Meri Bhabhi 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 8th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mummy telling Papa that everything will be fine. Anand asks Kittu to change in washroom. Kittu says no, I will go to Shraddha’s room. Anand says I m sorry Kittu, please forget everything, I m ashamed, please forgive me. They both catch cold. Kittu says its ok Anand, lets take some time. He says change here itself. She says it happened because of you, hwta was the need to jump in the water. She says what I want, did you ever understand. He says go and change now. Kittu leaves. Anand sees Kittu’s clothes on the bed and smiles.

Purshottam, Kamini and Kunal come home. Kamini is happy with Kunal’s decision. Kunal is heart broken and goes to his room. Purshottam says don’t talk to him for some time, let him be alone. She says fine, I won’t tell anything,

else he will be angry again, I have scolded him a lot because of Kittu, I won’t do that mistake again. She is worried for Kunal.

Kittu sees Shraddha is upset. She smells that the curry burnt and turns off the stove. Shraddha is lost in thoughts. Kittu says share with me, you won’t be able to hide anything from me, what do you think if you and Kunal stay apart, everything will be fine between me and Anand, whats this deal, why are you doing this. Papa calls Kittu and she leaves. Its night, everyone are happy that all the problems are solved. Papa is annoyed with Shraddha. Shraddha tries to talk to Papa. Papa ignores Shraddha. Everyone notice this. Ishaan laughs reading a joke and tells the joke to everyone. Everyone laughs.

jaya asks what does that mean. Dhruv explains her the joke. jaya laughs at last. Everyone laugh on her. Anand and Kittu look at Shraddha. Kittu thinks of talking about Shraddha with Anand. Anand thinks the same. Papa comes to talk to Anand and Kittu. Papa asks them why did this happen. Mummy wakes up and thinks where did Papa go.

Papa tells them about Mummy and his friend’s love marriage. He says his friend had major loss in business and he went in depression. When we went to meet them, she was hurt beaten up by her husband. He says then your mother became ill. His wife asked him to take care of Mummy. She soon died and Papa made Mummy free from her husband. He tells them the whole story how he got married to Mummy. He says we have love and trust in our marriage. Anand looks at Kittu. Papa asks them to understand each other and feel their togetherness.

Papa asks what are you thinking, did I tell anything wrong. Anand says no, thanks a lot. Kittu cries. Mummy hears all this. Papa is shocked to see her. Papa gives his hand to her and smiles. Mummy smiles and holds his hand. Dhruv is upset. Shraddha asks what happened. Dhruv talks about Kunal. He says will we never meet him. He says he promised me that he will come to play with me. Shraddha says you can play with your Mamas. He says I want to play with Kunal he is the best, tell me why can’t he come to our house.

Kunal is smiling seeing his video with Shraddha. He thinks about Dhruv. Kunal says my champ. Shraddha tells him about his best friend and now he is not with him. She says Kunal’s parents does not wish him to meet us. Dhruv sleeps. Shraddha cries. Kunal gets tears in his eyes thinking about Shraddha and Dhruv.

Anand sees Dhruv’s drawing and shows it to Kittu. She looks at Kittu as the drawing has Kunal with Shraddha and Dhruv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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