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Hmm, not bad ‘said ragini looking at her own reflection, she spin to see how seductively yet gracefully she look in her new black nighty more like lingerie, she sigh smile and whisper ‘I wish this workout for me’ she straight her hair and apply extra amount of red lipstick, which make her irresistibly hot, she heard some knock
Rag smirk and open the door, said in her seduction tone: who is hiding ‘sanskar was dumbstruck, she was wearing a black lingerie which was revealing most of her parts like her cleavage, her petite waist and her long legs, he didn’t even forget the morning incident in which his beautiful wife show her bold side and now another side of her which was TOTAL SUDUCTION, he gulp hard when he see her smirking s*xily and coming towards him, he smile forgetting that he was angry with her, rag come dangerously close intentionally touching her soft front with his hard chest making his breath uneven
San stutter: ragini, what happened to u, u look really hot ‘he lick his pick and slides his hands on her waist,
Rag smirk: I know, I did it for u ‘she whisper touching his ear with her lips sending shivers to him, she slides her hand to his waist connecting their lower parts, she smile victoriously as she felt his hardness even thought he was wearing jeans, sanskar saw deep in her eyes and came to kiss her but rag put hands between both of their lips and yawn
San frown; what happened
Rag stretching her body, revealing more of her milky body which was more shining in black: nothing I just feeling sleepy ‘she pushed him bit and went to bed
San frown: wait a min, ur going to sleep in this lingerie with this heavy makeup ‘rag laid in bed again stretching she nod, sanskar got mad as he was fully aroused but he got she was doing it intensionally, he laugh and shrug’ gosh u seriously thought I’m gonna fall for that, rag whatever ur thinking stop that right now, I will not do it without protection ‘rag got sad but continue her act

R: I know, I’m just really tired, today was a big unusual day ‘she remind the proposal dolly auntie send, she shrugs he thoughts and continue touching her body making moaning voices to get sanskar attention, sanskar saw her massaging her br*ast he lick his lips how much he wish he could suck them
San: rag I’m serious stop it, it not gonna work
R smirk: is it? ‘she pull her lingerie more down giving him full view of her pink nipples, he got shock when she start to massage her own pink br*ast, sanskar couldn’t resist that and he barge towards her, like hungry animal he jumped on her and start kissing her wildly, he broke the kiss breathing heavy
San smirk; ur right, I can’t resist u ‘he whisper huskily and start kissing her, but she pushed him
R with attitude: I’m really tire, let me sleep
S got mad: ragini don’t play with me, ‘he hold her body stiff under him and took his clothes off and start to makeout with her ‘rag let him, but stop when she saw protection in his hand
R sigh and madly pushed him and yelled: sanskar I’m serious, I’m not in mood
San frown and got really angry, he saw ragini turning her back to him, he saw his erection and got more irritate: ragini u don’t have right to say no to me
R sadly: u also have no right to say no to me
San in anger break the vase and yell: WHAT DO U WANT RAGINI, HOW MANY TIME WE R GONNA HAVE THIS CONVERSATION ‘he was breathing deeply like in any time he is gonna bust out, rag shiver as she got scared of his anger but kept her eyes close not replying him, he got more angry as she was ignoring him, he lost his control and pull ragini again under him ‘U CANT JUST IGNORE ME’ he yelled and kissed her wildly despite knowing she was struggling, he ripped her dress and started to suck her body, she moan and cried as sanskar was too hard on him, she tried to stopped but he had become animal, sanskar wear con**m and position himself, but b4 he go in rag pushed him down angrily
R yell: I SAID NO, ‘she cried and covered herself with blanket’ what were u doing sanskar, u want to rape me? ‘sanskar got shock, he hold his head and felt terrible, was he about to rape his wife, he closed his eyes and let the tears come out
San sob: I’m sorry ragini, I don’t know what get into me, plz forgive me ‘she nod no, but looking at his tears she got more weak, both cried looking at their condition, both stay in the same position for few min, he wipes his tears and wear his cloths and leave the room immediately,
R run after him; sanskar stop plz listen to me, we can do this if u agreed to me, plz sanskar ‘she tried to stop him but he left from there, she fall on floor crying all night didn’t know when sleep took over her. Next day she woke up listening to door knocks, she saw she is in same position in which she was last night, naked with messed up makeup, she got fresh dressing herself in her new avatar, she went down

