Meri Bhabhi 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 3rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha taking Kunal’s side saying he needs his time. Kittu says I know, he is right, but why is he taking so much time, what might have happened. Kittu says Kamini is very angry on him. Shraddha says I told you before that Kunal is mad, go and talk to him and try to know the reason. Mummy calls Kittu and she leaves. Kittu sees Shraddha’s earring in her purse. Kamini gets a call from jaya. She talks to her. jaya says what should I say now, see what happened. Kamini says Kunal needs some time. jaya says I have always alert you. She says keep Kunal away from Shraddha. Kamini speaks against Shraddha. jaya says be careful else anything can happen. Kamini says nothing will happen, Kunal will get engaged only to Aashka. jaya cuts the call. Kamini thinks about it.


brings Shraddha’s earrings and says I got this with Kunal in his room, maybe you forgot it there. Shraddha is shocked and says yes its mine. Shraddha takes it and leaves. Aashka calls Kunal and he thinks why is she calling him. He talks to Aashka and gets happy. Kittu brings tea for Anand and thinks about Kunal. She says why did Kunal postpone the marriage. Anand says maybe he is in love with someone. Kittu says no, he don’t know anyone here. Anand says you don’t know guys, they fall in love at first sight. Kittu says he would have told me if he was in love. Anand says everything will be fine. Kittu think if Kunal is really in love, then this is the first time he is hiding anything from me. Anand says give him some time.

Kittu is upset. Anand tries to make her smile by taking her photo. Anand jokes and Kittu smiles. He says you look beautiful when you smile. Ashish is filling a form and says jaya that I? got shortlisted in the interview. She speaks against Papa and Ashish agrees with her getting into her talk. Ashish is shocked seeing jaya. Aashka’s family says Aashka is denying the proposal. Kamini says you are telling us now that she was in love with someone else. Kamini scolds them. Kunal is happy. Aashka’s mum argues with her and says we are proud of our daughter. Kamini breaks the relation.

Kamini says I don’t want a girl like Aashka. Purshottam says we should not be angry on each other. Aashka’s family gets angry and leaves. Kamini tells Kunal that did you see what happened. Its good you took time from me, and the truth came infront of us. He says forget this matter, I m there.

Shraddha comes to Dhruv and asks him what he is doing. Dhruv tells him that Kunal asked him not to trouble you. He says he is a good guy and I called him to my school on parents day and he agreed. Shraddha is shocked. She says Kunal can’t come on parents day. Dhruv says please, let him participate in my school. Shraddha says I will be with you. Dhruv gets upset and says I won’t talk to you. He leaves. Papa scolds the servant. He tells Mummy about it. They have a funny scene. Papa fires the servant Sukhbir.

Mummy stops Papa and calms him down. Papa says I will wash my clothes on my own. Shraddha says its ok, I will wash your clothes. Papa says no, I want perfection. Everyone smiles. Mummy says ok you wash it yourself and train Sukhbir also so that he won’t do any mistake. Mummy says lets go to buy vegetables. Papa says go and when you come back, see my clothes. Kittu asks jaya to come fast. jaya says coming.

The women are in the market laughing on Papa’s behavior. Shraddha reminds that Papa once punished Ashish. Mummy says Papa loves Ashish. Kittu bargains for onion. Shraddha looks at her. Kamini calls Kittu and says I have broken that relation. Kittu is shocked and asks why. Kamini says that girl was having an affair. She says its good that Kunal did not do the engagement. She says we will have to find a girl for Kunal. Kittu says ok, try to find. Kamini says ask Anand to come with us this time. Kittu says yes. Mummy asks Kittu what happened. Kittu says my mum broke that relation. Shraddha is shocked. Mummy asks Kittu not to worry as everything happens for the good. She says Kunal will get a good girl and he will get her soon. Kittu smiles.

Shraddha tells Papa I want to talk to you. Papa asks what. Shraddha says I want to do some work at a playschool.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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