Meri Bhabhi 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 28th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bua taunting Shraddha. Shraddha cries and leaves. Papa scolds Bua for talking like this with Shraddha. Bua gets annoyed. Mummy talks to Shraddha and pacifies her. Shraddha says I m sad thinking about the mistake I made in the past, will it affect me and Kunal. Mummy says did Kunal ever ask you about your past, it does not matter what others thinks and say. Shraddha says but if this matter comes up again. Mummy asks her not to have any fear, she says we are an example for you. She asks her to trust Kunal and handle people and their taunts. Mummy hugs Shraddha. Shraddha smiles. Mummy says you will always be happy.

Dhruv comes and says Bua gave me this gift. Kunal calls Shraddha. Shraddha asks Dhruv to talk as she is annoyed with him. Dhruv tells this to Kunal.

Kunal says promise her that I m sorry and my friend will not come in marriage and if she says I will call no one. Kunal says give her a hug and ask her to talk to me. Dhruv conveys the message and leaves. Shraddha talks to Kunal and says tell me why did you ask me about my past. Does it not disturb you. Kunal says we have to meet and talk about this, so that we can understand each other, understand my silence and I will understand your words.

Mummy and Bua have a talk. Ishaan teases Bua. Bua gets angry on him and asks Ashish to bring water for her. She tells Anand that he husband is coming to end her worries. jaya helps Mummy and Kittu in the kitchen. Kittu asks jaya to see the veg dish. Kamini thinks of finding out whats going on in Shergill house and calls jaya. jaya is busy and says it would have been good if Kamini stopped Shraddha’s marriage. Ashish sees jaya working in the kitchen and jokes. He says Kamini’s call is coming, and you are not talking to her. jaya asks him to do her work. Ashish says I m going and leaves.

Kamini thinks why is jaya not taking the call. Kunal comes to her and looks at the jewellery sets. He shows her the ring. Kamini likes the ring and thinks he brought it for her. Purshottam smiles. Kunal says I have changed. Purshottam says the ring is for Shraddha. Kunal says I will be always mum. Kamini says what for is this needed. Purshottam says he brought this for his to be wife. He asks Kunal to call and talk to Shraddha. Kunal says yes, I will come after talking to her.

Papa talks to Bua and she praises her husband. Papa says we will manage Shraddha’s marriage. Bua asks for tea. jaya brings tea for her and falls. Mummy comes and sees this. jaya says I can’t don this ghunghat. Bua scolds her. Mummy says sorry, I will make Kheer for you tomorrow. Anand says the venue is fixed. Bua says why, is it Shraddha’s first marriage, do it at home. Papa says its my daughter’s marriage and I will do it well. Bua says I don’t want to live here. Anand pacifies her.

Kunal comes with flowers and greets everyone. Mummy says he is our Kunal. Dhruv says dad and hugs him. Kunal says these flowers are for my to be wife. Shraddha smiles. Kunal looks at her and smiles. Bua taunts him. Kunal tells Shraddha that he does not care about her past and he will only think about her and Dhruv. Bua doubts him and asks him why are you marrying Shraddha knowing she is a divorcee, are you at any fault. Everyone are shocked. jaya is happy.

Kunal smiles hearing Bua’s question. Kunal answers her well. Everyone smile. Bua says how much is your income. Kunal says nothing will happen like before. He says no one will talk about her past. He says she is my responsibility, first I will give her happiness and will give her money also. He says I m at fault, that I want to marry Shraddha, its Dhruv, I love Shraddha and Dhruv a lot and can’t live without them, you can call me selfish for this. Everyone smile.

Bua tells Papa that her husband is sending her team. Papa says I m not giving any contract to anyone. Bua’s husband comes.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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