Meri Bhabhi 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 28th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhruv asking Shraddha will you leave me here. Shraddha says no, I can never leave you, you will always be with me. She asks Dhruv to tell her if he is afraid, she will take him today. Dhruv says Kamini told him. Ishaan comes and takes Dhruv with him. Shraddha looks at Kittu. Ashish asks Dildaar to arrange waiters. Dildaar says why, waht for, can’t you all serve. Bua talks to Kamini and asks her to have something. Bua makes her eat laddos. Kamini sits on a bad chair and falls. She creates a scene. Papa says Dildaar did this. Dildaar hides from Papa. Ishaan says he is hiding there.

Papa scolds him. Dildaar apologizes to Kamini. Kittu asks Shraddha not to worry about Dhruv and think about Kunal. She teases Shraddha taking Kunal’s name. Kittu says he is enjoying

a lot, look at him, he is looking prince charming, all girls will be around him, who is that girl who is near him and giggling. Shraddha says who. Kittu laughs and says jealous. Jaya comes to Kunal with laddoos. His friends ask him not to eat it. Kunal says first you have it. Jaya says no. Kunal says why. Jaya says we brought this for you. Jaya leaves. Kunal says I m feeling hungry. They see Anand. Anand asks Ishaan to bring a chair for Kunal. Kunal says no, I m fine.

Kunal asks Anand to share the laddoos. Anand asks Ashish to bring some snacks for Kunal. Kunal says no, give it from your plate. Anand says no, take the fresh ones. Anand gives him a laddo. Kunal takes all the laddoos and eats. It has read chillies in it and they shout. Everyone laughs. Papa talks to Purshottam about Dildaar.

The pandit asks Jaya to call Shraddha and Kunal. Jaya talks to Kamini and says you have kept a good condition but you lost. She laughs on her. Bua asks Jaya to do some work. Kunal says I will rag everyone after the marriage. Dadi says Kunal is so happy, lets go and bless him. Kamini wishes do anything and stop this marriage. Purshottam saus see our son and bahu. Dhruv sees everything. Shraddha comes and everyone smiles looking at her. Kamini is unhappy. Kunal stares at Shraddha with love as she looks stunning. Shraddha and Kunal have an eyelock.

Kunal sits on his knees and gives his hand to her. He smiles and music plays……………. Everyone smile. Shraddha holds his hand and everyone throws flowers on them smiling. Dhruv looks on upset. Kunal and Shraddha get on the stage and exchanges garlands. Everyone claps and are very happy for them. Kittu says now there is a big surprise from Sherfill family for Shraddha and Kunal. Ashish says only few lucky people get their love like our Shraddha and Kunal. He says lets see their journey. Kunal kisses Shraddha and Kittu laughs seeing them. The AV shows some moments of Kunal and Shraddha. Dhruv is at a corner upset. Everyone clap seeing the AV. Bua says its time for pheras, lets go we are late.

Kunal and Shraddha take the pheras and Kamini sees Dhruv upset and thinks only Dhruv can do anything now.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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