Meri Bhabhi 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 2nd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal saying Kittu that he does not want to get engaged. Kittu says its too late now. Kunal says I understand but… Kamini is talking to her husband and says I will go and talk to Kunal. Kittu asks him why is he saying no. Kunal says don’t know. Kittu says is this a game, you know what will people say. She says think about Aashka and her family. Kunal says I know, but this is my life and I can’t be with her for my entire life. He says I m not happy with this engagement, I can’t do this engagement. Kamini hears them and faints.

Shraddha is making food and Dhruv talks about Kunal. Shraddha says Kunal fears of cockroach. jaya says maybe he was acting. Mummy says what are you saying. jaya says ask Shraddha about it. Shraddha tells Mummy that Kunal came to

pick Kittu’s clothes, I saw a cockroach and I shouted, he came and even he shouted. Mummy laughs. Mummy says even Kittu is afraid of cockroach. Dhruv says you are laughing on my Kunal uncle.

Kamini wakes up and Kittu asks her to take vitamin tablets. Kamini looks at Kunal and hgets angry. She says I want to talk to Kunal. She asks Kunal whatever she heard was true. Kittu asks what did you hear. Kamini asks Kittu not to interrupt. She asks Kunal to speak up. Kunal says its about my life and says I have to tell her my decision. Kamini says what decision, look at me. Kunal says I can’t do this engagement. Everyone are shocked. Purshottam says what…. Kunal says I need time to think. Kamini cries. Purshottam scolds Kunal. Kamini says are you mad, your engagement is in two days. Kittu calms down Kamini.

Kamini says we agreed to his every wish but see what is he doing. He is going against us. She says we want to see him as a groom. She says you don’t care about our happiness. Kamini says some emotional lines and cries. Kunal says I don’t want to do it, please try to understand me. Kamini says now the time has passed, now your engagement will happen, else the society will point on us. She says we will lose our respect. Kunal says I know this is not a joke but I need time. Kamini says this is happening because of you, you brought Shraddha here. Kunal says from where did Shraddha come. He says I m not happy with this relation. Kamini says whats the reason that you are saying no to this proposal.

Kunal’s dad says ok break this relation but you need to tell me the reason. Kunal says I don’t have any reason, but my heart says this relation is not right for me, I can’t do this engagement. Kamini leaves. Kittu cries.

jasmeet gives the legal documents to Anand and says Shraddha is free now. She says what in the future. Anand asks why did you not marry then. jasmeet’s mum comes. She says I saw a guy for her and help me by making her agree to meet the guy. Anand says ok I will make her agree. jasmeet comes and says what. Anand changes the topic.

Kittu comes to Kunal and says I don’t know why you said no for the engagement, I want you to be happy but your decision has hurt mummy and I can’t see her sad. She says go once and talk to her. Kunal says she won’t understand. Kittu says no way, tell her whats in your heart, she will understand. Kunal comes to Kamini and says … She says I don’t want to talk to you. He says if this engagement is more important than my happiness, then I will do it. He says I m not ready for it, I was trying to understand whats going on with me but could not. She says I felt Aashka and I cannot be happy together.

Kamini shows him the card and says it has our names in it and I request you not to ruin our respect. Kunal says I won’t do anything that will ruin your image, I want some time, I can’t decide so soon, I need time to think.

Kittu calls Anand and asks him to come home as there is some big problem. Anand says I m coming. Dhruv and everyone are playing game. jaya says I made french fires for everyone. Mummy and everyone laughs. Ashish says now, it smells good, bring it to me. She asks him to eat it. He makes excuses to avoid not to eat it. jaya says ok don’t eat, I will have it. Ishaan jokes. Anand comes with Kittu. Mummy asks Kittu about Kunal. Kittu tells everyone that Kunal’s engagement is postponed for few days. Everyone are shocked and asks the reason.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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