Ah ragini beta, u got late today, where is sanskar, y didn’t he came down till now ‘said sujata tensely but ragini ignored her and start eating her bf, ‘ragini sanskar had a very important meeting today, and till now he is up, everything alright’ said ap, rag eyes wide as sanskar was always careful with his work, she directly went to check guest room and didn’t find him, she got tense, she ask the maid and watchman, wm told her that sanskar had went somewhere last night and didn’t return back till now, her eyes become teary, she tried to call him but his cell was also switch off ‘OMG jiju, my son’ said suji tensely, ‘ragini beta, where is sanskar, what happened between u 2’ ask ap, rag cries and said ‘badi ma, we had a fight last night, and he got upset, I tried to stopped him but he left’ ragini felt on floor crying, she remember how she seduce her husband it wasn’t his fault but hers, she wanted him to lose control but even in that state he was still thinking about her only ‘ragini if something happened to my son na, I will not forgive u’ said suji crying, ‘enough sujata, can’t u see she is already tense, ragini u call him, I will ask durga if they had seen him’ said ap, ap was about to call dp when she get call, she pick the call but ragini snatched as she thought it to be sanskar, sanskar always call ap first even respect her more than his parents and follow her and her message blindly ‘hello, hello sanskar, is that u’ said ragini desperately, she sobbed ‘sanskar I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that plz come back, I’m really missing u, plz sanskar plz come back ‘she started crying loud, ‘speak something plz, u don’t want me to be mother right, u don’t want have kids right, okay I promised I will not talk about it from now on, I promised now plz come back plzzz, speak something plzzz ‘she saw a number and it wasn’t sanskar, ‘ragini give me the phone, it isn’t sanskar call’ ap took the phone from her and went to her room, rag was not in her sense she started to have weird thoughts, sanskar already warn her if she didn’t agree he will take his life, how can she risk his life, she nod no ‘I will not let anything happened to u sanskar, it’s enough I don’t want to be a mother, I just want to be ur wife plz come back, I love sanskar, I want u ‘she said determinedly, she again started calling her, asking from his friends and neighbors and office colleague, day went like this gathering info about him, ram also inform police, ragini family also reached their when they heard of sanskar missing.
Di, plz don’t be upset, everything is going to be alright ‘said swara, ‘han ragini auntie plz don’t cry na, see I will also cry ‘said mishka cutely, ragini hugged her crying, ‘mishka u go and sleep in ur room, u have school tomorrow go’ swara make mishka sleep and went to ragini room and saw her crying and talking to sanskar pic, ‘where r u, y r u torturing me, I’m saying na from now on I will not bring that topic again, I will do everything u want me to, plz come back ‘she hugged his pic, swara sadly kept her hand on her shoulder, ‘shona, see na tell him to come back plz, plzz shona’ swara hugged her, she continue to cry, when they heard something, ragini ran down and got shock, sanskar came but he was not in sense and bleeding, he was super drunk and some police men had hold him , they told he was found on bar all night, drinking and some mobile snatchers had attacked him and then left him in roadside, ragini cried and hugged him tightly ‘I’m sorry, all cus of me, I’m not a good wife, I’m responsible for ur condition’, she cried but sanskar cupped her face, and said in his drunk state ‘I’m sorry ragini, I also want to be father, I also want kids, but I don’t want to lose you, I – I love u’ saying this he passed out, all cried looking at their position, ram and dp took sanskar to his room, ragini clean sanskar and swara treat his wounds’ okay ragini, I think we should leave, u plz take care of urself ‘said shekhar and sharmistha ‘ma papa, plz don’t leave now, plz’ they parents saw her condition and decided to leave swara there, till the situation gets better, all night ragini just stare sanskar, her eyes got teary cus of her stupidity her husband got drunkard, she gasp thinking about the snatchers could have hurt him thank god he was fine but she couldn’t see him in this state, he was not wrong he also want kids more than her but he want her more, he had been tolerating her madness cus he love her.
