Meri Bhabhi 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 29th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu going to meet her mum in anger while Shraddha trying to stop her. Kittu says don’t stop me this time, I need to ask my mum about what happened. Shraddha takes Ishaan with her. Papa is playing with Dhruv and loses to him. Mummy laughs. Dhruv is happy as he is winning. Ashish comes home. Papa asks how did you come home so soon. Ashish says my work got over. Papa asks him did jaya reach safely. Ashish and Mummy says yes. Dhruv asks Ashish to play with him. Ashish says I m tired. Dhruv says its only Kunal who never says no to me. He asks why is Kunal not coming to our house. Papa says he went out for some work. Dhruv says I will call him. Mummy tries to stop him. Dhruv requests. Papa says let him call. Mummy says you are not understanding. Papa calls Kunal.


talks to Papa. Papa says Dhruv wants to talk to you, talk to him. Dhruv talks to Kunal and says I m not happy with you, why did you not come. Kamini sees Kunal talking with Dhruv. Dhruv tells everyone that Kunal is coming to meet him. Mummy gets tensed. Kamini is angry. Kittu comes to her and asks her whats the matter with Mummy. Kamini is speechless. Mummy is planting trees and talks to Sukhbir, her servant. Shraddha asks Ishaan what happened. Ishaan says nothing. Mummy sees them and is worried. Kamini says what do you want to know, come and sit here.

Kittu asks her straight away. She asks what did you tell to Mummy. She says today I will know what happened. Shraddha is with Ishaan and asks what did Kamini say, did she say about me. Mummy rushes to Ishaan and Shraddha. Shraddha says I have a right to know if she told about me. Kamini says you won’t understand. Kittu says why are you hiding it from me. Kamini says you go and ask her. She says you trust her, not me. She says I m quiet, because its your in laws house. Kittu asks again. Kamini says I won’t. Kittu says ok fine, but there is someone who will tell me. Kamini asks who. Ishaan asks Shraddha not to tell this to anyone and Mummy too.

Ishaan says you will feel bad after hearing this. Mummy hears Shraddha asking Ishaan and goes to them. Ishaan is telling her and Mummy stops him. She asks Ishaan to go outside. Ishaan leaves. Shraddha says you know everything, so you stopped Ishaan. Why is he angry on Kamini, tell me, I can hear the truth.

Shraddha asks Mummy is this related to Kunal. Mummy says no. Shraddha says Kamini told you about me and Kunal. Mummy says I don’t care and you should also not care about this. Mummy says don’t let this influence you. She says you and Dhruv are happy. Shraddha says how can she think that I m after Kunal. Shraddha cries. Mummy pacifies her and says we trust you. She says we want you to be happy always. Shraddha hugs her. Dhruv brings her drawing and shows her to Shraddha. Shraddha is upset. Dhruv says did you not like it. Mummy asks Shraddha to see whats infront of her. She says this is Dhruv and this is you, you both have to hold hands and move ahead. Shraddha says its a nice drawing. Papa comes and asks Mummy to bring water.

Mummy tells about Karwachauth. Papa brings toys for Dhruv. Shraddha asks is there Karwachauth tomorrow. Papa says yes, did you forget. He says its god if you forgot. Shraddha says no Papa, this things should not be forgotten. She says I learnt a lot from it. She gets sad. Mummy looks at her. Shraddha asks Papa what gift is he giving to Mummy. He says she will ger the git if she keeps the fast. He tells her about her last karwachauth. He says I will keep the fast this time. Shraddha says Papa, so romantic. Mummy says even you can’t be hungry, we are made for each other. Dhruv comes and takes Shraddha with her. Papa says see my daughter to fight with life. Mummy says yes, even I did not know. Papa asks what. Mummy is quiet.

Kamini tells Kittu that you won’t ask anyone. She says leave this matter. She changes the topic. Kunal comes there. Kittu is shocked to see him and says you told me that you went out for few days. Kunal says its good you came, I was about to call you. Kamini gets tensed. Kittu says why did you lie to us. Kamini signs no to Kunal. Kittu looks at Kamini. Kunal says I came now. He asks why are you in tension. Kittu says we will go to our house, we will talk there. Kunal says not today and makes excuses. He says I m tired. Kittu says fine and leaves. Kamini stops Kittu. Kittu is angry. Kunal asks whats the matter. He stops Kittu and says dad will feel bad if you go like this. Kittu says I will come back after knowing everything.

Kamini asks where is Purshottam. The servant says he went with Kittu and Kunal with shagun. Purshottam comes to Shraddha’s house. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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