Meri Bhabhi 8th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 8th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 8th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ritika announcing the performances. Bua and Dildaar performs on the song Chikni kamar pe mera dil phisal gaya……………. Papa and Mummy also dance with them. Everyone clap for them. Ritika says Kittu and Anand will be performing next. They dance on the song Hame tumse mohabbat hui hai…………. Everyone claps. Papa talks to Purshottam. Ritika says now will be Purhsottam and Kamini. Everyone cheer for them. They dance on the song Dilli wali girlfriend chod chaad ke…………….. Everyone claps.

Shraddha tells Kunal that everyone are enjoying a lot it does not look its our marriage. He says yes, and kisses her. Nisha sends the photo to everyone. Ritika says now I m coming with Ishaan, jaya and Ashish. They dance on the song Laaya tu laaya tu kaisi

ye jagah…………. Mummy says there is no winner. Kunal says even I m there, wait and watch. Kunal dances with Shraddha on the song Gal Mithi Mithi Bol……………..

Shraddha leaves her phone near Bua. Bua sees the photo and is shocked. Bua shows it to Papa and Mummy. Papa and Mummy see the photo and are shocked too. Dildaar asks Ishaan where is Papa. Ishaan says I will see. Mummy asks who is this girl. Ishaan comes to Papa and asks him to come. He asks what happened and checks the phone. Ishaan is shocked to see the photo. Bua starts crying and says how will we do the marriage now. Ishaan says someone is joking, Kunal can’t do this. Dildaar sees the photo and says we can’t trust Kunal. Ishaan says this photo can be fake.

Papa says hear me once. He says maybe someone joked. Mummy says talk to Kunal, maybe he knows about this. Everyone get Nisha’s abortion report and are shocked. Anand comes and asks what happened, he checks the report and says its medical report about abortion and father of child is Kunal. Everyone are shocked. Bua cries and says this generation will kill us. Dildaar says call Kunal now and ask him about this girl. Papa asks Ishaan to call Kunal. Mummy says Shraddha should not know this. Ishaan says these things don’t prove this.

Dildaar asks did you enquire about Kunal. Anand says he is Kittu’s brother. Dildaar says so can’t he be bad. Dildaar says Kunal is a fraud, its good we came to know before marriage. Bua says Shraddha’s fate is bad. She says slap Kunal and ask. Shraddha looks for he phone. Kunal asks Shraddha to come and sit with him. He holds Shraddha’s hand and smiles. Dadi and Nani come to them. Ishaan asks Kunal to come with him as Papa is calling him. Kunal asks what happened? Kunal tells Shraddha he will be back. Kunal comes to Papa. Dildaar gets angry on him and says yes we called you. Kunal looks at everyone and asks what happened.

Shraddha asks Ashish where is her phone. Ashish says ask Mummy. Shraddha says where is everyone. Purshottam and jaya also wonder where is everyone. Kunal says its all rubbish and a lie. Bua asks again. Dildaar says Shraddha was alone and Bobby cheated her, now if you cheat her, we won’t leave you. Kittu asks Kunal to tell the truth to everyone. Kunal says I will say what I know, this girl is Nisha, my friend. I met her in US, she was my girlfriend. Everyone are shocked.


Kunal explains everyone. Kamini says its fine if you married Nisha, leave Shraddha and bring Nisha home. Kunal is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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