Meri Bhabhi 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 28th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Papa calling Kamini and talking about the proposal for Kunal. He congratulates her. He says I will wish Kunal too. Kamini asks Kunal to talk. Papa talks to Kunal and congratulates him. Papa is happy. He asks him when are you coming here for playing chess. Kunal looks at Kamini and says I can’t come, I m going out for few days for some work. Papa says work first, we will play some other time. Papa wishes him all the best. Kunal tells Kamini I m doing what you wanted. Kittu talks to Shraddha that Kunal is going out but did not tell me. Shraddha says he won’t come here as Mummy has scolded him. Kittu calls Kunal.

She says you are going out and did not tell us, why and you did not tell me what happened at jasmeets’ house. You did not even call Shraddha and

ask her how was her day. She says talk to her. Shraddha talks to Kunal. She says you forgot your friend once you got your proposal. He says I was busy. She says I was joking, no formalities in friendship. She says when you meet jasmeet, think what will happen. Kunal says Anand took me without telling me, else I would have not gone. Shraddha says jasmeet is a nice girl. Kunal asks her should I marry her. Shraddha says yes, everyone are saying this. Kunal asks what do you think. Shraddha is silent. She says yes, even I feel she is right for you and you should meet her. He says what if I don’t feel anything for her.

Shraddha jokes and asks him to meet jasmeet. Shraddha asks Kunal why is he so queit. She says don’t worry, jasmeet is so lively, so when are you meeting her. Kunal does not reply. Shraddha asks him when are you marrying him. She says it will be fun in your marriage. Kunal is hurt. He cuts the call. Shraddha says don’t know what happened to Kunal. Kittu says don’t know why he runs away from marriage. Even Anand tried, but nothing happened. Shraddha says what might be the reason. She says maybe he needs time, he might be confused. Kittu says maybe he likes someone else. Shraddha is shocked.

Shraddha leaves. At night, Shraddha asks Dhruv to play outside. She sees Kittu upset and asks her what happened. She says are you worried about Kunal, everything will be fine. Kittu says I m worried seeing his behavior, I feel he has someone in his life. Shraddha asks who. Kamini tells Purshottam don’t you know he is hungry for whom. She says we asked him not to meet Shraddha and he is showing rudeness. Shraddha says I don’t think he likes someone else, else he would have told you. Kittu says how can I find out, will you ask him out. Purshottam says I spoke to him, be calm now. Shraddha says I would have asked, but did you see how she has cut the call. Mummy hears this. Kittu requests Shraddha to ask Kunal. Shraddha says I will ask, don’t worry. Mummy says Kittu….

Mummy asks Shradda not to talk to Kunal. Shraddha says Kittu asked me to talk to Kunal. Mummy says never. Shraddha asks why. Mummy explains her saying try to understand, this is not our home’s matter. She says what will you say to Kamini if she confronts you and blames you for Kunal. Mummy asks her not to go and meet Kunal. Mummy says won’t Kamini ask you to be away from Kunal. She says don’t get involved in this. Mummy leaves. Shraddha looks on.

The next morning, Anand meets jasmeet at a restaurant and tells her about Kunal. She says I have to go and meet the client. She says I m not interested in Kunal, I don’t have any space for him in my life. She says why are you after me. Anand says you have to marry someone. She says is there nothing about my like. He says meet him once. She says its my life, I will marry whom I love. Anand says meet him. She says no and leaves. Kittu calls Anand and asks when is jasmeet meeting Kunal. He says I will call you later. Mummy gives some work to Kittu. Kittu says I have to make food, I will do that first. Mummy says I will do it.

Shraddha leaves from the school. Ishaan comes to pick her. Kittu also comes there. Kittu says Mummy has sent me. Shraddha says I will go with Kittu. Ishaan says come with me, on bike. Kittu asks Ishaan to give some clothes to Kamini. Ishaan refuses. Kittu asks why. Shraddha insists. Ishaan gets angry and tells them that he does not want to meet Kamini. Kittu and Shraddha are puzzled. Ishaan tells them that Kamini spoke bad words to Mummy. Kittu and Shraddha are shocked. Kittu asks what did my Mummy say. Ishaan says leave it. Kittu says tell me. Ishaan says ask your mummy.

Kittu comes to Kamini and looks at her. She says I thought everything is fine, but I want to know whats the matter.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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