Meri Bhabhi 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 7th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand stopping Kittu. Kittu bends and he in order to save her, jumps into the water. He says Kittu I love you while he drowns. Kittu says Anand does not know swimming. She jumps in the water to save him. The police comes to Anand’s house. Kittu saves Anand. Papa asks the inspector to find Kittu. Ishaan and Ashish come back home saying we have looked out everywhere. Kamini comes and says I will tell what happened with Kittu. Kamini cries and is worried about Kittu. She says arrest all of them, she left home because of them. They have mentally tortured my daughter. She says all of them are responsible for this, don’t spare anyone, if anything happens to my daughter then……… She says I m in my senses, look at them, how cool they are and my daughter is missing.


calms down Kamini. She says nothing will happen to Kittu, but I can understand what you are going through. Mummy hugs Kamini. Anand says I m sorry Kittu. Kittu says tell that later, first lets get out of the water. She brings him out. Anand falls. Kittu says Anand open your eyes. She pulls the water out from his body by pressing his chest. Anand opens his eyes and looks at her. He hugs her and says I love you so much Kittu. Ranjhana…………….. plays……………….. She says lets go home. Kittu says idiot, why did you jump in the water when you did not know swimming. He says thank god you are fine Kittu.

Anand asks Kittu why were you ending your life. She says I was not. He asks were you not doing suicide. She says why will I, it was your mistake, you should be thankful that I saved you. He says I jumped thinking you jumped. She says you jumped for me Anand. She says you don’t know swimming, why did you take the risk. She says actually i should have not saved you. She feels cold. He cares for her. She says don’t care about me, I m not pregnant. He says its nothing like that. She says leave me alone here. He says here. She says yes, I come here whenever I m sad, to think. She is annoyed with him as he has hurt her with his words.

Anand says I m sorry, I did not know Shraddha and Kunal did this. He covers her with his coat, she says I don’t need this, don’t care, I won’t come with you, whats this, you always make me leave the house whenever you like. Anand says I m sorry. She says whatever you do, you say its always my mistake. He says I m sorry Kittu, I did not know what I was doing, I thought about the baby everytime. She says its about my trust, you always get angry on me. He says I m so sorry Kittu. She says how many times will you say sorry, how many times will you leave me and take me back. Leave me alone and go. She leaves. He says Kittu stop. She turns to see and gets worried seeing him nowhere.

She says he left, look at his ego. Anand says what happened, are you looking out for me. She says what are you doing here. She says I will be here all night. He says fine, I will also stay here. She says don’t try to talk to me. He says Kittu……. and holds her face. Ranjhana…………. plays. He says look in my eyes, can’t you trust me, can’t you see love in my eyes. Meherbaan………….. plays…………….They have an eyelock. Anand takes her home. Papa is leaving to make a FIR. Kunal comes home alone and sad.

Anand brings Kittu home and everyone are happy to see her. Kamini hugs Kittu and asks how are you. Everyone talk to Kittu. Shraddha hugs Kitttu and says I m so sorry, I won’t be able to forgive myself. Papa asks Kittu how did you go like this. Mummy hugs Kittu. The inspector leaves. Ashish tells how much worried Anand was. Kamini says lets go home. Mummy says where. Kamini says I don’t want my daughter to stay here. After so much insult, I won’t let her stay here, who knows Anand will insult her further. Kunal says I will stay away from Shraddha, Kittu won’t be in any problem because of me. It was not Shraddha’s mistake.

Kunal says I want to end my relation with Shraddha forever so that Kittu and Anand stay happy, I don’t want anything else. Kunal asks Anand to promise him that he will always keep Kittu happy. Anand promises. Kunal says I promise you that I will not see Shraddha ever. Shraddha is shocked. Everyone looks on. Kunal says I will not be in touch with Shraddha, is it fine now. Kittu says what are you saying. Shraddha says Kunal is right. Our relation won’t happen, we could not keep it. Shraddha cries and says whenever we tried to do something good, it affected others badly.

She says now we have to walk on different paths. jaya smiles. Kunal says lets go dad. Dhruv says Kunal uncle. Kunal says take care champ and don’t trouble your mum. Kunal looks at everyone and says Papa I m leaving, forgive me. He greets Papa and Mummy and asks them to forgive him. Kittu signs no. Kunal smiles and gives Kittu’s hand in Anand’s love and asks them to be in love always. Everyone smile. Kunal signs Kittu not to cry and says there are few people who are lucky to get true love. He looks at Shraddha while she cries.

Dhruv misses Kunal and asks Shraddha will he never meet us. Kittu thinks of talking to Anand about Kunal. Anand thinks of talking to Kittu about Shraddha..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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