coming out with whole family, all came out after listening their voices, all got shock to see laksh, all couldn’t control their feeling and ran towards laksh, they all showered their love which they were keeping for long. As for laksh, he was getting different feeling, it wasn’t the usual feeling he used to love when he want get pamper, it was more like irritating him, he was feeling like he’s gonna suffocate with all this closeness, and he didn’t care to hide it also

Suji: laksh, u must be hungry na tell do u want to eat something, see how u have become weak, I will make u all ur favorites dishes

L irritate: I’m really tired, I want to sleep
R: yes ur right flight must be very lengthy right, u should take rest, I will ta …
Ap cut her: ragini, u all go to ur room and take rest, I will take him, come beta ‘she take laksh with him, laksh b4 leave he glance at ragini last time and left to his room, leaving all sad, they all knew he had change not by just appearance but his nature to, once a jolly boy had rarely said few words, laksh reached his room, he got shock to see his room, it was royal blue with fluffy blankets and pillows

l angry: what the hell is this ‘ap was confuse also, she remember ragini stubbornness that she will decorate his room, she sigh at ragini can childish even being this mature’ mom u had visit me last year right, didn’t u saw my room
ap: laksh I know, but
L: but what mom, who kept this shitty stuff here, and what is exactly happening here, u said u all r happy, it didn’t seem when I call u last

ap get teary eyes: laksh u don’t know how much I missed u, thank god u came ‘she cup her face to kiss him but he stopped her
l: mom don’t change the subject, tell me and u know I’m not here for long, I will leave soon
ap nod; I know, that’s y I’m saying, plz spend some time with ur old mom, I know u had grown up
L sarcastic: like u all want me to

ap smile teary: like we want u 2, but I didn’t know I would have to lose u then, I didn’t
L irritate: mom for the sake of god stop ur emotional drama ‘ap got hurt’ just tell me y bhabi was crying, what is happening between bhai n bhabi, y was she crying
ap: so u only came for her, can’t believe u my son, she was the reason u have to leave us, and u r still thinking about her

l getting angry: mom, last time tell me what had happened that bhabi was this hurt, how can bhai do this to her
ap sigh: sanskar wasn’t at fault and it’s their personal matter, u shouldn’t interfere between them, plz laksh u also got trap last time, I don’t want to lose u again cus of that girl’ laksh busted out and punch the wall hard that ap gasp in shock’ laksh what ru doing, y r u hurting urself

l taking deep breaths: u already lost me mom, u lost me when u sent me away from u all,
ap: laksh plz forgive ur mother, ‘b4 she finished laksh pushed ap out of his room leaving her shock hurt and emotionally broken, ap cried and left to her room giving laksh some time, while laksh messed all the room, throwing all sheets and pillows everywhere, suddenly his eyes went on the side wall which of full of pictures, pictures of laksh childhood, picture of his 1st day of school, 1st cycle, 1st birthday, picture with his parent and brother and uncle auntie and picture of 1st time when ragini came to their house, he close his eyes in frustration

ap and suji were doing ghar parvesh of ragsan as they got just married, they finished their aarti, laksh kept taking their selfies
suji excitedly: sanskar now pick ur bride and take her till ur room ‘sanskar got shock, he saw ragini was getting red due to shyness
san: mom what’s the need, leave it na
ap: bulkul nai Sankar it’s a ritual, u have to complete it ‘sanskar was confused as whole family was there

lak: oh-ho bhai y r u getting scared, bhabi is so light weight, anyone can easily lift her,
san: laksh samjha karna ‘he give him signal, but laksh didn’t get it, laksh look at ragini
lak; oh so that is the problem ‘all got confuse’ mom bhabi is wearing such a heavy lehenga, how will bhai carry her like this, ‘Sankar nod smile’ don’t worry bhai I will help u, we both will carry bhabi to her room, ‘all wide their eyes, while ragini giggle’ OUCH ‘laksh shout as ap hit him on his head’ MOM ‘he whine

ap strictly; no mom, just go to ur room now
L whine: but mom bhabi …
ap: laksh now ‘he left for his room not b4 he saw sanskar carrying ragini to his room, he smile’
FB end

