Meri Bhabhi 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 26th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini talking to Dhruv. She tells Dhruv that he won’t be coming to their house and Shraddha will be coming alone to their house after marrying Kunal. Dhruv says you are lying. Kamini says did your mum not tell you this, go and ask her. Dhruv is shocked and recollects how everyone lied to him. He gets upset. Bua teases Jaya aas she has been working since morning and Jaya was busy in only getting ready. Everyone get ready for the marriage. Dildaar asks Mr. Sharma to go and get ready and arranges the vehicles to take the baraat. Bua asks Mummy to be calm and not to worry about anything. Bua tells Mummy about Dhruv. Anand sees Dhrruv upset and asks what happened.

Anand asks him to get ready as the baraat may come any moment. Dhruv says I know mum is going to leave

me here. Anand says no. Dhruv says everyone lied to me. Anand says no, why will we lie. Dhruv says will mum leave me here? Anand hugs him. He says no, you know your mum can’t live without you, we told her to leave you here as they will be busy with the guests and you will be bored, so we asked you to stay here and have fun. Shraddha comes with Kittu. Anand says she is looking very beautiful. Shraddha asks Dhruv how is she looking. Dhruv is upset. Kittu says tell her. Shraddha looks at him.

Anand asks Dhruv to get ready. Shraddha says your sherwani is with Nani, go and take it. Dhruv leaves. Anand says he is feeling bad but Dhruv will understand. Dadi asks where is Purshottam. She asks why did the vehicles not come till now. Purshottam calls Dildaar and asks about it. Dildaar says don’t worry, two cars will come. Purshottam says we need more. Dildaar says we have sent the cars to another marriage, we will have to manage. Dildaar says please be patient. Dadi asks what happened. Purshottam says nothing, don’t worry, the cars will come.

Papa and Dildaar have a cute fight. Everyone looks on. Papa gets angry on Dildaar. Kittu laughs. Anand asks is Shraddha ready. Kittu says yes. Dhruv is upset and sitting at a corner alone. Kunal is ready and Dadi does his aarti. Kunal asks where is Dhruv. Purshottam says he wants to stay there and welcome you, lets go now, he is waiting. Papa asks Anand to bring everyone. Shraddha gets ready in her bridal dress and looks beautiful. She gets emotional. Anand calls out everyone and asks them to hurry up. Kittu comes. Anand says wow, you are looking great, I wish to marry you again. Ashish says Jaya is getting ready. Mummy asks Kittu to get ready soon and check Shraddha and come out soon as Papa is waiting.

Bua says come on fast. Kitty comes to Shraddha and says don’t look behind, but to your future life. Shraddha says I m feeling scared. Kittu teases her. Shraddha says where is Dhruv. Kittu says he went with everyone, he might have gone to welcome Kunal. Jaya says lets go. Kittu says I will get ready, you be here. Jaya says you are looking very beautiful. Shraddha smiles. Dhruv is at home alone and upset.

Kunal dances and brings the baraat. Nani asks Kamini to dance happily. Purshottam says yes. Kamini dances and thinks if they send Dhruv with us then…..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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