Meri Bhabhi 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 27th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Papa getting angry on Dildaar. The baraat comes and Dildaar dances. Kunal dances sitting on the horse. All the baaratis dance. Everyone are happy. Ishaan looks out for Dhruv. Kunal enters the Shergill house on the horse and everyone around him dance. Nani and Dadi ask Kamini to dance happily as everything is happening accorrding to her condition. Kamini says yes and dances making faces.

Anand welcomes Kunal and helps him get down the horse. Ashish lifts Kunal. Kunal introduces his friends. Bua comes and says do his aarti. Kunal smiles as Mummy does the aarti and his tilak. Bua also does his aarti and blesses him. Dildaar says now lets start to do Milliyaan. He says we have only artificial flowers. Some people start dancing. Purshottam and Papa exchange garlands,

then Kamini and Mummy exchanges garlands congratulating each other. Next is Bua, Nani and Dadi. They hug each other and everyone claps.

Kunal asks where is Dhruv. Anand says he is busy in arrangements. Ishaan comes to Dhruv and says come lets go, baraat came, your dad brought the baraat, don’t you have to see. Dhruv angrily says they are not my mum and dad, i don’t want to go with them. Dhruv runs and Kunal holds him smiling. Kunal says where were you, I heard you were to welcome me. Dhruv says let me go. Kunal asks what happened and lifts him. Anand and Kittu come. Kittu sees Dhruv annoyed with Kunal. Everyone come and Kunal dances. Dhruv is upset. Shraddha comes to know that baraat came. Jaya runs to see it.

Shraddha says send Dhruv to me. Jaya leaves. Kittu asks Dhruv what happened. Bua asks Kittu to dance. Kittu asks Anand to talk to Dhruv. Kittu dances and is happy for Kunal. She hugs him. She asks are you happy. Kunal says a lot. Anand is called by the pandit and leaves. Dhruv thinks about Kamini’s words. Mummy asks Kamini to dance. Papa says Kamini is looking young today. Kamini laughs. Papa says come lets o some bhangra. Kamini dances with them. Dhruv tells Kunal he wants to talk to him. Kunal says yes, say what happened. Kamini looks at them.

Jaya comes to see Kunal. She says wow he is looking great. She asks Ashish to take her photo with Kunal. Ashish takes pics. Anand asks Dhruv what happened. Kittu says i will take Dhruv to Shraddha. Dhruv tells Kunal to talk to him. Kamini makes Kunal busy and takes him with her. Kittu takes Dhruv to Shraddha.

Shraddha is happy as she is starting a new life, she says Dhruv will come to me soon and everything will be fine. She smiles. Dhruv comes to her and hugs her. She says you are looking so cute and the best. She says did you forget me. Kittu says he met his dad. Shraddha asks Dhruv are you fine, what happened. He asks will you take me with you. Shraddha and Kittu are shocked.

Shraddha tells Dhruv how can you think I will lie to you, we will take you with us, I can never leave you. Dhruv tells what Kamini said.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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