laksh smile look at photo, a tear drop from his eyes right after he hit the photo, his hand start to bleed as frame glass pieces pierce his hard skin, he
closed his eyes tightly controlling his tears but the tears made their way, laksh remember how he heard ragini crying, she never cry like this, not even when she was leaving her family coming to their home, then what exactly happened, he didn’t even waste a min, he call his friend who told him about flight next week but he couldn’t even wait for a moment, every moment was reminding him of ragini painful voice, he still held ragini responsible for his condition but he couldn’t ignore the painful cried he heard, he smile with teary eyes remembering how ragini hugged him, how she remember him only hearing his voice. Here Swara was also in same condition, she was sweating even in ac room remembering how laksh had held her, she was still shivering the way he was staring her, she just want to hide herself as she feel she was standing naked infront of him.

Ragini was also thinking the same, she was changing her side after every 5 mins, thinking about how laksh change, he used to be so lean and cute and now nobody could say he was the same laksh she loved to pamper. Sanskar saw her lost deep in her own world
S hold her close: thinking about laksh ‘she nod, he kissed her’ don’t think too much, now he is here na, I will make sure he doesn’t leave us this time
R smile: thanks, did u notice, how much he grown

S; that’s what we wanted ragini, we want him to grow
R; ya but not like we imagine, u said he will come back as a mature and smart and intellectual person but he is just not same he’s another person,
S: but u still love him right
R: off course sanskar, he is also like kid to me just like swara, hey did u see how laksh had become so handsome and six packs he made, he had become full man ‘she said excitedly’ I wonder if he made any gf in America
S jealous: acha he had become more handsome than me na
R: no sanskar ‘san smile’ he was always more handsome then u ‘his smile drop’ acha listen I was saying what if he had gf from America

S: shrug: so
R: I mean what if she’s not Hindu, what if she’s white or black girl or more worst what if he got some boyfriend ‘sanskar wide his eyes at his wife wild thoughts’
S: ragini enough, god don’t ever think about it
R: no sanskar, I will come straight to the point, if laksh love someone I will support him
S frown: even if the girl is black or white

R: even if the boy black or white, I will support him

S shake his head in disbelief: ragini u forgot our parents, they maybe modern but not that much that they will allow their son to be gay, leave them even I’m not gonna allow this
R: gosh sanskar laksh already went through a lot and if now we didn’t support him in this, he will lose his hope
S yell startle her: RAGINI, r u gone mad, ur just predicting on ur own, and what is this laksh, laksh, han, u again forget about me didn’t u
R smile: awe, mera pyara jealous hubby ‘she kissed him’ tell me what should I do so u could feel better
S smile mischief: well, u could love me the way u did that morning
R frown; which morning

S gulp, smile: u know ‘he touched her lips and signal her down, she got nervous as she saw what he meant, she gulp
R nervous: sanskar, u know na how much I pushed myself to do that, I was mentally disturb
S: good ur disturb also now, cus of laksh, so now do it ‘ragini eyes wide o pen in shock as sanskar was now demanding too much, she remember the 1st time she thought it would be last but AHHH she dig her own grave’ ragini hurry up
R nod no: sanskar plz anything but not this

S: no, what happened to u suddenly, that day u were so bold now what happened suddenly become bheegi billi ‘he saw ragini teary face, he felt bad’ sorry ragini, I think I went too far, it’s okay if u don’t want to do this
R nod no: no ur right, I’m ur wife, I should keep u satisfy

S: ragini I said na sorry, forget what I said and sleep ‘he closed his eyes after few min he feel some movements, he saw ragini who was opening sanskar pajama’ what r u doing, I said na forget it ‘he shut his mouth and laid back when he feel her cold hands on his shaft, he close his eyes as he moan
R pout: see I got dirty cus of u ‘he smile and kissed her pout,

ur so bad, here I’m being good wife and u r teasing me, go I won’t talk to u ‘she stand to go washroom but sanskar pull her back, started to kiss her, 1st she resisted but then also kissed back, and make love to eo forgetting all the pain.
Next day, ragini get up early morning and saw her husband sleeping deeply, she didn’t want him to disturb so let him sleep, she get freshen up and was about to wear her old saree when she remember sanskar saying about her being bold, she smile and get ready in her new attire and went to kitchen happily start making bf, after few min ap and suji joined her, they saw ragini in modern attire

Suji angry: ragini, atleast today u should have wear decent dress, what will laksh said, he had come after so long, what will be impact on him ‘ragini got nervous,
Ap: leave it sujata, it’s her choice come I want to prepare laksh favorite bf
R: badi ma I already making laksh favorite parathas ‘ap saw her and smile sadly
Ap: this is not his favorite anymore, his taste changed, his choice change ‘ragini saw ap making american bf, she can tell ap was upset with something but y she had got her son back she should be happy was she was also upset with laksh behavior
R: does he still drink tea?

