Meri Bhabhi 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha’s phupha Dildaar coming and greeting everyone. Everyone are happy to see him happy and dancing. He asks Ishaan to bring his luggage. Shraddha greets him. He says I brought this flower for you. Shraddha laughs. He meets Dhruv and blesses him. jaya tells Shraddha that the bouquet is old. Shraddha smiles. Dildaar says I will do all the arrangements. Papa says I won’t let him hijack the marriage. Mummy says be cool, he just came. Ashish says the driver is asking for money. Dildaar asks him to adjust the money and value relations. Papa gets irritated. Anand says I will pay him. Dildaar says why did you give him money, don’t spend much. Bua says yes, we don’t know their demands. Papa leaves.

Its morning, Purshottam gets ready to go to his shop. Kamini

asks him to have food. He says I have a meeting. Kamini’s mum asks her to have food and do the shopping for shagun. Purshottam asks her to go with Kamini and do the shopping. He leaves. Dadi does aarti. Kamini tries to make Dadi angry and praises her. Dadi does not react and asks Kamini to do the shopping. Dildaar has taken over all the arrangements and keeping the marriage at the lawn. Papa says it will be in wedding hall. Dildaar says why to spend lakhs in wedding hall. Bua says we are saving your money. Papa says I want to do my daughter’s marriage well.

Dildaar says my heart is very big and gives him sweets. Papa says I have diabetics. Kunal and Shraddha have a talk. Shraddha tells him about Dildaar taking over the arrangements. She says Papa is very angry on him. Bua asks Papa to see the profits. Dildaar says women also come in the marriage, they need rooms to take care of the kids. Wedding hall does not have benefits. Papa says my daughter also have some dreams. Bua says it does not matter. Shraddha says its my dream to have a good marriage, but I don’t know I will be able to see you on horse or not.

He says why not, I will see you. Shraddha laughs. Papa says you do the marriage, I don’t want to save money. Dildaar says I have four houses, because of savings. Anand calms down Papa and says go for shopping. Dildaar tells about discount. Papa says I don’t want discount. Dildaar says the marriage will be lawn. Kunal says the marriage will be interesting. Kamini calls Kunal and he ends the call. Dhruv comes to Shraddha and shows his dress. Shraddha says your dad has surprised for you. He designed your room. Dhruv is happy. He says but I don’t want to leave Mummy and Papa. Shraddha says we are not leaving them, we will be in same city and can come to meet them often. Shraddha hugs him.

Kamini talks to her mum and Dadi. Dadi says how will you do all the arrangements. Purshottam and Kunal say we should give her an assistant. Kittu comes there and everyone are happy. Kittu greets her Nani and Dadi. Dildaar comes to meet Purshottam and says I will get you the best deals. Dadi asks Kittu to stay with them. Kittu says I m Shergill’s family. Everyone have a laugh. A girl comes to teach dance for the sangeet.

She asks Ishaan to dance well and hold her waist. Ishaan says she is Ritika, our choreographer. Ishaan says she is my good friend. Everyone smile seeing Ritika and Ishaan. Ritika asks Anand to dance and says everyone has to agree. Papa and Mummy are happy. Bua comes and asks whats going on. Mummy says we are practicing dance. Bua says I won’t dance and you all will dance only on Dhol. Ritika talks to Bua saying Dadi. Bua says I m Bua, who are you to explain me. Bua says there won’t be any filmi dance. Papa says we will dance as we wish, its my daughter’s marriage. Bua leaves.

Its night, Kittu and Shraddha are having icecream. Kittu tells what Kunal did while shopping. Shraddha laughs. Anand calls Kittu. Kittu says if he sees I m having icecream, he will scold me. Anand sees Kittu having icecream and worries for her. Shraddha thinks about Kunal and smiles.

Shraddha’s friend talks to Shraddha. She gets a msg saying don’t marry Kunal, he is already married. Shraddha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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