Meri Bhabhi 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Meri Bhabhi 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 26th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha bringing Dadi to her room. Dadi asks about Dhruv. She asks do you love him a lot. Shraddha says every mum loves her child. Dadi says I love Kunal, he makes everyone smile and happy. I have some wishes for his marriage, I want him to get a true life partner who loves and understands him. And the one who deserves him, will you suit him. Everyone wait outside tensed. Kunal says my Dadi will not disappoint me. jaya says what if she does not make you happy, then. Kunal says she knows my choice. Dadi asks will you be able to love Kunal. Shraddha says I did not understand. Dadi says I m a mum, I know child matters. Kunal is not the father of your child, he will love you, but will you give him the love which he expects from you.

Shraddha says Dhruv is my

life, but if someone loves your life more than you, you will love that person more, and that person is Kunal for me. She says I don’t know I deserve him or not, will I become his good wife, but I m sure that no one can keep him happy and can’t give him so much love. Kittu asks Kamini what do you think, will Dadi say no. Kamini says I want her to agree for this and say yes. Kittu says yes, she will agree happily.

Dadi and Shraddha come out and Dadi tells Kunal that she will not let him marry till she is satisfied. She says I have seen many marriages but you will not get a girl like Shraddha. Everyone smile and are happy. Kunal hugs Dadi. Dadi says you all will be happy always. She blesses them. Dadi tells Mummy that you did a good upbringing of your children. She jokes and everyone laughs. Dadi blesses Dhruv. Kamini asks him to go and play. Kamini asks Dadi did you really like Shraddha, I was worried. Dadi says I was having her different image, but I like her. Dadi jokes with Kamini. She says lets go and sit with them.

Kamini tells Kittu that she has told everything to Dadi about Shraddha. Kittu asks how did you agree for this marriage suddenly. Kamini says now I agreed, why are you doubting me. Kamini asks the pandit to find a good date. The pandit tells a date. Everyone are happy and clap. Kittu thinks Kamini is happy but I m not feeling good, why did she agree, maybe I m overthinking.

Kunal and everyone come back home and are happy. They have a laugh. Dadi says she liked Kunal’s choice. She says I was afraid he would select an american wife. Purshottam jokes on Kamini. Kunal says mum has made me happy. Dadi asks why did Kamini tell to Shraddha, where is she. Kamini hears all this and is angry. Kamini says its limit, what did Shraddha tell Dadi, I called her here so that she can stop this marriage but she also agreed for the marriage. She says she is supporting Kunal.

Anand talks to Kittu and says it will be a happy sweet family, your mum agreed, we were misunderstanding her, she is such a nice person. Everyone are doing the planning of the marriage. jaya brings breakfast for everyone. Kittu says I will make the lunch. Ashish says jaya will make. He says don’t worry, I will manage about food. Mummy says that she has called Papa’s sister. Everyone are shocked. They talk about Bua. Papa gets her call and talks to her. He asks when are you coming.
He says I m happy that you are coming today, my children will come to take you.

Kittu and jaya talk about strict Bua. Bua comes and everyone looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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