Meri Bhabhi 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 9th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Papa waiting for Shraddha. Kittu says Shraddha will call us after the interview ends. Jaya is tensed. Mummy calls jaya and asks her to sit with them. She explains her that such things happen in every household but we should forget it and keep smiling. Papa is still annoyed. Mummy asks Papa am I right. He says yes, you are always right. Kittu looks on. Jaya says I will also learn this. Kittu smiles. Kunal and Dhruv are waiting for Shraddha. Kunal gives another bouquet for Shraddha. Shraddha thanks him. He says I stayed here for Dhruv. Shraddha asks Kunal how did you know I will get the job. Kunal says no one can reject you, lets celebrate. Shraddha says no, lets go home. He says no, we need a part and says we will have icecreams.

Shraddha calls Kittu and says

she got the job. Kittu tells this to everyone at home. Kittu is excited. Everyone are happy except jaya. Papa tells thanks to Kittu for supporting Shraddha. Mummy says Papa is right, this happened because of you Kittu. Kittu says I will go and tell this to Anand. Kunal and Shraddha are having icecreams at a restaurant. Kunal looks at Shraddha and smiles. Kamini is on the way and is shocked to see Kunal with Shraddha and Dhruv. She sees them having a laugh together. Kamini says so this was his business work. Kamini gets annoyed and leaves.

Jaya comes to Ashish and wakes him up. He asks what happened. She says get up and tells him about Shraddha getting the job. Ashish is happy and says wow. She says are you not ashamed, when will you get the job. Ashish takes her light. She says take your life seriously. Ashish says even I will get the job. Anand meets jasmeet’s mum and asks what is the matter. She says you would have come to meet me. Anand says I m busy. She says who will find the groom for jasmeet. Anand asks for some sweets. He offers him sweets and Anand tells him about Kunal. Jasmeet comes and asks when did you come. She asks what were they talking. Jasmeet’s mum changes the topic. Jasmeet asks about Shraddha. Anand says Shraddha got the job. Jasmeet is happy. Anand praises Kittu.

Jasmeet asks Anand to do something for Kittu. She advices him to buy a bouquet for Kittu. He promises. Jasmeet’s mum tries to send jasmeet. Anand says I have to go now and leaves. Jasmeet asks her mum whats going on. She says nothing. Kamini confronts Kunal and asks him is your work over. He says yes. Kamini says don’t you a problem lying to me. She says I saw you with Shraddha and Dhruv having icecreams. Kunal says Shraddha got the job so we were taking a treat. Kamini says then why did you lie to me. Kunal says whenever I talk about Shraddha, you don’t like, so I did not tell you. Kamini warns him and says don’t meet her again. She says you are going to meet a new girl. Kunal says I m not a kid now, I will decide whom to meet and whom to not. He says I love spending time with Dhruv. Kamini says I know this and you are going closer to Shraddha. Kunal says I will definitely meet them, that’s final. Kamini gets angry. Kunal leaves. Kamini says Kunal won’t listen to me, I have to do something now.

Everyone are happy that Shraddha got the job. Shraddha hugs Mummy. Papa says we have thought of a gift for you. Mummy shows scooty. Shraddha asks why. Mummy says for transport. Ishaan says it will be fun. Shraddha says I won’t drive scooty. Dhruv insists. Mummy asks Dhruv to drive after he is 18 yrs old. Anand comes home and Ishaan says Anand brought the bouquet for Shraddha. Anand says you like it, so keep it. Ishaan sees the gift that Anand brought. Anand says its nothing. Anand asks for Kittu. Shraddha says she is in room. Anand comes to Kittu and closes her eyes. She says are you fine Anand, he says yes, she says romance and all, great…. He says I m your husband and romance is my legal right. He says I brought something for you. Kittu guesses it right. Dhruv comes and says Panipuri, we will have it together. Kittu says we have to share it with everyone.
Jaya talks to Ashish and asks how much would be Shraddha’s salary. Ishaan brings sweets for her and makes her eat. He asks her why is she upset. He says is she thinking how much is Shraddha’s salary. Jaya says whats wrong if I ask her. Jaya leaves angrily. Shraddha is happy and gets Kamini’s call. Kamini scolds her and asks her to be away from Kunal. Shraddha is shocked and says how can aunty think like this and Kunal and I… its bad. She looks at the bouquet that Kunal gave her and throws it. She cries and breaks down..
. Precap:
Kittu asks Shraddha what happened. Shraddha says nothing. Kittu says I can see that you are worried, tell me did anyone say anything. Shraddha denies and leaves.

Update Credit to:H Hasan

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