Ap nod no: black coffee
R: I will make for him ‘she made the coffee and was about to go but ap stopped her
Ap: u don’t have to go there, I will take all this to him
Suji: jiji isn’t laksh joining us in dining ‘ap nod no and left, ap was going to laksh when she remember the last night how laksh behaved with her, her eyes got teary
Auntie u alright’ ask swara coming out of her room

Ap nod: swara can u plz serve this coffee and bf to laksh I have some work in my room ‘swara was about to say no, but ap went fast giving her tray as she wasn’t able to control her tears, here swara got shocked that how will she serve him, she was planning to hide from him but now she have to go to his room, she started to shiver as she remember his deathly glare but she has to do it, ap asked her to, she took a deep breath and went inside the room after knocking, curtains were closed but some rays enter so she can see the state of room which was not good, she saw laksh sleeping in his bed, she put the tray aside and went to wake him up and saw him shivering ‘laksh, laksh wake up auntie sent bf for u’ she said, laksh was panicking in his sleep,

he was continuously murmuring something, it was hard for swara to understand as his voice was really low, she went close to hear him ‘no, no plz don’t, no plz, don’t leave me’ she got nervous to see his state, ‘laksh plz wake up’ swara jerk him but he was still murmuring, she again jerk him, but got shock in next moment cus laksh hugged her tightly ‘plz don’t leave me, plz’ laksh was still murmuring but she could hear him now as he was so close to her, she got shiver as laksh was not wearing shirt, she started to breath uneven, she was never been this close to any boy, she want to push him away but for some reason she don’t want to, she want to know what and who was giving him pain, she want to take away his pain, so she unknowingly hugged him back, she rub his head to sooth him ‘shhhh, it’s going to be alright’ they were still in same position for few min until laksh fully open his eyes, he saw his position, he pushed her right away ‘who r u and what r u doing here’,

swara got shocked and scared ‘laksh it’s me swara, I had bring bf’ laksh saw the room and finally remember he was in home, which he now don’t even consider his house, he sigh and saw swara looking intensely at him ‘get out’ he said, swara gulp ‘u alright, I think u got fever’ she checked his temperature, keeping her palm in his forehead but as she did he got angry, he grabbed her arm and twist it ‘AHHH’ she scream ‘laksh what r u doing, leave me’ she said crying, he twist it more making her front touch his bare chest, he was angry but then saw her eyes which were teary, his anger started to vanish looking at her teary eyes, she open her eyes as she wasn’t feeling his grip anymore, she was about to go away as she was scared but got pulled by laksh who now holding her cupping her face ‘laksh plz let me go’ she started to cry, ‘shhhh, ur eyes’ laksh said, he wipes her tears,

swara stopped crying and saw laksh staring deep in her eyes, laksh had hold her face so close to his, her chest was now pumping she couldn’t take it anymore, she pushed him hard and ran from his room, swara tried to get her breath normal, she smile remembering how laksh was looking at her eyes, she herself don’t know y she was happy, when laksh said ur eyes, ‘swara’ she got jerk when she heard rag calling her, ‘yes di, u have some work’ ragini was also confuse by her behavior, ‘ahhh ya actually can u plz make mishka ready and drop her to school, I have to wake sanskar and where is ur dupatta‘ swara touched her neck

