Meri Bhabhi 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 8th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha taking Papa’s blessings before going for the interview. Kunal and Purshottam talk about Kamini and laughs. They bet thinkins with whom might be Kamini talking. Kamini comes and says I was talking to Mrs. Mehta and I want you to meet her daughter. Purshottam wins the bet. Kamini says its my responsibility to get you married, I will call her today and arrange the meeting. Kunal looks on. Mummy blesses Shraddha and Kittu comes and brings curd and sugar for her. Kittu says you will get the job. Anand and Ishaan are arguing who will drop Shraddha. Kittu says Shraddha will go alone. Shraddha says yes. Everyone smiles.

Shraddha smiles. Anand and Ishaan wishes her all the best. Shraddha leaves with Dhruv. Kamini asks Kunal is he going somewhere. He says yes.

She says the girl is coming to meet you, don’t go anywhere. Kunal says cancel it, I have some important work. Kamini says are you saying the truth. He says yes and pampers her. She says shall I call her tomorrow. Kunal leaves. Shraddha comes to Dhruv’s school. He wishes her all the best and leaves. Kunal comes to her with the flowers and asks her not be nervous. He says I came to give you wishes. He says I gave many interviews and I can give you tips. Shraddha says no need. He says take these flowers and wishes her all the best. She accepts the flowers and says thanks.

Kunal jokes and Shraddha says I m really nervous and I needed good wishes, so thanks. Shraddha leaves and Kunal smiles. Ishaan comes to Kittu and asks her to make Papa agree for the concert as the ticket fare is Rs. 5000. Kittu says Papa won’t agree. He requests her to talk to Papa. She says bye Ishaan, I won’t do this. Ishaan promises he will score well. She says I will talk to Papa next year. She asks him to study well, then she will help him. Ishaan smiles.

Shraddha gives the interview. She tells them about her divorce. Kittu prays the Lord for Shraddha’s job. jaya taunts her and says you are praying for her because you want Anand to get free of the financial burden. Everyone looks on. Kittu scolds jaya. Ashish comes and hears them talking. jaya continues her taunts. Kittu says Shraddha will feel free thats why I m supporting her. Shraddha asks them is there any problem that I m a divorcee.

jaya says I know why she did this. She says Kittu’s plan against Shraddha. Kittu says what are you saying. jaya blames Kittu for everything. She says Shraddha won’t be selected in the interview. Shraddha is asked to stop in the interview. Mummy and Anand takes Kittu’s side and asks jaya to shut up. Anand and Papa asks jaya to value relations and apologize to Kittu. jaya is shocked. Kittu says its fine, let it be. Its my mistake. Anand insists. Everyone looks on. Ashish signs jaya to say sorry and she starts crying. jaya blames herself and Mummy asks her to stop crying. Mummy asks jaya to behave well with Kittu. jaya says what should I do, even my mum told me to think before I speak, but I don’t think. She apologizes to Kittu and says she won’t do this time. Kittu hugs jaya. Mummy smiles seeing them. jaya smiles thinking she won.

Anand asks Kittu what is she reading. She says recipe. I m thinking to make something special for Shraddha. Anand says are you sure she will get selected. He says you understand Shraddha well. Anand holds Kittu’s hand and they have an eyelock. Papa calls Kittu and Anand stops her from going. He gets closer to her and says will you leave me alone and go. Kittu smiles and leaves. Shraddha is asked to sit and they ask her about her past. Shraddha says I won’t share my personal things. Shraddha talks well and tells them about her struggle. She says I have bear much pain in my life. They stop her and select her for the post of teacher. Shraddha smiles and says it means I got selected. They say yes, we liked your true nature. They wish her best of luck.

Kamini sees Kunal with Shraddha and Dhruv and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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