Meri Bhabhi 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 5th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand driving his car thinking about Kittu’s words. Purshottam and Kamini talk to Kunal. Kamini brings Kunal to the house’s mandir and recalls their childhood. She says I always told you not to trouble Kittu and to always take care of your sister. She says you used to do anything for Kittu’s happiness and wishes. She says I know my words are bitter, but its about my daughter’s life today. Kunal says I understand what you are saying, but trust me we thought we will tell Anand the truth, but Shraddha was right. Kamini says don’t talk to me about that, forget it. I know till you don’t break your relation with that home, Kittu will be always in problem. She will sacrifice herself for you.

Kamini says don’t you have any duty as a brother, give her

life back. Kunal says even I want to do that. Kamini says then do it, you have to marry. Kunal is shocked and says what. She says your dad selected a good girl for you and I did not even see her. Kunal looks at his dad. She says your dad chose her as he knows your choice. Kunal says but dad…… Purshottam says I know you are caught in this, but the girl I saw for you is educated and from a good family, she is your match. He says if I listen to only you, my Kittu’s life will be ruined, we don’t have much options.

Kunal is in a state of shock and goes to his room. Anand comes to meet Jasmeet. She says I know you would come, are you annoyed with Kittu. Anand says how do you know. Anand says Shraddha and Kunal have fooled me. Jasmeet says it was not Kittu’s mistake. Anand says I don’t know whom to believe. Jasmeet says even you cheated Kittu. Anand says stop it enough. Jasmeet says I m your friend and it does not mean I would hear you and support only you. She says when Kittu came to know, she wanted to tell you the truth but we stopped her. We asked her to go home and talk to you.

She says you are very selfish who thinks only about yourself. Think did Kittu tell you that she is pregnant, I pity on Kittu that she married you. Anand looks on. Anand asks what did I do. Jasmeet says Kittu trusted you. Anand says enough. She says ask yourself, were you happy for Kittu and the baby, no, you were happy only for yourself, as you are a selfish man. Anand leaves. Jasmeet says I was right Anand, you won’t change, prove me wrong this time.

Dhruv is playing video game with Ashish. Dhruv asks why did Anand scold Kittu, why was Kittu crying. Ashish says they had a fight, but you don’t worry, they will be friends again. Dhruv goes to talk to Kittu. Everyone are upset at home. Shraddha says we all know about Anand that he does not show his feelings easily, he loves Kittu a lot, but he was not taking any step, seeing that we thought to tell him about Kittu’s pregnancy. Before I could explain him, all this happened. jaya says but you know Kunal’s ideas are not good. Mummy says Kittu got caught in between.

Papa says I will go and see Kittu. Mummy says Kittu said she wants to be alone. Dhruv comes and says Kittu is nowhere in the house. Everyone are shocked. Anand sits somewhere thinking and looking at some poor people. He thinks about Kittu’s words and Jasmeet’s words. Ranjhana………… plays…………. He cries and says Oh God. Everyone look around for Kittu at home but cannot find her anywhere. Papa says where can she go, how can she go. Mummy says I will ask Kamini, maybe she went there.

Purshottam talks to Mummy. Mummy asks did Kittu come there. He says no. Anand comes home. Purshottam and Kamini get worried knowing Kittu is not at home. Mummy is worried. Anand asks Mummy where can Kittu go. Papa asks did you fight with her. Anand says no, I did not go to my room. Mummy says your anger is not good, see she left the house. Anand says she can’t go, and checks the room. Papa says what can Kittu do, she is right. jaya says Shraddha has ruined Kittu’s life. Anand gets a letter and shows it to Papa. Shraddha reads the letter and is shocked. Mummy asks is it Kittu’s. Shraddha looks at Anand. Mummy asks whats written in it.

Anand sees Kittu going under water. She says I want to end everything. Anand tries to stop her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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