Meri Bhabhi 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 7th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone discussing what Shraddha will do in future. Papa and Anand asks Shraddha to join business, Shraddha says someone ask me what I want to do. Shraddha says I want to do teaching work. jaya is polluting Ashish’s mind. Ishaan comes to him and talks in Papa’s side. Ishaan says Shraddha is not interested in business, but Papa simply told you those words. Ashish is angry on Papa’s words. jaya says Papa insults us daily and asks Ishaan to leave. Ishaan says I won’t leave. jaya leaves in anger. Shraddha says I don’t want to hurt jaya and Ashish. jaya taunts Shraddha and welcomes her in family business.

Kittu tells jaya its nothing like that, jaya says don’t explain me, I know everything. jaya says I don’t care. Papa says that land was mine and this

business is also mine. Mummy asks jaya to leave. jaya says I always speak the truth. Shraddha asks Papa to stop this matter. She says I love teaching. Kittu says yes, let Shraddha do what she wants. Mummy asks Papa to think about it. Papa says I have decided.

Kamini talks to Purshottam and says listen to me. She says Kunal is not listening to me. He says what, she says I asked him not to meet Shraddha, but he always visit Kittu’s house. She says Shraddha is after Kunal. Purshottam says how can you think this. She says I m thinking now, jaya told me how close they were. She says Kunal lifted Shraddha in our house. Purshottam shouts stop this nonsense. He says will you believe anyone, you would have thought that you also have a daughter. He scolds her and says don’t you trust your son. She says I have full faith on Kunal but not on Shraddha. She says don’t equate Shraddha with Kittu. She praises Kittu. He scolds her and leaves.

Anand talks to Kittu and says why are you favoring Shraddha’s teaching work. Kittu says think about it. He asks what. She says think what does Shraddha feel when she takes money from you. She wants to be independent. She says she will be happy when she has her own money in her account. Anand thinks about it. She says let her do the job if you want to see her happy. The next morning, Kittu asks Papa what he decided. Papa says she can join the business, but not work anywhere else. Shraddha signs Kittu to talk again. Kittu says shall we vote. Everyone likes the idea. Papa says why voting, can’t you listen to me. Shraddha says it means I can’t do what I want. Papa says no. Mummy says its better if we vote, we are a family and we should make our opinion count. Mummy says you have to agree to the voting decision. Papa agrees.

Shraddha also agrees. Papa asks them to start voting. Kittu asks Ashish about her vote. Ashish says I m with Papa, family business. Papa smiles. Mummy gives her vote to Shraddha. Kittu says my vote also goes to Shraddha. Kittu asks jaya. jaya says family business. Everyone are shocked. Mummy says you were against it right. jaya says if it is better for the house, then let it be. Kittu says its ok. Kittu asks Anand. Anand says I m with Shraddha. Shraddha smiles. Papa says this is not fair, how did you change. Anand says we should leave the decision on Shraddha. Kittu asks Ishaan. Ishaan says I m with you. Papa is happy and says I won.

Kittu says even Shraddha’s vote is there. Shraddha says I will vote for myself, the score is equal. Anand says what will we do now. Kittu says we have one more vote, and its Dhruv. Dhruv is happy and says I will vote for mummy. Papa asks why. Dhruv says Mumma wants to do work in my school. Everyone laughs. Papa is upset. Shraddha says ok, let it be oif you are feeling bad. Papa says ok, go for the interview if Dhruv wants this. Shraddha hugs Papa.

Ashish asks jaya why she voted for Papa. She says you won’t understand, I m not emotional like you. She says I don’t want Shraddha to be independent. Ashish says you don’t know Shraddha. She says you don’t understand, we can’t control her. The next morning, Shraddha is getting ready to go for the interview. Dhruv says he is ready. Shraddha asks him how does teachers dress up. He says like you. He says shall I take your interview. She says no need, I m prepared and confident. He wishes her all the best. Shraddha gets Kunal’s call. He asks why are you sounding serious. He says I heard about your job interview, Dhruv told me. She says I saw an ad in the paper and… He says good, I will pray for you. She says thanks. He says I m praying for your job. He asks what type of man do you want, what if look for someone. She says I don’t want to hear this.

He says I m looking for a girl for me, and will look for a groom for you. He says do you want someone like me. She jokes. He asks again. She says I will complain Kittu about you. Shraddha says I have to go now and cuts the call. Kunal smiles.

Kittu prays for Shraddga. jaya looks on and taunts Kittu.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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