Meri Bhabhi 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 4th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone happy knowing about Kittu’s pregnancy. Shraddha and Kunal are tensed seeing this. Everyone have a laugh. Mummy expresses her happiness. Kittu is shocked and cries. She says no, I m not pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Anand does not understand. Everyone look at Kittu. Anand looks at Kittu shocked. Kamini says what are you saying, are you still angry, forget your anger, its a big good news. She says look at Anand, how much happy he is. Kittu says I have to clear this to Anand. Anand says I know. He holds her hand and says I did this for you. He says I m much happy. Everyone smiles. Anand says everyone had surprises for you.

Ashish and Ishaan bring a cake. Kittu says what are you all doing, I told you that I m not pregnant. Everyone are shocked again.

Anand and Kittu look at each other. Anand says but Shraddha told me that Kittu is pregnant. Everyone need an answer from Shraddha. Shraddha says yes I told. Anand says it means Kittu lied to Shraddha. Kunal says it was my plan. Anand gets angry on Kittu for lying to him to get back in his life. He says you played with my emotions.

Kunal says it was my plan Anand. Anand scolds Kunal for fooling him. He thinks its Kunal’s and Kittu’s plan. Anand goes on to taunt Kittu’s family. Kunal says you can’t insult my sister like this. Anand taunts Kittu and says you showed me a dream to become a dad, you don’t deserve my trust and love, you are disgusting. Papa slaps Anand. Shraddha is shocked. Papa says is this the way to talk to your wife. Papa says she is my bahu, say sorry. Mummy asks Ishaan to take Dhruv inside. Mummy asks Anand to go to his room. Anand asks Kittu to leave. Mummy says enough Anand, enough.

Mummy says I m fed up. Shraddha says Kittu did not lie. Kittu says let him say, let me know what he thinks about me. She says its good that he did not know the truth, I know my place in his life now. Else I would have not known my value in his sight. Ranjhana………………….. plays………………… Kittu says its good that I m not pregnant. Kittu says yes, I m happy that I m not pregnant. Kamini cries. Kittu leaves and runs to her room crying. Kamini comes to talk to Kittu and asks her to open the door. Kittu opens the door. Kittu hugs Kamini and cries. Kamini says I m with you, have strength. Kittu says leave me alone for some time.

Shraddha tells everyone that it was her mistake. She told Anand about Kittu’s pregnancy. Kamini hears this and gets angry. Shraddha tells Anand that Kittu is innocent, she did not knew about this. Anand says what are you saying. Kunal says don’t tell anything to Shraddha, it was my plan. Anand says what, plan, what drama did you do. Shraddha says we did this to bring you and Kittu closer. Kittu cries in her room. Tere ishq lage………………. plays……………… She thinks about her and Anand’s moments and his words.

Anand scolds Kunal from coming in between him and Kittu. Kunal says try to understand why we did this. Purshottam also scolds Kunal for creating a big misunderstanding. Mummy says such a big lie. Kunal says did our lie did not bring Kittu and Anand closer. Kittu looks in the mirror and says all lie. There is no love in Anand’s heart. Anand asks Kunal what are you thinking now. Anand cries and leaves. Kamini speaks against Shraddha. Kunal apologizes to Papa and leaves with Purshottam and Kamini.

Anand asks where did Kittu go. Mummy says she left. Anand says she can’t go like this. Papa says how much will she bear. Anand gets Kittu’s letter in the room. Shraddha is shocked reading the letter.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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