Meri Bhabhi 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 5th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu and Mummy asking Shraddha to get ready. Dildaar talks to Papa and bores him with his silly philosophy. He says we should get everything we get free. Ritika asks Mummy to do the rehearsals. Papa also does some steps. Papa asks with whom will Ishaan dance, did you stidy with him in school. She says college. He says I don’t know what will happen with him. She says he is an introvert. He is confused type. Papa says you talk to him. Papa says lets take a break now. Papa calls Ishaan and asks for Lassi. Papa tells Ishaan that Ritika is a nice girl. Ishaan says don’t start again. Papa gives the Lassi to Mummy. Ishaan smiles.

Bua says this is the limit. Ritika says Ishaan should be Bua’s partner. Bua scolds her and says why will I dance with him, keep me away

from him. Everyone looks on. Ishaan says she was joking. Bua says don’t call me Bua, I m not your Bua. She says don’t talk to me. Papa gets angry. Bua leaves. Ishaan says why did Bua say like this that I can’t call her Bua, why does she get angry on me always, she always insults me, why. Papa says she always taunts everyone. Ishaan feels bad. Papa says don’t worry.

Mummy tells Bua that Ishaan does not know anything, we did not tell him the truth, he was very small. Bua says I can’t lie. Mummy says Papa does not want you to come here because of your behavior. Bua gets angry and says you will teach me, you took away my brother and his kids. She blames Mummy for everything. Bua taunts Mummy. Kittu comes and supports Mummy. She asks Bua not to have bitterness in heart. She says Ishaan is the son of this house, like Anand and Ashish. Bua says now you will teach me and argue with me.

Bua says I won’t stay here now. Mummy says don’t tell anything to Ishaan. Bua creates a big scene and shouts. Mummy asks Kittu for telling this to Bua. Kittu says I m sorry, I did not wish Ishaan to get hurt. Mummy says relations are so weak, lets go ad stop her. Bua comes outside and cries. She says everyone are taunting me. Papa asks what happened. Bua says Mummy has taunted me a lot, you both did not wish me to come here and Kittu has insulted me. She says I will leave now. Dildaar asks what did anyone tell you. Bua says its about Ishaan. Ishaan comes there. Mummy signs Kittu to take Ishaan. Kittu says Ishaan come with me, I need your help.

Ishaan says no, I want to see what Bua says. Kittu takes Ishaan. Mummy tries to stop Bua and asks Dildaar to do his packing. Dildaar says its a marriage home. Bua says I have bear the insult. She cries and Mummy apologizes to her. Shraddha hears them. Mummy says Kunal will be coming wit his family. Bua says you are stopping me as no one should come to know. Kamini comes with the entire family. Kunal smiles. Shraddha is happy to see Kunal. Everyone welcome them. Mummy introduces Bua to Kamini. Kunal greets everyone. Bua says we are leaving now, we won’t be there in marriage.

Everyone looks on. Kamini asks where are you going. Bua cries and says I came here for them and they have……… Kamini’s mum says you should not go leaving the marriage. Bua says no one wants me to be here. Bua is annoyed. Kunal says how can I marry without your blessings. He gives her importance and makes her stay. Everyone smile. He takes Bua in his words. Shraddha smiles. Kunal says you are more beautiful than my bride. Bua says don’t flirt with me. Kunal says I m thinking not to marry. Bua says what are you saying. Kunal says yes, I m worried about Shraddha’s anger. Bua talks to him. Kunal says she went on you. Bua says fine, I will not leave. Papa and Mummy smile. Kunal thanks her. Everyone are happy. Kunal and Shraddha look at each other and smile.

Anand says Its good Kunal stopped Bua today. Kittu says one day Bua will tell Ishaan, if he comes to know…. Ishaan asks what…..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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