Meri Bhabhi 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 7th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bua and Dildaar irritating Papa. Bua sits on the bad sofa and falls. jaya and everyone laughs. Bua scolds jaya. Dildaar says we have to get the chairs and sofa repairs. Papa gets angry. Dildaar says we will repair and use. Anand says I will handle. Shraddha says Papa come with me. Anand will see this. She takes Papa with her. Anand asks Dildaar to change the chairs. Papa tells Shraddha that Dildaar is irritating him by taking over everything. Shraddha says Anand will manage. She pacifies Papa and says I want my old Papa. She shows him her childhood photo and recalls old moments. Papa gets emotional. Papa says you will always be important to me. Shraddha says did you spend time with me. Papa says I was busy.

She says I will leave from here after marriage. He says

you will be in same city. She cries and says I can’t meet you every morning. Papa says I will come to meet you daily. He says I have to hear Kamini but its fine. Shraddha says I was thinking now Ishaan has grown up, you should divide your responsibility. Mummy hears them talking. Papa says my love will always be with you. I will not forget you. Mummy says Papa has become old, he is getting emotional. jaya asks them to come for the dance rehearsal. Papa and everyone smile. Shraddha gets a msg from Nisha.

Some women taunt Kamini about Shraddha. Purshottam manages the situation well. The women laughs on them. Kamini gets angry and scolds the servant. Kittu talks to jaya. Anand stops Kittu and asks about arrangements. Bua stops Kittu. Kittu asks do you want anything. Bua says no and makes her dupatta down. She says I will also remove my dupatta. jaya and Kittu are happy. jaya says am I dreaming. Dildaar is again taking over and Papa is angry. Bua scolds Ritika and Ishaan.

Papa tells Anand that Dildaar is spoiling everything. He says the chairs are also not fine. He sees an old car of his neighbor and Dildaar says I made it stand here. Papa argues with Dildaar. Papa asks Anand to take care of Dildaar else he will not control his anger. Nisha sees Kunal’s photo and says you can’t marry anyone else. Papa jokes with Dildaar. Kunal comes and everyone welcome him and his family. Shraddha comes for the Sangeet function. Kunal see her and smiles. Anand and Kittu bring Shraddha. Everyone smile seeing her.

Kunal stares at Shraddha and smiles. Kunal says Shraddha, what happened today, something is missing. Shraddha asks what. Kunal shows his pic with her in the mirror and says now its fine, perfect. Kittu says made for each other. Kamini starts the rasam. Everyone are happy. Ishaan captures it in video cam. Mummy says lets apply the mahendi to Shraddha and Kunal. Dhruv says I will apply. A lady and jaya taunts Kamini. Kunal asks Dhruv to write Shraddha’s name. Ritika says I will write Kunal’s name on Shraddha’s hand. Shraddha and Kunal smile happily. Nisha sends the photo to Shraddha.

Bua sees the photo and is shocked. She shows it to Papa. Papa is shocked seeing it. Mummy comes after them and is shocked too.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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