Meri Bhabhi 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 30th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu getting happy seeing the gifts kept in her room by Anand. Anand comes and says I m here. She asks whats all this. He says this was jasmeet’s idea. He tells Kittu about the karwachauth. He says you forgot, you don’t remember me and my fest. She says listen to me and flirts with him. Anand gets happy. She says I can keep a four day fast for you. She says thanks for the surprise. He says why should only one of us be fasting, you won’t be hungry for me. She says its a ritual and my love for you.

Kamini is angry on Kunal. The servant tells her that the shagun is ready. She is upset and says I won’t go there. She says Kittu is not interested in meeting me or getting the shagun. Purshottam says this is the ritual. She says our children don’t follow

rituals and relations. She taunts Kunal and leaves. Purshottam asks Kunal to talk to Kamini. Kunal tells him that Kittu came and had an argument with Kamini. Everyone are happy at home. Papa tells everyone about his childhood. Shraddha applies mahendi to Mummy. Dhruv asks will you also apply mahendi mumma. Shraddha says you come first. Dhruv says I m not a girl. Shraddha is sad.

Papa talks to Mummy and everyone says Oh….. and laughs. Ashish talks to jaya on phone and says I will also fast for you. Ishaan jokes and says you also come here to apply mahendi and laughs. Ashish agrees. Everyone laugh hearing Ashish’s conversation with jaya. Ashish is after Ishaan. Shraddha also jokes with him and pulls his leg. Kittu comes there. Mummy asks her to apply mahendi. Kittu says I have some work in the kitchen. Mummy says fine. Papa asks her to make tea. Kittu says yes. Papa says is this the tea time, what happened to you, its time for medicines. He asks where is your focus. Kittu leaves.

Mummy says what happened to Kittu. She was happy last time, but today she is upset. Shraddha asks Ishaan to go to Kittu. Ishaan says sorry to Kittu. She says I have forgiven you. He says I will apply mahendi to your hands. Everyone laughs. She says don’t show much skills. Papa says your mum did not come till now. She did not even call till now. Kittu is quiet. Papa says we feel good when she comes. Mummy says she will come soon, may be she is busy. She asks Papa to have medicines. She tells Kittu see your shagun will surely come. Kittu looks at Shraddha.

Kunal talks to Purshottam. He says I don’t know, your mum is adamant that she will not go, and there Kittu is waiting for her. Kunal says mum won’t listen to anyone. He says Kittu will be upset. Kunal says talk to Kittu on phone, she will understand you. Purshottam says lets go there and explain her, Kamini can’t go, but I can. Kunal says right. Purshottam says lets go together. Kunal says I…. no dad. He says I promised you and mum, you also wanted this. Purshottam says yes, I wanted this because of Kamini, but I want you to come with me to make Kittu happy. He asks Kunal to come with him.

Mummy and Shraddha see Kittu sad and talks to Kittu and tell her not to be upset as her mum will surely come. Shraddha says its still much time left. Mummy asks did you fight with your mum. Kittu is silent. Mummy says Kamini won’t be annoyed with you for much time, especially today. Shraddha says Kittu has everyone’s love. Kittu tells Papa that everyone loves me and Papa tha most. Dhruv says me too. Everyone laughs and Kittu’s mood is off. Kamini comes to know that Purshottam and Kunal went to Kittu’s house with the shagun. Kamini is shocked.

Ishaan is joking and everyone laughs. Purshottam comes with the shagun. He comes with Kunal. Mummy is happy seeing Purshottam but is tensed seeing Kunal. Kunal is upset and does not enter the house, and stands at a far distance. Kamini says Kunal and Purshottam did not ask me before going there. Shraddha is happy to see Kunal. They look at each other. Papa meets Purshottam and Kunal well. Dhryuv hugs Kunal and says I missed you. Shraddha stops Mummy from saying anything to Kunal. Kunal looks at them. Kittu says I was waiting for you. Kittu smiles seeing Kunal and welcomes them. Kunal is tensed. Papa asks him to come in. Anand brings him inside. Kunal walks by Shraddha’s side and she is tensed.

Kunal is with Dhruv and says I missed you. Dhruv says if you miss me, then it means you love me.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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