Meri Bhabhi 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 4th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal coming to Kittu’s house. He meets Papa and says I will help you in washing clothes. Papa agrees happily and gives him the clothes to wash. Dhruv says Papa has made you Mamu. Kunal says yes looks so. Anand tells Kamini not to worry about Kunal’s marriage and he will find a girl for him. He thinks of linking Kunal and jasmeet. He thinks it will be a good jodi. Kittu comes and asks where is Kunal. Papa says yes he came. Mummy asks are you not washing your clothes. Papa says its being washed. Papa says Kunal is washing the clothes. Everyone are shocked. Papa says Kunal asked me that he will wash the clothes.

Shraddha comes to Kunal and laughs seeing him. Kittu says what are you doing. Kunal says I was helping Papa. Shraddha says Papa was about to wash his

clothes. Kittu says come out, we will continue the work. Kittu asks Kunal to stop washing. Shraddha says I will make the tea. Kunal gets cold. Shraddha brings tea for him. He says I needed the tea, thanks. She says you wash the clothes well. He says I used to live alone thats why. Shraddha calls him Shaadi material. She asks why he postponed the engagement. Kunal says I did not want to marry. Shraddha says marriage is much necessary in life. She says everyone needs a partner in life.

Kunal says then what did you think about yourself, will you remarry. Shraddha is shocked. Kunal says tell me, will you marry. Shraddha says no, I have failed once, don’t want to fail again. Kunal stops her and says you did not fail, Bobby failed. Shraddha says its one and the same. Shraddha says I chose Bobby and it was my mistake. I can’t choose anyone now. Kunal says forget the past and think about the future, be independent. Shraddha says you are right, how long would I depend on my family. Kunal says no, She says I can take care of my son on my own, I don’t want to get married.

She leaves. Kunal looks on and stops her again. He says if you get a good life partner who thinks of Dhruv as his son and love you then… She cries. Kunal says sorry. Kittu comes and asks why sorry. Kittu asks Kunal what he did that made him say sorry. Kunal jokes and changes the topic. Kittu says Anand came from office, and wants to talk to you. Anand and Kittu talk to Kunal about who is it, for whom you broke the engagement. Kittu asks id there anyone in your life. Kittu says you can tell me, I will talk to Mummy. Kunal says there is no one. Anand says then whats the reason. Kunal says there is no reason, I need time to think. He explains Anand what he feels. He says the day I know what I want in my life, I will tell you first, I promise.

Kunal is thinking and his dad comes to him. Kunal talks to his dad. His dad says we have always spoke about work but we have not talked about what we needed to. He says we did not share anything, its my mistake. Kunal says no, you are the best father. His dad says no, I did not ask you are you happy or not. Kunal says even I don’t know else I would have told you. His dad says I m not asking you anything now. He says your every decision will be accepted by me. He gives him the ring which he made for him. He says I want that bahu whom you like. He says I will talk to your mum when you choose anyone. Kunal says dad, and hugs him.

Shraddha thinks about Kunal’s words and is upset. Ishaan comes to her and asks for her help. Shraddha asks what help. He says I want to see a concert and the ticket is Rs. 5000. Shraddha says no, Papa will not agree. He requests her to try. She sees the playschool teacher requirement ad. She says I can do this work. Ishaan says Papa will have to allow you first. Shraddha goes to talk to Papa.

Kittu talks to Kamini and says we have spoke to Kunal well. Kamini asks did he say anything. She says he gets excited to visit your house. Kittu asks who told you. Kamini says I came to know everything. Kittu asks what did jaya say. Kamini says did Kunal tell when will he marry. Kittu says he is asking some time. Kamini says how much time more. Kittu says don’t force him. Kamini says fine, don’t tell me anything. Kittu says jaya is there to tell you. Papa calls Ashish and asks him some work. Shraddha comes to Papa and says I was thinking to apply for the job in playschool for the post of teacher.

Mummy and Papa and everyone are shocked. Ishaan asks Shraddha to ask about concert. Papa says no, you won’t work. Kittu says whats wrong in it. Papa says Shraddha can join my business. Shraddha says Ashish is taking care of it. Papa says you can work with him. Ashish gets annoyed and says let her handle the business alone, I don’t have any problem. He gets angry and leaves. Ishaan goes to talk to Ashish.

Anand argues with Kittu. Kittu says Shraddha will be happy to work.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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