Meri Bhabhi 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 6th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Papa and Mummy scolding Anand. Papa says if anything happens to Kittu, then remember you will be dead for me. Everyone are shocked. Anand says you are saying right, I don’t know how I was so strict to Kittu, I have hurt her, I don’t know what happens to me in anger, I could not become a good husband and good son. Papa says go and find her. Anand says I will go and bring my Kittu. Shraddha says where will we find her. Anand says everywhere, I will bring her. Papa says if you don’t bring her today, she will never come back. Shraddha says nothing will happen to Kittu.

Purshottam and Kamini are worried thinking where did Kittu go. jaya talks to Mummy. Mummy is worried thinking did Kittu do anything wrong. Papa says Kittu is not so weak. jaya gets Kamini’s

call and asks Mummy to talk to her. Kamini gets angry on Mummy. Mummy says Anand went to find her. Kamini taunts her and says you have broken Kittu’s trust. I will inform the police and will tell them that you all are responsible for all this. That you have done mental torture to Kittu, I will send all of you to jail.

Kamini says I did not know that everyone out there are my daughter’s enemies, see how I take away your peace. Purshottam says enough now and ends the call. Kamini cries and is about to faint. Kunal holds her. Kunal comes to know that Kittu is not at home. Papa asks Mummy what did Kamini say. Mummy says whatever she said is right, I could not become Kittu’s mum. A daughter comes to a mum when she is in problem, but Kittu did not. Everyone look out for Kittu everywhere. jaya taunts Shraddha for all this.

Papa talks to Shraddha and says you are responsible for all this. He says you lied to your brother and made a joke with Kittu. How will you hurt us, how much should we bear and forgive you. Shraddha says I wanted to tell Papa. Papa says stop it, you are not a kid, don’t you dare say sorry to me, you kept meeting Kunal, you promised me that you will not meet him, what do you want, see whats happening with Kittu, you are selfish. Papa says why am I saying this to you.

Kunal thinks about Shraddha. Kunal calls Shraddha and says I m really sorry, you are going through all this because of me, I m trying to find Kittu, you don’t worry, I will find my sister at any cost. Kunal talks to everyone on speaker and says its not Shraddha’s mistake, it was my plan, I m responsible for all this. I want to tell you I will bring Kittu back safely for you all and Shraddha, I promise. Papa and Mummy hear this. Ashish, Ishaan, Kunal and Anand look out for Kittu.

Anand thinks about jasmeet’s words. Anand shouts Kittu. Kunal tries calling Kittu. Kunal and Anand meet at the road. Anand says Kunal, Kittu is not at home, we have to find her. Kunal gets angry on Anand as Anand is responsible for hurting Kittu. Kunal thinks about Anand’s words. Kunal says I lied to you, I did not know you are so weak, what will you understand over. Anand says I have to find her, please help me. Once I get Kittu, that will happen what she wants, but help me, think about friends or relative where Kittu can go.

Kunal says I looked everywhere. Anand says we don’t have time, if you know anything, please call me, I will find my Kittu. Anand leaves. Kunal looks on. Kittu is near water depressed with life and Anand. Kittu says I have no reason to live now, its over now. Anand says I m so sorry Kittu, give me a chance to apologize, then you can give me any punishment. Kittu says I tried a lot and compromised, but nothing is changing. What should I do. Anand comes there and Ranjhana…………. plays…………

Kittu goes near the water and steps inside. Anand sees Kittu and shouts Kittu. He is shocked to see her. Kittu says now I want to end everything, no more drama. Anand runs to stop her. Anand says stop Kittu, what are you doing. Kittu looks at the water.

Kittu asks Anand to leave. She bends and Anand falls in the water. Kittu says Anand does not know swimming and she jumps to save him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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