Next day sanskar woke up holding his head as it was paining terribly, when someone forward a class, he saw ragini in her old attire giving him lemon juice, he drank quietly ‘is it paining’ she ask, he didn’t answer and directly went to washroom, ragini cried as she couldn’t tolerate his ignorance but now she know what she want and that only sanskar, she only want him no one else, she smile. Both went quietly down, ragini was still trying to get sanskar attention but he kept ignoring her, ap saw this and said ‘I want to say something’ everyone turn their attention to her ‘laksh is coming back’ all get shocked and happy ‘really’ ragini screeched happily, ‘when is he coming, why didn’t u tell that b4’ ap sigh and said, ‘look ragini, I know all of u love him, but nothing is same now, u don’t know how much I had missed him ‘ap eyes teary’ and now he’s finally coming back, and I don’t want to lose him again for any reason’ ragsan got guilty cus somewhere they held themselves responsible for his leaving, ‘when will he come’ ask sanskar, ap smile and said ‘next week’. All got happy hearing the news, they r gonna see him after 5 years, they start their preparation to welcome him, ragini was happy she went to laksh room and set his room the way he like,

Bhabi, where r u’ yelled laksh
Lo agaya bhabi ka chamcha ‘said swara irritated ragini laugh at her, laksh came to their room and saw ragini ,massaging swara head with oil
R smile: hey laksh, come in
S; don’t u have sense, u should knock door b4 coming in girls room
L: hey chudail, I already inform every1 by yelling bhabi, didn’t u got alert, uh-ho who am I talking to, obviously ur chudail, u will only say and can do bad things and what is this, y r u making my bhabi do all this work,
S: oh hello she is my sis, so she will do my work, she always do
L: no she always did, not anymore ‘he pushed swara to side shocking both’ ma said bhabi is guest here for few days, her real home is with us, so from now on she gonna do my work ‘he said in swara place’ bhabi massage my head ‘rag laugh but start massaging him
S: aray but ur hair already look like u just shampoo then y again
L: obviously cus bhabi is doing my massage, how I can miss that ‘swara huff and sadly left from there, rag saw swara and got upset
R: laksh, u shouldn’t have said that to her
L: what bhabi
R: yahi, that she don’t have any right on me
L: but it’s the truth bhabi, ur gonna married to bhai then u r gonna live with us, so u belong to us right,
R sigh; okay, can I ask u something ‘he nod’ what if instead of me, sanskar had come to live with us, and what if the same way swara had kept her right on him and won’t let him meet u, would u like that
L jerk: no, never, I would never even imagined to stay away from sanskar bhai
R smile; same way swara to can’t live without me, even I can’t live without them, ma papa, dadi ma and swara ‘her eyes got tear, laksh wipes her tears
L: plz bhabi I’m sorry, I won’t say that again, I have an idea, how about we both family live together, great isn’t it
R smile: I wish it was possible but it doesn’t work out like that ‘she smirk mischief’ I also have an idea
L curious: what
R tease: how about I get u married to swara, in that way atleast I will have swara with me
L yuck: yew bhabi, I don’t want to get married to that chudail ‘ragini laugh at him

Rag smile remembering brushing her hair, ‘u seem a lot happy’ said sanskar jerking her resting in bed, she nod, hugged him tightly, and cried ‘sanskar I’m sorry, plz forgive me, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that to u I promised sanskar from now on i will do what u will say, i won’t talk about being mother anymore, i don’t want to be mother, i want to be ur wife more than anything i want u sanskar, I love u’’, sanskar first hesitate but then also hugged her back and said ‘it wasn’t ur fault, I don’t know how I lost control, I’m sorry ragini, for being an animal last night’, ‘no plz don’t be, it was my idea actually, which backfired’ sanskar laugh,
S naughty: waise I don’t mind if u, u know ‘he hesitate’ wear those type of clothes and do those things
R gasp; sanskar ur so bad ‘she hit him on his aram, he laugh and hugged her keeping her head on his chest’ sanskar?
