Meri Bhabhi 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ishaan telling Mummyji that he will help her on behalf of Kittu Bhabhi. Ashish says, I will work on behalf on Jaya. Anand asks Kittu will feel good at her mayka. Jaya says, what is the thing? You are not getting angry now. Mummy says, Kittu is related to her family like you have with your mayka. She asks her to get milk for Dhruv. Papaji says, I have a plan. Dhruv says, you have plan like Mumma. Papaji asks, what is it? Mummy says, it is a secret. Papaji says, I am planning a surprise for them. He says, we will not show Shraddha and Kittu that we are aware of Kittu’s pregnancy and then will inform her at the party. Everyone is happy. Dhruv gets excited. Jaya says, Shraddha didi didn’t come until now.

Jasmeet says, thank god we got bailed. She asks, how did

it happen? How Kunal came into picture? Shraddha says, everything is complicated. Kittu says, somebody called her for help. Kittu says, I am literally shocked. Didi and Kunal was together and I was unaware. Kunal’s dad tells Kunal that he was not aware of his stupidity. He says, how Kittu’s family will react when they come to know that they spent a night at the lodge.. How they will feel when they come to know that you were in the lock up. Atleast think about your mom. She will do the tamasha. Kittu asks, why you met Kunal after refusing to marry. I thought you got seperated from him. She asks her to reply?

You should have think about it once. Shraddha says, we used to meet and talk. And the reason behind it is you. Kittu asks the driver to stop the car. Kunal’s dad asks him, why you met Shraddha? He says, I will not tell her because of Shraddha. What to say to you? Kunal says, I can’t tell anything now. Kittu asks Shraddha to say what is in her mind. Shraddha says, I couldn’t forgive you for the problems between you and Anand. Kunal was stressed too. Anand was filing for divorce and to discourage him we lied to him. Kittu asks, what? Shraddha says, we lied that you are pregnant. This was the only way to make him realise his love for you. Ranjhaana plays………….. Kittu is shocked and recalls Anand’s concern. Kittu says, you should have tell me. Jasmeet says, who knows about it? Shraddha says, bhai knows about it. Ishaan is hinted about it. Kittu asks her to call Anand and tell about her lie. Shraddha says no. Kittu says, I will call and inform him now. Shraddha asks her not to call Anand now. She says, he will ask questions. She says, we will go home first.

Papaji is very excited to become Dada. Mummyji says, I am making menu for the party. Mummyji is happy as well. Ashish says, my friend is a caterer and he will take care of food. Jaya asks Mummyji to help her in choosing the dress. Ashish asks, did you send invitation to Kamini Aunty. Mummyji says, she is not a guest. Papaji says, tell her that I will dance with her.

Kamini is happy to know about Kittu’s pregnancy. Purushottam gets Kamini’s call. He asks Kunal to talk to her. Kamini asks Purushottam about Kunal. He asks her not to worry. Kamini asks him to reach at Kittu’s home. She disconnects the call. She says, to be nanaji couldn’t think even in dreams. Purushottam is scared of Papaji. Jasmeet says, Kittu have to tell Anand. Shraddha says sorry for lying with Anandi. She says, I lied for you. Kittu says, you shouldn’t have done it. She says Anand’s love is for the baby who doesn’t exist. Kittu thinks to tell the truth to Anand before anyone tells him. Shraddha gets Kunal’s message. It reads that Kamini asked them to come at Kittu’s home. Jasmeet asks, how you will handle this?

Home is being decorated by Ishaan. Everyone are happy. Kamini laughs with Mummyji. Ashish asks Jaya to bring tea. Papaji compliments Mummyji. Mummyji asks Kamini to get her hairs dyed. Kamini says, I am learning stories for the new baby. Anand comes. everyone wishes him for the baby. Mummyji pulls his leg. Anand gets shy. Kittu, Shraddha, Kunal and Purushottam come in their cars. They enter the house and see the darkness. They switch on the lights. They are surprised to see the party decorations. Mummyji says, you gave me a big happiness. Kittu says, you are here. Mummyji asks Kittu to sit on the chair. Kittu tells Anand that she needs to talk to him urgently. Anand says, I will say now. He keeps the ring in her finger. Everyone claps for them. Ranjhanaa plays……………Kittu couldn’t say anything. Papaji asks Kittu, did you like our surprise? Mummyji says, Anand told us everything. Papaji asks Ashish to lift the curtain.It is written congratulations to be would be mummy. Kittu and Shraddha are shocked.

Kamini asks Kittu what are you saying. Kittu tells everyone that I am not pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Kittu is in tears.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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