‘I think I forgot to wear it, I will go now’ both nod and swara ran to her room, ragini wasn’t understanding her weird behavior, but she shrug her thoughts, she was going to her room when she cross laksh room, the door was still open, she saw the room condition and got shock when she saw laksh having dupatta, it was swara, she remember the unusual behavior of swara, she gasp when laksh saw her staring at him, she gulp smile ‘hey, I see u didn’t like the way I decorate ur room’ she laugh nervously, laksh frown and kept staring her deeply, she was about to enter in his room, when he stopped her ‘stop right there’ he said without any expression, she sigh ‘laksh can we talk, I really need to clarify myself, laksh I … ’, laksh didn’t said anything and closed the door on her face. Laksh saw his room and remember

L; bhabi plz not this one, plz na select this design see it’s so soft and smooth ‘he said mesmerize feeling the smoothness of sheets which were having pictures of tom and jerry
R: laksh but it too childish, we r here for bridal set ‘she said shyly
L: han so u can buy both na, plz na bhabi see it’s so fluffy, who don’t like fluffy things
Sw; grown up people ‘laksh started to whine
R: laksh stop it I promised I will buy this set when u get married, right now we will go with this red one plzzz
L: no ur buying this only or I won’t talk to u ‘rag sigh but then buy what laksh select for her, laksh got happy

Fb end
Laksh smile cus she still remember his choice but now he is change, he is not the same anymore, but what happened to her, she was also not herself, she also changed, the way she was dressed up look was somewhat weird for him, she was smiling but he saw some pain in her eyes, he smile remembering ragini eyes, which were same as swara’s, he remember ragini teary eyes and swara teary eyes, he was astonished they were half-sisters still they seems like twins more, he sigh and called some1.
Ragini reached her room and saw sanskar still sleeping, she went and laid by hugging him, his sleep got disturb, ‘good morning’ said ragini

San yawn: good morning, what’s the time
Rag: 9 am
S wide his eyes and jerk: shit ragini, I’m late, bade papa will be angry
R pushed him back: shutup, ur not going anywhere, I ask papa and bade papa both said u have to take rest for some days
S: Ragini u know na I can’t, I already missed 2 days and u know how much this project is important right?
R: I know, papa said no worry, he will take care of it, u be with me, I need u here ‘san sense some pain in her voice
S sigh: what happened

R whine: laksh is still not talking to me
S: ragini he just got back give him some time
R nod: acha listen mom kept party for laksh also Diwali pooja together in evening, she invited her all friends u too plz invite urs
S frustrated; god mom and her cheap mentality friends, I hate them, blo*dy illiterate people
R: don’t say like that, she will get hurt

S smirk: ya mom will get hurt, mom don’t think cus of her looser friends we get hurt, every time they came they have to create scene, I don’t know y mom can’t be like badi ma
R: sanskar leave it na, u go get fresh, we will do bf together’ sanskar saw her and smiled
S: u already freshen up
R nod: yes, how I’m looking, I’m wearing same saree u told ‘she twirl, he smile looking at her but then drop his smile
S: y did u got fresh this soon ‘rag frown’ we do everything together na

R wide her eyes as she got what he want to say: sanskar no I already freshen up, not again ‘San smirk and pick ragini’ sanskar I said na no
S: sorry, to late ‘he made her stand under shower’ now will u take ur new saree off or ur gonna let it ruin ‘ragini pout but she know he will do it anyway, so she carefully take off her clothes and stand beside him, both were naked looking at eo intensely, sanskar turn on the shower, both hugged eo, sanskar picked her up wrapping her legs to his waist and kissed her harshly, she moan, both were enjoying the moment when ‘di r u in there’ ragini got shock, her sister was continuously knocking door ‘di open the door, I drop mishka to school’ ragini gulp and got confused she stutter and yelled ‘swara u go I’m coming’,

S confuse: di open na, I want to talk to u ‘ragini was about to speak when sanskar cut her
San yelled: swara she said na she’s busy, and ur being kebab me haddi ‘swaragini got shock
Sw: I’m really sorry di jiju ‘she yell and run away, sanskar laugh imagining swara face but got scared seeing ragini angry face
R: y would u do that

S cutely: sorry
R: put me down ‘san nod no and continue to kiss her, she wasn’t responding 1st but then kissed him back, after an hour both dressed up and sanskar got happy when he see ragini taking pills on her own and started their preparations for party, ragini was looking at laksh room, he still haven’t come out of his room, even his lunch was also sent to his room, she sigh and turn around and saw sanskar looking at her disbelief


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