San: yes?
R: I spent too much of money, actually I like the diamond necklace so I bought it but it was too expensive, I’m sorry I waste ur money
San sigh; it’s okay, just don’t do it again, tell me if u need anything I will buy u, I could get jailed cus u crossed the card limit
R frown; y, it’s ur money right, we can spent how much we want right
San laugh: yes it is mine money but their r ways to spent it, card was giving to me by my company we had a limit for a day we can’t crossed that, it’s a crime, got it ‘she nod’ and 1 more thing, wear that new saree tomorrow plz
R frown; y, don’t u like me in this saree
S: u look nice in all, but I will prefer bold ragini, 1 who isn’t afraid of what society think, 1 who can love her husband to next level ‘he whisper huskily to her, she get that he was talking about that night, she blushed’
R; sanskar
San: hmmm
R; will u divorce me and married kavita ‘he open his eyes shock and jerk her
San irritate: what, what u said?
R: I didn’t said that, dolly auntie came that day, she brought u a proposal of kavita, sharma uncle daughter, she is really beautiful
San angry: so there many girls who r beautiful, I should married all of them
R blink her eyes innocently: no, only kavita, but plz don’t leave me
San sigh annoyingly; I’m not leaving u ragini neither I’m marrying any other girl, there was, there is and there will be only 1 girl in my life that is u, did u get that
R sigh; u said u want kids in ur drunk state and I can’t give u that, y should u suffer cus of me
San smile: well I have my kiddo wife with me ‘he kissed her nose she giggles’ ragini, I was thinking how about we go for a adoption
R; I also want to, but people will judge us then, I can take their trash but if someone said anything about u I can’t take that I get mad whenever they talk bad about u
San; then be mad, who said u to be quiet every time, it’s our life ragini it should be our decision who cares about society ‘rag smiles widely after many days she felt easy, she also had thought of adopting but kept quiet cus of family and society but she forgot that whatever she do right or wrong her husband would always be there for her, sanskar cough, ragini saw empty
R: u rest I will bring the water ‘he nod, she went to kitchen
Swara was resting in mishka room, she couldn’t get sleep, she was thinking about ragsan, she knew ragini can be a good mother, she was always a mother figure to her, while her parents were not in favor to study medical, ragini stood for her, fight with her parents, to grant permit for her, then y god played such a big game with her, she walk outside in garden for fresh air, when she saw some shadow climbing the wall, she got scared, as soon she scream someone closed her mouth and pushed her to wall, ragini heard the voice when she was returning from kitchen ‘SWARA’ she said, and saw main door open, she ran towards the voice. Swara was scared and sweating looking at the man devil eyes which look like that were about to murder her, she struggle, try to get of his hold but he hold her stiff, he kept his finger on his mouth ‘SHHHH’, rag saw that and got scare, she saw her left right and finally got some stick, she tip toe towards him and was ready to attack him when she heard man voice ‘who r u’ he said dangerously, ragini got numb listening his voice, was she dreaming, no she’s not, her eyes got teary she can’t forget this voice, the man felt the presence behind him, he left swara and turn, both man and ragini were facing now, rag were having tears but it was the tear of happiness,
R: laksh’ she said, the man is reveal to be laksh,
L: bhabi ‘he said seriously, rag couldn’t control herself and hugged him tightly and let the tears fall down.
Screen split on ragini teary face, laksh serious face and swara confuse face



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